Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Review: A Fool For Love - Susan Lute

A Fool For Love (A Sellwood Novella Book 1)

Review: A Fool For Love - Book #1 Sellwood Novellas - Susan Lute - February 2015

Alice York has always been the independent and free-spirited type of gal , the type that lives in a house bus and drives a classic truck which btw was lime green - I loved this as it painted her as a free-spirited , happy go lucky type of lady. She is headed to a smalltown to start a new job working as a classic car mechanic when her truck breaks down just outside of a house which is also a sort of border rental house . She breaks down and witnesses an altercation as she watches two people storm out of the house. We then read as Abigail is welcome into the house by Zach Barret - the owner of the house and single dad to Lucy who is 12 yrs old. Alice has always felt empty in her nomadic life as she has no family connections, but the more time she spends with Zach and Lucy, the more she fears she will not be able to leave or she will get sucked in too far over her head. Since I am a romantic at heart and love my HEA's , I have to admit that I loved reading A Fool For Love as in parts it made me go Awhhh and I was glad for the HEA ending. If you are just wanting A) a quick read and B) a nice smalltown romance to read and one where you won't have to think alot then check out A Fool for Love as you will not be disappointed as you discover Zach and Alice's story.

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