Sunday, July 2, 2017

Review: Bullied - The Academy Series - JD Jacobs

BULLIED (The Academy Series Book 1)

Review: Bullied - Book #1 The Academy Series - JD Jacobs - April 2017

Maybe because I was a victim of bullying in school, something that I have always liked reading about was stories about bullying and how the victim ends up standing up to the bully. The other awesome thing about this particular book that made it stand out from the other stories about bullying was that it was narrated by the feeling "FEAR." Ricey's mother has passed away, and now her family is falling apart. Ricey is trying to keep things together and running smoothly, but it's getting difficult especially since her Dad Charlie has moved them to a new place and town. Now removed from her friends, Ricey has to start a new school. She hopes to fit in but finds herself the target of the "mean girl" Kennedy. One thing leads to another and Ricey will start to be knocked down day after day with fear whispering in her ear that she is worthless. What happens though when the people around her start to notice and work together to help Ricey regain her confidence? Will Ricey be able to stand up to her bully and be a victim no more? Will her stand against Kennedy help others to arise and say no to bullying? Find out in Book #1 JD Jacobs - Bullied - The Academy Series.

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