Thursday, February 4, 2016

VBT# The Secret to Letting Go - Katherine Fleet

The Secret to Letting Go

Review : The Secret to Letting Go - Katherine Fleet - February 2016

First off this is an amazing cover which I have a cover crush on and that is one of the things that drew me to the book, the second was the mystery aspect to the story as the book takes place in a smalltown where we first meet Daniel Hudson whose family owns the local sports store in town and a female named Clover. Clover has had a rough life and spent most of her growing up off the grid, in fact she has been running for the past two years after an tragic accident occurred . Clover is in search for the grandparents, she never met and her journeys have brought her to a local town in Florida.  Daniel's ex-girlfriend Grace committed suicide and he felt he could not help her , so when he notes that Clover is in danger - Daniel will go out of his way to ensure she is safe - even if that means keeping a truckload of secrets as Clover isn't going to let anyone in on her past as she has learned that if she can keep invisible , then she is safe and no-one will ask questions. What will happen though when questions are asked and Clover learns that her family had more secrets hidden and one of them surrounding her birth is one of the town's hidden ones and that her being here will cause a domino effect of hidden truths and lies to come rolling out . Is Clover prepared for the truth to be revealed ? Is the Truth really The Secret to Letting go and moving forward with the future ?
Find out in this awesome YA Book that I think everyone should have on their reading lists for 2016.


  1. Great review, Paula! Thanks so much for joining the Secret to Letting Go blog tour!


  2. Hi Paula, I just wanted to add my thanks. I really appreciate the time you took to read and review my book. So happy that you liked it too:) Thanks again, Katherine


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