Friday, July 1, 2016

VBT# Summer of Irreverence -The Rock Star - Cathrine Goldstein

Summer of Irreverence -- The Rock Star

Review: Summer of Irreverence - The Rock Star - The New York Artists Series - Cathrine Goldstein - 2016

Summer Wynters - yes , that's her real name has been living the straight-laced life ever since her parents died when she was sixteen.  She sees that her one act of rebellion played a part in their death . However, this has caused some of her life choices - to be well-rather boring including her pick of men. Summer had the chance to be with Mr. Perfect - Dr. Brad but he didn't spark her excitement in the bedroom. In fact, everywhere else he was controlling but in the bedroom he tended to be a wimp. She needed excitement and to be alive , even if it was for just one night. Enter Malcolm Angel - The Rock Star and the bad boy that every girl wants a piece of and it seems that he isn't very choosy and has a no-strings attached policy which is exactly what Summer is looking for. With her best friend's husband managing his band , Summer gets an In and it works as she meets Malcolm and they head to his room. All goes to plan , until it doesn't and Summer storms out. What she doesn't realise though is that she has gotten under Malcolm's skin and he won't let her go until she has given him a chance and prove to her that he isn't exactly the jerk she and the public paint him out to be. What happens though when Summer and Malcolm actually start connecting ? Thus begins a Rock Star whirlwind Romance fling which Summer was wanting, but often what can start out as fun can lead to developing real feelings ? What will happen when the lines start to blur ? Will they both be able to go their separate ways and back to their lives or does fate and destiny have other plans for these two ?
Find out in this Sweet Romance story "Summer of Irreverance - The Rock Star". I am actually after reading this book looking forward to see what direction Cathrine goes with and if she has any plans to release more in the NY Artist Series.

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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review of Summer of Irreverence-The Rock Star! And thank you for featuring SOI on your beautiful blog!


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