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Review: You Are So Undead to Me - Stacey Jay

You Are So Undead to Me (Megan Berry, #1)

Review: You Are So Undead to Me - Book #1 Megan Berry Series - Stacey Jay - January 2009

This is a book I've had for a while and being on medical leave; I figured I would try and clear some of the books off my devices. Remember years ago how Zombies were the "in" thing, and several YA books had made them hot like the Generation Dead series by Dan Waters, and I Kissed a Zombie, and I liked it by Adam Selzer. All of a sudden Zombies were back in and acceptable. They even had a new name - the living impaired.  Megan Berry comes from a line from her mother's side of Zombie Settlers. It is genetic and goes from one generation to another. As soon as the person receives their powers, the one prior loses there's. Megan has inherited her powers from her mother and was one of the best until she had her accident and she lost her powers. Everyone thought they were gone for good but now just as she was starting to live a normal life, they are back and this time more powerful than ever. Megan is having a hard time controlling them, and random zombies are popping up around her. If she's not careful, then she might expose the whole Zombie Settlers community. Can Megan learn to control her powers before she unleashes a Zombie overload in her town? 
Find out in Book #1 You are So Undead to Me - the Megan Berry Chronicles.  This series is aimed at YA readers from 13-16 years of age.



Review: Ready to Fumble - Christy Barritt

Ready to Fumble (The Worst Detective Ever #1)

Review: Ready to Fumble - Book #1 The Worst Detective Ever Series - Christy Barritt - January 2017

Joey Darling's exploded as she knew it and has now found her way back to the small beach community of Nags Head. She is working for her Aunt Dizzy at her hairdresser's and putting to use her cosmetology license. She is also back in Nags Head to investigate and find out what she can about her dad's disappearance as he has vanished which is out of character for him. Joey Darling is used to being recognized as she spent most of her life playing a P.I on a TV show called Relentless. She played Raven Remington. Joey is about to learn that people can't decipher fiction from fact as she is accosted by a lady named Lily who is willing to pay her $5000 if Raven Remington can find her partner Simon Phillips. Joey figures it can't hurt as she does technically have her P.I License. Joey enlists the help of her new neighbor Zane as he seems to have a lot of connections in town and learns he was a fan of her show. As they start investigating, she finds Simon and looks like someone else was a fan of the show as the scene is like one of her episodes. As Joey starts to investigate, she keeps bumping into the actual local sheriff Jackson. We can see chemistry developing between Jackson and Joey, which makes me wonder if in later books - the author might put these two together. Ready to Fumble was an easy read and had the feel of a cozy mystery. It contains a lot of adventure as well from Stalkers, Horrible Ex-es, Missing Persons, Witness Protection and Dirty Law enforcement and of course dead people as what's a mystery novel without a dead body or two.

Review: Her Grave Secrets - Kendra Elliot

Professional Reader

Her Grave Secrets (Rogue River #3)

Review: Her Grave Secrets - Book #3 Rogue River Series - Kendra Elliot - November 2014
This book starts with a skeleton being found in the woods; it looks like he was shot in the head. Local Police Chief Zane and a police officer Stevie is on the case. Zane is new to town, but Stevie grew up here, and her dad was a former cop. It turns out that the dead body belongs to the former chief officer Roy. Someone who everyone in town thought he had packed up and retired somewhere as he just vanished one day. Now that he has turned up dead, it is up to Zane and Stevie to try and connect the dots. As they are investigating his death, there is also a new drug hitting the streets and killing teens and locals. Stevie believes her father was murdered and it had something to do with this drug so she has been looking into his case and it seems she might be on the right track. Searching Roy's place, she discovers new boating equipment. Is her father's and Roy's deaths connected to the new drug popping up all over the place? As the body counts start to rise, can Stevie and Zane get to the bottom of it before they fall prey to the drug as well and find themselves among the body count?  The Rogue River series is a cross series that Melinda Leigh is also writing. Fans of Melinda Leigh's and Kate Watterson's will love Kendra Elliot's romantic suspense and crime novels.

Review: Bones Don't Lie - Melinda Leigh

Bones Don't Lie (Morgan Dane #3)

Review: Bones Don't Lie - Book #3 Morgan Dane Series - Melinda Leigh - March 2018

Over twenty years ago Lance Krueger, a local private investigator's father disappeared, and he was never heard from again. Twenty years later, a car has been found in the local lake. In the boot of the car, is a skeleton. The skeleton turns out to be female, but the vehicle is registered to Lance's father. What happened to Lance's father and who is the female? So begins an investigation with Lance accompanying Morgan who is an attorney and dating Lincoln Sharpe who is Lance's partner at the PI business. As Lance and Morgan start to delve back into finding out the truth and getting closer, it looks like someone doesn't want the past to be dredged up and is killing the witnesses and is one step ahead of the law enforcement.  This was a medium-paced mystery as I find Melinda Leigh's books either a hit or miss. Can Lance and his mother finally get some closure of what happened to his father, Vic ? Will he be the hero or villain in this tale? Find out in Bones Don't Lie by Melinda Leigh. The other thing that I loved about the Morgan Dane series is that they have a strong female lead - go Girl Power. Fans of Kendra Elliot's and Kate Watterson will enjoy Melinda Leigh's romantic suspense, and mystery filled adventures. 

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