Monday, August 1, 2016

Review: Up in the Treehouse - K.K Allen

Up in the Treehouse

Review: Up in the Treehouse - K.K Allen - July 2016

Growing up as a girl , did you ever have a best friend that was a boy ? It might have been your friend, your brother's best friend or a cousin's friend ? For me it was a friend called Daniel Roberts , he was my best friend and what was cool was that we were only a month apart and at the time he was a little shorter than me but as we got older he got taller than me but not by much. In Up in the Treehouse we meet Chloe and brothers Devon , and  Gavin. The three of them were inseperable and played together so much that they thought they would be the best of friends forever. But as you and I know ,often girls and boys can't be best friends without the hormones side and the way of life coming through -the feelings that you might start to develop for the other person. In Up in the Treehouse , that's what happened with Chloe and Gavin , however life wouldn't be kind to them both as the night they decided to cross the line would be the ruin of the pair and a massive fallout occurs. That night breaks Chloe's heart and the threesome start to distant themselves from one another until there's nothing left. The novel then fast-forwards four years into the future and the pair have not spoken since the day their friendship was destroyed. Both of course still have strong feelings for each other and now with tragedy, lies and secrets hanging over them both - we read as strong emotions are exposed and chemistry starts to tense and heat up the pages. Is this the moment that life needed to have happen in order to bring Chloe and Gavin back together or will the past be too much for them both to move forward and prove to one another how much they really care about each other ?
Find out in this Angsty New Adult Fiction book "Up in the Treehouse" by K.K Allen.

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