Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Geek Romance - Kristine Grayson

Are you a fan of short stories ?
Have you been following my reviews of my current favourite author Kristine Grayson ?
Here is a collection of Short Stories by Kristine Grayson celebrating all things Geek, yes you read right.. All things Geek not Greek with..............
Review: Geek Romance - Kristine Grayson - July 2012
Do you have a harbouring for the Geeks in the world ? Do you fall into the category of Geekster ? I have lately discovered the author Kristine Grayson and when I saw the title of this book I was intrigued as I wonder what type of stories would fall into the category of geek romance ? I'm not normally a short story person but this was quick and easy to read as it took me roughly 45 minutes to read on my lunchbreak today at work.  The first story was about Cinderella's Ex -Prince Charming aka Dave Encanto , Dave works as a book seller and is headed to a major book fair - reading this story I was jealous as its been one of my dreams to go to a major book conference like the BEA's. At the book fair he meets Snow White's Stepmother , can she prove with Dave's help that she really isn't an evil stepmother like the fairytales have perceived her to be ? The next story is about a dating agency called Eros.com which gets a visit from a couple of Greek Gods , Two stories featuring con artists/photography and the Wild West and another story that is actually been a topic that has featured in articles and lately in the headlines - the age-old question of Do I or Don't I take his last name when I get married ?
For a nice quick and easy read , check out Geek Romance complete with four stories of love admist the oddballs.

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