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SHELTER FOR CERISE Book Blast - Nicole Flockton

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After surviving a terrifying tornado, Cerise Robinson has re-evaluated her life goals. Her focus now is on, Finn, her foster son and following her dream to adopt him so that she can call him her own. A relationship is the last thing she’s looking for, yet Brodie is not only handsome and sets her heart racing, he’s also wonderful to Finn. He’s almost too good to be true.

Volunteer fire fighter, Brodie Spelling is as happy on the back of horse working on a dude ranch as he was at creating code for the very successful app he and his college buddies developed. So maybe he’s a tech millionaire. No one else needs to know. He’s finally found the balance his life needed—yet something is missing. When he meets Cerise, he discovers an attraction he isn’t expecting. Nor the connection he quickly develops with her foster son. Does he now have the lost piece to complete his puzzle?

As their relationship develops, danger lurks in the shadows waiting to take what Cerise wants most. She will stop at nothing to save Finn, even if it means putting her life on the line…and losing Brodie.

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He held his thumb up to the light and she could see the sparkle from the tiny spec. “Glitter? I’m surprised you’re allowed to wear glitter in the ER,” he murmured.

Normally, she was never short of a word or snappy comeback, but somehow, right this second, her mind was blank like a white board at the end of the school year. All she could concentrate on was the tender touch and how strong and handsome he looked.

In the confines of the smashed vehicle, she hadn’t been able to see that he was quite tall. His shoulders were broad and she could easily imagine him decked out in tight jeans, a nice button-down shirt, wearing boots and a cowboy hat.

She took a deep breath and a step back, which was enough to jolt her mind into action. “It’s only a sliver of glitter. I’ve yet to leave any on a patient.”

“Good to know. I like it,” he said, with a smile that crinkled his eyes and showcased a dimple hiding in his cheek.

God, she was a sucker for a dimple. “Thanks. Glitter is life. You can never have too much of it.”

Crap on a cracker. Did I really say that out loud?

Brodie laughed at the same time as the radio clipped to his belt crackled to life. “I’ll take your word for it. See you around, Sparkles.”

About the Author:
USA Today Bestselling author Nicole Flockton writes sexy contemporary romances that sparkle. Nicole likes nothing better than taking characters and creating unique situations where they fight to find their true love.

Apart from writing Nicole is busy spreading glitter all over social media, looking after her very own hero – her wonderfully supportive husband, and two fabulous kids. She also enjoys watching sports and, of course, reading.

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VBT# Playing with Fire - April Henry

Playing with Fire

Review: Playing With Fire - April Henry - January 2021

This book starts with a guy burning a car in the middle of a forest and how one spark can change the course of many lives. Playing with Fire by April Henry was inspired by a real incident called the Eagle Creek Fire which happened in the Columbia River Gorge in 2017 when a 15-year-old boy lit a firework during a burn ban. In our forest are Natalia and her co-worker Wyatt on their first date as he suggested hiking. They are the first ones to notice the fire and smell it. For Natalia, this is a huge deal as for the past six years she has made it her goal to avoid the fire of any kind and little children as a tragic accident occurred and landed her in the hospital with burns. Along the way they met several groups of hikers and together they are trapped in the forest and now have to work together to survive and find a way out of the fire, the group contains all ages and issues from diabetes to dementia to panic attacks. However, as the book progresses and they work to help one another, someone is sabotaging the members of the group and doesn't want them to survive the night as if they do, then his secret is out.  I liked this book and liked the variety of characters and personalities that April Henry had written as they all made the book with their quirks and flaws. Playing with Fire by April Henry was a medium-paced novel and if you love hyperfiction and books inspired by true events, then check out this YA thriller.


Wednesday, January 20, 2021

DEAD SILENT Book Blast - Various Authors

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The secrets must be kept, or the body count will rise...
Are you ready for the eighteen deadly crime thrillers that will keep you up all night?

Shrouded in mystery, these thrillers by eighteen Wall Street Journal, USA Today and International Best-selling authors, will keep you turning the pages for weeks. It’s a limited time collection that will introduce you to your new favorite writers.

What made the art thieves kill? Why does the old case haunt the detective? Can the assassins be stopped?

From Los Angeles to Scotland to Prague, the twists and turns will leave you in a cold sweat, needing to know what happens next with page after page of the deadliest crimes you can imagine.

This mystery, thriller, and suspense boxset is perfect for fans of David Baldacci, James Patterson, Chris Collett, Angela Marsons, and Lisa Gray.

Read an Excerpt from Mortuary School

I read the heading as I took it from her. Phi Sigma Eta - A Co-ed Fraternity. I laughed and immediately felt guilty. Why shouldn’t there be a fraternity for mortuary students? Hadn’t I spent hours trying to convince Gran that the death industry was a noble one? “Are you going to join?” I asked.

She snorted again. “No way. My mama would kill me. On the way out the door this morning, she says,” the girl adopted an artificially high tone, “Rochelle, watch yourself, girl. There’s gonna be a lot of strange folks at that school. You’re not there for socializing.”

I nodded. I got it. I’d tried to convince Gran that funeral directors were like the pastors of their own ever-changing flocks. I’d thought this was an especially nice touch, since Gran was born again in the 1970s during the Jesus Movement. It didn’t sway her. “Yeah, my Gran isn’t too crazy about my career choice either.”

