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Review: Need You For Keeps - Marina Adair


Need You for Keeps (Heroes of St. Helena, #1)

Review: Need You For Keeps - Book #1 Heroes of St.Helena Series - Marina Adair - March 2015

If you are an Animal lover and in particular dogs, then this is the book for you as it has romance , chemistry, tension, hot guys and of course cute dogs. Shay Michaels is the smalltown's resident dog lover and animal rescuer , she would do anything for those pets even open her own home to them which of course she can't take them all - so she hosts adopt a dog day along with a calendar of the hottest guys in towns each holding one of the dogs she has for adoption. The thing though is that Shay is anything but convential and a rule follower, so this often leads her to spend a wee bit of time in the local sheriff's office and in the jail cells. It also doesn't help that Shay and the local deputy Jonah are always at each other's throats and we readers can guess where this is going to end as more often than not in stories like this , the main two leads act like they cannot stand each other but in all truth and reality - the fact is that they are simply in love with one another but of course cannot find the courage to tell the other so of course being mean and going out of their way to cause trouble for the other is their game of flirting. Can Shay look past her dogs for once and realise that her Mr. Right is standing in the form of Deputy Sheriff Jonah and that he's her perfect partner or will their antics drive them further apart instead of closer ?
Find out in Book #1 Heroes of St Helena - Need You For Keeps. A Sweet Smalltown Contemporary Romance that is designed to sweeten the mood with a sure thing HEA to finish a good read.


Review: The Frenchman - Lesley Young


The Frenchman (Jet-setters & Jeopardy, #1)

Review: The Frenchman - Book #1 Jet-Setters and Jeopardy Series - Lesley Young - July 2015

When Fleur Smithers, a girl from the States and someone who had grown up living a pretty sheltered life decided to head to France to find her biological mother , she never expected that she would turn out to be the daughter of a Police Inspector and not only that her mother's nickname is Marie the Mercernary , as she is one of the toughest cops around. Out one night with her best friend Jess, who has come to accompany her from the States, Fleur meets a table of French Rugby Players and one in particular catches her eyes - Louis Messette. One thing leads to another and they eventually almost have sex , until he discovers she still belongs to the V-club and leaves. She is hurt and dejected, until she discovers that he is in fact a playboy and that his family cannot be trusted as the Messette's are part of the biggest drug family in France and her mother is hunting them down. It seems though that when the heart wants something, then it goes straight for it and the pair start meeting secretly. What will happen though when Marie finds out about it and then the members of the Messette family are arrested ? Can Fleur choose both sides or will she have to choose between her head or her heart ? Family or the one she loves ? Also we find out the truth of Fleur's biological father in The Frenchman and why now after 23 years it was safe for Marie to contact her daughter ?
Another amazing story and now I look forward to reading more from this author and if you enjoyed The Frenchman, then also check out Book #2 The Australian - which has also been reviewed on The Phantom Paragrapher.


Review: Megan's Hope - Steena Holmes

Megan's Hope: a Finding Emma novella (Finding Emma Series Book 5)

Review: Megan's Hope - Book #5 Finding Emma Series - Steena Holmes - December 2014

Fans of the Face on the Milk Carton and Finding Carter will love the Finding Emma series by Steena Holmes as it is all about a little girl Emma who was kidnapped and brought up in a different home with parents she loved, only to discover years later that it wasn't her real family and real home and that somewhere out there - another family , her real family had been looking for her. Emma is five years old and when she was a baby, she was kidnapped by Dottie and Jack's daughter and eventually left on their doorstep to raise which they have been doing for the past five years until somebody notified the authorities and after months of deliberations Emma was returned back to her "real" family . The thing is though that during this time Dottie has passed away, leaving only Jack and Doug in Emma's life. Jack was Emma's Papa and thank goodness that he has been welcomed into Emma's new family life with open arms. This story is the relationship between Emma's real mum Megan and Jack - her adopted Papa. Jack is dying and wishes to spend as much time as he can with Emma before he leaves to be reunited with Dottie, but as Megan gets to know Jack - can she let him go ? Megan's Hope follows Jack's last year month by month as we discover how each character touches one another's lives and that sometimes family really isn't just blood, but those we get to know and love.
This was one sweet novella , that not only has a Christmas theme but if you are wanting a quick family based novel to read with a little bit of sadness entwined with tears of happiness then Megan's Hope is the book for you.


VBT# Sinners and Saints - Chelsea Ballinger

Sinners & Saints ( Sinners & Saints #1)

Review: Sinners and Saints - Book #1 Sinners and Saints Series - Chelsea Ballinger - June 2015

Sinners and Saints starts off at a funeral for Gabriel Mandrake. At the funeral, we meet Scarlett , whom seems a twisted sort.  The remaining Mandrake boys are now down to two twins Hugo and August . August is autistic which made me , though he wasn't exactly a main part of the story made me love his character - possibly because I have experience with siblings etc with autism . As I got reading deeper into the story it had a Cruel Intentions feel to it - you know the movie that stars Ryan Phillippe and then we discover that Scarlet- the main leader loves to play games and thus the book became a bit like the tv show Gossip Girl as in a way Scarlett reminded me a cross between Blair and Georgina.  When the rich and wealthy get bored , they love to take risks and play games with other people, use them as their pawns for their own enjoyment. Gabriel couldn't handle it , so he died and now it's Scarlet's turn to train Hugo and he's a good little follower. That is until Juliet arrives at Miss Eleanor's and she isn't like the rest of them - her character reminded me of Serena.  She can see the dangers at play and also has a thing for Hugo. Can Juliet be Hugo's saving grace ? Can she show him that their is still goodness and light within his heart and that he can walk away from Scarlett's hold ?
Find out in Book #1 Sinners and Saints - which side are you on ? by Chelsea Ballinger .


