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Review: Affairytale : A Memoir - C.J English


Review: Affairytale - A Memoir - CJ English - May 2015

Those who follow my reviews will know that I normally aren't a big fan of Non-Fiction, but this book jumped out of me from it's awesome cover to the title and when I saw it was a memoir, it intrigued me. Reading Affairytale , was not like reading a normal non-fiction novel or even a biographical book . The way the author had written it , you could have believed that you were reading a fiction story about love, romance and affairs. The book starts out with our CJ falling in love with Levi. This relationship as we discover throughout the book is a toxic one and in some ways, I wish she had gotten the guts to leave her husband and that way it would not have mattered one bit if she had slept with the other guy. In the first chapter , CJ visits a psychic who tells her that her dream guy and the guy she should marry has dark skin and amazing eyes and that if she was to marry the one she is with now - it would lead to toxicity.  You can guess what happened, she married the one she was with now - Levi and their relationship was nothing but bumps and arguments. Years  later she met her dream guy , his name was Grant and was her brother's best friend. The pair tried to stay away from one another but they had a magnetic pull which kept bringing them together. Over the course of years and the book, CJ and Grant have this secret relationship. A common thread that I read in these books and I have seen it happen so many times, is that bad relationships stay together because of the child - they don't want to break up their relationship as it might hurt their child yet they are alright with being angry and miserable which actually for a child is worse. Children are resilient , they are strong and they will bounce back and if you were to ask any child which they would prefer - they would choose their parents to be happy rather than miserable.  In the end though I don't personally justify the way it happened but the theme of this story is that true love is out there for everyone , and sometimes for it to spark - you have to venture out and have an affair in order to capture your soulmate and true love before it's too late.
Affairytale was amazingly and beautifully written and for those fans of New Adult tales , Dark Romances etc - you will feel right at home with this book. 

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