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Review: Archie Meets Batman "66" - Jeff Parker etc.

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Archie Meets Batman '66

Review: Archie Meets Batman "66" - Various Authors - April 2019

Every now and again I go and read a graphic novel and I have a few favorite series and the Archie comics have always been a strong favorite of mine.  Even more so now that the TV series Riverdale has been on Netflix, it reignited my love of Archie comics but when I was 9-10 years old I first discovered Archie comics from the second-hand bookshop. This one grabbed my attention with the Batman crossover as I am also a big DC fan. The villains of Gotham have invaded Riverdale and want to make it their own town. Needing help to reach an outsider, Veronica heads to Dilton Dooley and using his radio frequencies he manages to get the channel for the BatCave and soon Batman and his team of Robin and Batgirl come to save Riverdale along with the help of Archie and his friends. Can they save the town of Riverdale before the Villians decide to recruit their friends as the Villians of Gotham have their eyes on Reggie Mantle and Jughead Jones. Archie Meets Batman "66" was a fun read for those who are not only fans of the classic Archie Comics but also love a bit of superhero in their lives and like most graphic novels – this was a quick read.

Review: Fear Me , Fear Me Not - Elodie Nowodazkij

Fear Me, Fear Me Not (Gavert City #1)

Review: Fear Me, Fear Me Not - Book #1 Galvert City Series - Elodie Nowodazkij - September 2016
It's interesting that in the tagline on Goodreads it mentioned Scream being similar to this book as once I had finished reading it reminded me of Scream as well with the serial killer, though of course, they don't wear a mask that we know of. In the town of Galvert City, every year a girl goes missing and then turns up dead with an Angel carved into her skin. Erin has always been warned about the killer and when a cheerleader whom she knew goes missing, the town is on edge again. For Erin though this is personal every time someone goes missing and turns up dead as her father who was once a beloved teacher ends up always being one of the main suspects despite their not being any concrete evidence besides the fact that he taught the girls. The chief of police also seems to have it out for Erin's dad as when they were younger, the chief's brother Ben died and he has blamed Erin's dad for the accident. In Fear Me, Fear Me Not we read as Erin tries to move on with her life with her best friend Nadia and her new boyfriend Dmitri - Nadia's older brother. However, when the killings start to speed up and Dmitri also becomes a suspect - is someone targeting people connected to Erin and why? When the Angel Killer was revealed - part of it I was like of course that was obvious but then they chucked a huge twist in and it was like Woah, there and that part strongly reminded me of Scream as remember how the killer turned out to be related to the main female in the TV Series that aired a few years back.  I am now looking forward to reading the next books in the Galvert City series. Fear Me, Fear Me Not is the perfect read for those who love their YA Thrillers and Mystery novels. Fear Me, Fear Me Not was filled with not only murder but high school antics and everything that goes into the pressures of being a teen in today's world.

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