Friday, December 12, 2014

VBT# Life in the No-Dating Zone - Patricia B. Tighe

Review: Life in the no-dating Zone - Patricia B. Tighe - December 2014

When Claire was 12-14 years old , her family suffered alot of drama which reminded me of life in my family . This drama which included not only her older sister Mimi's relationship but also her parents and played such a big impact on Claire's life that she decided to make a vow. The vow was that during her high school years, she would be in a no-dating zone. All was going well until all her friends started to get boyfriends and things were seen as changing. During this part of the novel as Claire is also big on Lego, it made me wonder if she happened to be Asperger's as a lot of things had to be in routine, follow order otherwise it would be a panic or mini-meltdown for her. Enter Grayson aka Gray , he has had a long-time crush on Claire's best friend Lindsey - the one all the boys like and all the girls hate because she of course is the one that all their boyfriends want. Gray heads over to Claire's to ask her advice and her help in winning Lindsey's affections. As the novel goes we see Claire working with Gray and we the readers, start to catch glimpses of the chemistry between Claire and Gray - though of course they both are trying so hard to either A) not notice it or B) are being oblivious to what others can see. When it comes to the realisation point though, will Gray be with Lindsey or will he realise that it was Claire he loved all along. Will Claire be able to break her no-dating policy for Gray or will she be so set in her ways, that she will miss an opportunity to be happy ?
Find out in this sweet clean teen romance "Life in the No-Dating Zone".


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