Sunday, November 3, 2019

Review: Crushed - Kailin Gow

Crushed: A High School Bully Romance (Loving Summer Series Prequel): Hidden Falls High

Review: Crushed - Book #0 Loving Summer Series - Kailin Gow - October 2019

As a big fan of Kailin Gow's since 2010 with her book The Phantom Diaries, I have followed her career and her various series. Lately with the bullymance trope and seeing Crushed, I knew I had to read it as I had, had a little background knowledge of her Loving Summer series with Summer and the Donovan family. Crushed is the book that takes place three years before Loving Summer. It starts with Nate learning about his father's discretions, Summer coming to live with Aunt Sookie as her mother is deployed on a long-term mission. When Nate learns Summer is coming to their high-school for the elites, he and a few of the other Student council leaders have been tasked in getting her to leave and will do anything in their power to do so as in Nate's words "it's high school politics and elites rules" The other part that happens in the second half of the book is an attempted kidnapping /beating of the Donovan family and them leaving suddenly . I have to admit the leaving suddenly felt rushed to me and Crushed does finish on a cliffhanger, but lucky for readers they can enjoy the already released series of "Loving Summer/The Donovan Brothers". Crushed was a quick read and sets the premise for the Loving Summer/The Donovan Brothers series.

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