Monday, March 6, 2017

Review: Royally Screwed - Jessica Ashe

Royally Screwed

Review: Royally Screwed - Jessica Ashe - May 2016
One of my favorite themes to read about is when your average everyday girl meets and falls in love with someone from the royal family. The other thing I love is the idea of contract and arranged marriages as these two always end up in an HEA and that I am a sucker for. Jessica Ashe is a new author I have discovered, and I loved her book Royally Screwed. Royally Screwed starts off with George as a bit of a playboy and then being told he has two weeks left before his secret is out. After reading this, I was under the impression that he had been a royal undercover as a college student but in fact, his is a case of being "the lost heir." His father has died, and now George has been told that he needs to be married to claim his inheritance and step up to the plate as, by all means, he is now King George. George was the result of a quick marriage between the King and his mother, the pair went their separate ways, and George never knew about his father. Sophia is running away from life and thought that she could start fresh across the ditch in England - far from the life she left behind in the states. Sophia though only has six months left on her visa before she had to head home. When George spots Sophia in the coffee shop, there is an instant attraction though Sophia is reluctant to go out with George and with the countdown now brought up to one day. George must woo Sophia and lay out his plan. The thing that he didn't count on was Sophia's reaction to marriage. Can George persuade Sophia to go with the marriage? Will the pair be able to split after the six months amicably or will the sparks turn their love for one another into real true love?
Find out in Royally Screwed by Jessica Ashe - a novel filled with past mistakes, sexting, and true love. 

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