VBT# Ready to Love - Franca Storm

Review: Ready To Love - Book #1 Damaged Hearts - Franca Storm - August 2015

Are you in the mood for a good rock star book ? One that won't leave you going urgh another Bad boy Rock Star Novel ? Ready To Love by Franca Storm was one of those fast-paced and easy to get into rockstar novels and I know since they are all the rage, it can be hard to find a really good one but Ready to Love was AMAZING and had me not wanting to put it down until I had finished the very last page. In Ready to Love, we have a band which consists of two girls Chloe and Nicki and two guys John Kingston and Mitch. Growing up John and Nicki have been the best of friends, in fact she had not that great of a childhood and ended up spending more time with John and his family than her own. As Nicki grew older, she fell in love with the wrong guy as often girls do , she fell for one that abused and treated her horribly and John was the one to save her from him. This has cemented their friendship and relationship but lately John has been feeling a little bit more for Nicki than he is use too. What will happen though when it's not just John interested in Nicki but a fraternity brother Axel who is a player and it seems he likes it rough as well.  After Nicki's past, John can't help protect her but what will happen when he doesn't know how to express his feelings and Nicki takes it the wrong way and ends up hating him. Can John prove to Nicki that he loves her and only her ? Can John be the one to show Nicki she is special and worth every bit of love in the world? The other thing I loved about this book was the fact that John wasn't just a Rock Star but also a MMA fighter. Hmmm - love my MMA fighters.

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Review: The Fashion Academy - Sheryl Berk and Carrie Berk


The Fashion Academy

Review: The Fashion Academy - Sheryl and Carrie Berk - July 2015

Are you aged 9-13 years old ? Needing a new book to read and love Fashion and Creating Outfits or Giving makeovers ? Then The Fashion Academy is for you. This book introduces us to Mickey who has been given the opportunity of a lifetime starting in 6th grade she has won a scholarship to attend the FAB Academy - one of the best design schools for youngsters who are interested and destined to be the next generation of fashion designers. Despite getting off to a rocky start as Mickey moves in with her Aunt Olive whom they have nothing in common and her efforts at standing out and being creative turn out to be a bad thing. Mickey must re-invent herself to create a name for herself in the fashion world of school but in doing so , can Mickey stay true to herself as what's the point in being the best person you can be, if you can't be you ?
If you love TV shows like Project Runaway and those Music Academy shows like Britannia High, then check out The Fashion Academy today as you will not be disappointed with this enjoyable piece of pink lit.


Review: Hanover House - Brenda Novak

Hanover House (Hanover House Chronicles #0.5)

Review: Hanover House - Book #0.5 Hanover House Chronicles - Brenda Novak - September 2015

Hanover House is a prequel to a new series by Brenda Novak that will feature a shrink named Dr. Evelyn Talbot. Her speciality is finding out what makes a pyschopath - a psychopath and with the funding of her project, she can now create a home for the ones that she wishes to study called Hanover House. Like most , who get into this profession Evelyn has had experience and up-close and personal with a pyschopath when she was still at high school as her boyfriend Jasper went pyscho and all Scream on Evelyn and her friends and killed three of them and leaving on Evelyn by a thread - he escaped . Now years later and surgery , he is back as Andy Smith - father and husband with an axe to grind as he wants to finish what he started and this time he won't leave until the job is done. Hanover House is not just a prequel into a new series which talks about the study and house itself, but more so the lead up to why Evelyn is the way she is today and how someone you thought you knew could turn out to be completely different and even worst - a true psychopath.
I am looking forward as I love reading about Mental Health and this side of things with Brenda Novak's new series Hanover House.

Review: Things Liars Say - Sara Ney

Things Liars Say (#ThreeLittleLies, #1)

Review: Things Liars Say - Book #1 #ThreeLittleLies Series - Sara Ney - July 2015

Everyone has told a little white lie in their life, but what would happen if that little white lie got blown out of proportion and your lie came true ? For Greyson Keller, she is President of her Sorority and has a long list of clubs and obligations to do that she is far too busy for a boyfriend but with the Gala coming up , her friends all expect her of course to have a date so when she is put on the spot at their last planning meeting - Greyson lies and tells them she has a date and a boyfriend called Cal Thompson. She grasps the name out of thin air as the Cal is short for California Oranges and the surname Thompson came from the fact that she was sitting opposite Brianna Thompson from her Economics class.  So begins the little white lie of having a boyfriend named Cal. What she doesn't expect though is that Julia who is in charge of marketing tweets about Greyson and her new boyfriend Cal Thompson - tagging him in the twitter account. Turns out that a "Cal Thompson" does exist an hour away and he is recieving all the messages about him and someone named Grey whom of course he expects to be a guy. Ready for a fight, he drives up to the sorority and comes face to face with Greyson Keller - what a shock when they both realise what has happened. Over the next course of the book through email, text, phone calls and tweets the pair start communicating and of course the rest is history. But when Greyson starts to develop
"true feelings' can she really date someone like Cal or do her friends expect more of Greyson when it comes to her dating choices ? What I really loved about this book, which made me smile was the fact that they played "Rugby" not "Football" which of course Rugby is one of New Zealand's main sports.
 If you are needing a new edgy New Adult Fiction novel to get stuck into and since it is a novella it is a quick read, check out Things Liars Say by Sara Ney today.


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