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VBT# How to Disappear - Ann Redisch Stampler


How to Disappear 

Review: How to Disappear - Ann Redisch Stampler - June 2016

If you love teen suspense novels with assassins and on the run teens , then you will love How to Disappear and the amazing thing that surprised me to was that you get so engrossed into the book and with its fast-paced that you fly through the book even though it is over 400 pages long. Often with books this long, the story can get quite boring and repetitive or you start to feel daunted by the size of the book but not with How to Disappear. What got me, was the idea of this story as I have always been a big fan of the romantic suspense novels and witness protection stories like Ashley Elston's The Rules for Disappearing series. In How to Disappear , a girl called Connie has been killed and had her throat cut , Nicolette witnessed the crime occurring and overheard how she is next and so she does the only thing she can think of - she runs and tries to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Jackson Manx has grown up with a name that is synonymous with crime and assassins as his father Art Manx was one of the best and now his brother Donny is sitting in Prison. His brother Don asks Jack for a favor, he must kill Nicolette before she talks otherwise it is their mother's life on the line.  For the sake of his mother, he reluctantly agrees as if she really killed Connie, then she deserves to pay. As the story goes along, Nicolette goes through a handful of IDs and Jack catches up with her. Though when Jack meets up with her, he starts to believe that the story is a lie as she is definitely not the killing sort of girl. He plans to make her disappear instead but what will happen when she discovers the truth of why he is really following and hanging around her and demands that the right thing must be done? 
Find out in How to Disappear by Ann Redisch Stampler, a fast-paced Mystery YA Thriller that will have you sitting on the edge of your seats as you fly through the pages.


RELEASE BLITZ - Yesterday's Tomorrows by M.E. Montgomery


We are thrilled to share the release of Yesterday's Tomorrows by ME Montgomery! This second chance romance is beautiful and heartwrenching!
NEW FINAL-YesterdaysTomorrows


BUY IT NOW: Release day price of 99c! FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED!

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About the Author: M.E. Montgomery has been an avid reader her entire life, and after falling in love with so many characters created by other authors, a new one began to form in her head. With the support of her family, she decided to to write it. She is the homework queen to her four school aged children who think she is a genius in math, science, history and spelling. Fortunately, her biology and elementary school teaching background help her to keep up the expert façade, at least for now. Although born and raised in the Washington DC metro area, she has considered many places to be called home since she left to attend college in North Carolina. She is a proud Navy wife, setting up a home wherever the Navy sends her husband. When she’s not reading or writing, she loves to go camping with her family, drink wine on the deck, and be swept off to romantic getaways. YT-TEASER-2

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Release Blitz for Then Comes Marriage by Emily Goodwin!

13433130_1262576497087599_7114726905784547979_oTCM Ebook
Title: Then Comes Marriage
Author: Emily Goodwin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 30
Fall in love—check.
Get engaged and plan a perfect wedding—check and check.
Find my fiancé with another woman—I never thought I’d check that off the list, yet here I am, putting a giant “X” in that box just months before we take our sacred vows.
Along with recovering from a broken heart, I’m left with the mess of canceling all things wedding. The venue gave me the deposit back. The florist canceled my order with no charge. The resort we booked for the honeymoon—yeah, they’re not giving me a dime. But I’ll be damned if I throw away a chance to spend two weeks in a tropical paradise, lounging on the beach with a drink in my hand, looking for anything but love.
When I see Derek Turner—a sexy homicide detective I’ve run into a few times before—walking along the beach, I’m not sure if he’s stalking me or if it’s fate. Dark and brooding with a past he refuses to talk about, Derek is the last thing I need…but is exactly what I want.
But when what started off as a rebound turns into something more, something neither of us can deny, I’m left with love’s greatest irony: finding the right person at the worst possible time.

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TCM Teaser 3
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TCM Teaser

The Series


First Comes Love

About the Author
Emily Goodwin is the author of the twice banned dark romance, STAY, as well as over a dozen other titles. Emily writes all types of romance, from love stories set in the zombie apocalypse to contemporary romances taking place on a western horse ranch. Emily lives in Indiana with her husband, children, and many pets, including a German Shepherd named Vader. When she isn't writing, Emily can be found riding her horses, designing and making costumes, and sitting outside with a good book.