“Oh, Mama is fine with the career choice. It was hers, not mine.”

I looked Rochelle up and down critically for the first time. She didn’t look like most of the students on campus, and it wasn’t because she was Black. She was too all-American. Too clean cut. Too old, probably only a couple of years younger than me. And above all, too pretty in a TV newscaster kind of way. “Why did you agree? I mean, it’s kind of . . . Well, you gotta be into it.”

“My uncle owns a funeral home and. . . It’s a long story.” She stuck out a hand. “Rochelle.” I took it and shook. “Imogene.”

We fell into step, meandering through a swirl of leaves in the general direction of what I hoped were the classrooms.

“Where are you headed?” Rochelle asked. “Anatomy 101. How about you?”

“Same. Do you know where it is?”

I stopped walking. “No. I thought you did.”

Rochelle pulled a campus map from her backpack. “I think it’s behind the registration building.”

We looked at the map together, pivoted, then pushed our way down a narrow wind-tunnel of a path between the registration offices and the library.

About the Authors:

Books by: Judith Lucci, Fiona Quinn, Sandra Woffington, Michelle Medhat, Dan Petrosini, Greta Boris, David Berens, J.D. Weston, Tom Fowler, Chris Patchell, L.K. Hill, Gavin Reese, K.C. Sivils, Tom Schneider, Elleby Harper, Dwayne Gill, James Harper, Jay Tinsiano, and Jay Newton

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Book Spotlight: Good Grammar is the Life of the Party - Curtis Honeycutt


Join us for this tour from Jan 18 to Feb 5, 2021!

Book Details:

Book TitleGood Grammar Is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life by Curtis Honeycutt
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 18 yrs +, 244 pages
GenreHow-To, Humor, Grammar and Writing Reference
PublisherThe County Publishing
Release date:   May, 2020
Content Rating:  PG-13: "I write "hell," "damn," and "shit" a few times. Maybe "ass." ."


Book Description:

Grammar rules! Good Grammar is the Life of the Party: Tips for a Wildly Successful Life will convert grammar goofballs into bonafide word nerds. As the writer of the award-winning humor column “Grammar Guy,” Curtis Honeycutt’s grammar advice appears in dozens of newspapers every week. His debut book—filled with witty word wisdom—is designed to make your life more awesome by improving your grammar. Do you love language, but sometimes get tripped up by confusing grammar rules? Good Grammar is the Life of the Party is like a cheat code for your social life. Level up your grammar game to become a linguistic legend—from romantic relationships to job promotions to getting invited to fancy roof parties. Climb the corporate ladder, convince people you’re smart, and win at life with dozens of helpful tips on how to master the English language.

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Meet the Author:

Curtis Honeycutt started writing about grammar in his local newspaper. His column, Grammar Guy, has since won multiple awards and now appears in newspapers across the U.S. Originally from Oklahoma, Honeycutt now lives in Indiana with his wife, Carrie, and their two children, Miles and Maeve.

connect with the author:  website ~ twitter ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads

Tour Schedule:

Jan 18 – Locks, Hooks and Books – book spotlight / giveaway
Jan 18 - Working Mommy Journal - book spotlight / giveaway
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Jan 19 - bless their hearts mom – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Jan 20 – Jazzy Book Reviews – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Jan 20 - The Phantom Paragrapher – book spotlight / giveaway
Jan 21 – Books Lattes & Tiaras – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
Jan 21 - My Reading Journey – book spotlight / giveaway
Jan 22 – Westveil Publishing – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
Jan 22 - Lisa Everyday Reads  - book spotlight / giveaway
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Jan 27 – Man of la Book – book spotlight / giveaway
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Feb 1 – Books, Tea, Healthy Me – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
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Feb 2 - Redhead with a Camera/Goodreads - book review
Feb 3 – The Irresponsible Reader – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Feb 4 – Stephanie Jane – book spotlight / giveaway
Feb 5 – fundinmental – book spotlight / giveaway

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VBT# Overland - Ramcy Diek


Review: Overland - Ramcy Diek - November 2020

I had an idea that this book was to be a mystery/thriller but was unsure what the storyline would be and seeing as I had never read anything by this author prior - I didn't know what to expect. However, it seems after reading the author's introduction that this book was different from her usual stories.  Overland started a bit slow-paced with us meeting our main male character who would become the abductor and then it flipped to Skyla - our main female character getting ready for her parent's business Christmas party. While out shopping, Skyla feels like she is being watched and can't shake the feeling - she also flashbacks to a time when she helped a little boy named Tom. The book then jumps to the last day at the office and Skyla is abducted and taken to a cabin in the woods. Why her and who is this guy? He seems familiar but Skyla can't place it? Imagine her surprise when she learns the guy who kidnapped her has three children and Skyla has been kidnapped to become their "new" mother. Can Skyla survive the winter and conditions and look after the children or will they get on the wrong side of the man and end up buried in a grave out in the snow. I loved this story as I like mysteries that have children involved as they can make the story and you end up having more compassion and also when it comes to the crunch, you can tell who really loves you and who just wanted you for your last name.  If you are looking for a good mystery to start 2021 off with a bang, then check out Overland by Ramcy Diek today.

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