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RE-RELEASE BLITZ - Footprints in the Sand by Michelle Horst

Title: Footprints in the Sand
Author: Michelle Horst
Genre: Standalone Romance
 Re-release Date: June 30, 2016


He is all I think and dream about.
My teenage heart beats only for him.
Until he becomes part of my worst nightmare…
Now I avoid him.
I ban every thought of him.

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I drink in everything about Seth. From his still wet hair, that’s making it shine dark as the glare of the sun catches it, to his chucks.

He is one RV away from me, but he is concentrating on his phone. Just as he reaches me the stupid phone rings. Like always, he gives me a quick smile that settles deep in my heart. I feel my face strain into a smile and then his attention is back to his phone as he answers it. He is always on his phone. I don’t think he knows of my existence, even though we live on the same street, take the same bus, and go to the same school. We even have some of the same classes. But to Seth Brody, I’m invisible, and I’d do anything to make him see me.

Author Bio

International bestselling author of Predator, The Monster Series and many others. She loves writing anything from Young Adult to Suspense Romance.

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In My Dreams Release Day Blitz with Ciara Knight

Title: In All My Dreams
Author: Ciara Knight
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Robin Ludwig Design Inc.

Blurb: D.C. Agent Brady Lasiter lives to take down the bad guys. Until journalist Charlotte Rutledge struts into his life with a story that can dismantle his entire Narcotics and Special Investigation Division. Charlotte Rutledge lives in small town America, but she hits hard at big town problems as the anonymous creator and editor of a true crime magazine. Fueled by the unsolved murder of her sister, she'll do anything to uncover the truth. Even if it means forcing Lasiter out of his carefully constructed shell. After Charlotte's true identity is reveled, she and Brady's lives collide in a battle to save her town from becoming collateral damage. But when Charlotte receives death threats, Brady must choose between his job, his men, or the dream woman who shattered the shield protecting his heart. 
Ciara Knight writes with a ‘Little Edge and a Lot of Heart’ with her contemporary and paranormal romance books. Her most recent #1 Amazon bestselling series, Sweetwater County, has topped the charts and received acclaimed reviews. Her international best-seller, Pendulum scored 4 stars from RT Book Reviews, accolades from InD’Tale Magazine and Night Owl Top Pick. Her young adult paranormal series, Battle for Souls, received 5 stars from Paranormal Romance Guild and Night Owl’s Top Pick, among other praises.
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In All My Years:
In All My Drems:

Release Tour for LORD OF THE JUNGLE by Sheri Fredricks

VBT# Elemental Secrets - Elle Middaugh

Elemental Secrets (The Essential Elements Book 1)

Review: Elemental Secrets - Book #1 Essential Elements Series - Elle Middaugh - February 2016

With no-one to look after her as her mother has passed away and since her dad is in the Navy, Valerie has been sent to live with her Aunt in a smalltown. A town which Valerie hasn't stepped foot in since she was younger and it seems a lot has changed for the people in the town and Valerie who is a lot older and more awkward than ever especially when it comes to reading and understanding people is in for a huge awakening. Turns out this smalltown is not your ordinary town - the town is filled with Elementals - each covering a different element. When Elementals turn a certain age, they can come into their powers and their elements and knowledge are passed through the family from one to another once they reach a certain age. For Valerie , of course all this is strange and she is about to discover that she is one of those elementals.  Her Aunt is a Nature Element which makes sense ,seeing as she is always gardening . For Valerie though as she learns, she has to be human since in order to make an Elemental heir - both parents have to have Elemental abilities and for Valerie - her dad is human. However, when strange occurences start to happen everything Valerie has ever known about her family is about to unravel as she is introduced to Grandparents she never knew she had , a history she was unaware of and questions that will make her doubt her on whether her dad is her real father or not ? I enjoy reading about the fantasy and the Elements part and in a way with the four elements made me think a little of the TV show Captain Planet which I loved as a child.  If you loved LJ Smith's book and the TV Series "The Secret Circle" then you will love Elle Middaugh's new series "Essential Elements" and Book #1 Elemental Secrets.


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