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Author Spotlight : Chris Cannon - Series: Going Down in Flames

Chris  Cannon

Book #3 :
Trial By Fire (Going Down in Flames, #3)

Title: Trial by Fire (Going Down in Flames, #3)
Author: Chris Cannon

About Trial by Fire (Going Down in Flames, #3):
Bryn’s hopes for a peaceful new semester at school go up in smoke when someone tries to kill her—again. She’s not sure which is scarier, facing the radicals who want to sacrifice her for their cause, or her impending nightmare-of-a-Directorate-arranged marriage to her nemesis, Jaxon.
The one bright spot in her life is Valmont, her smoking-hot knight who is assigned to watch over her twenty-four hours a day. Is what she feels for him real, or just a side effect of the dragon-knight bond? At this point, stopping the impending civil war might be easier than figuring out her love life.

Going Down in Flames (Going Down in Flames, #1)

Bridges Burned (Going Down in Flames, #2)
Author Bio:
Chris Cannon lives in Southern Illinois with her husband and her three dogs, Pete the shih tzu who sleeps on her desk while she writes, Molly the ever-shedding yellow lab, and Tyson the sandwich-stealing German Shepherd Beagle. She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can find her sucking down caffeine and writing fire-breathing paranormal adventures or romantic comedies. 


Character interview: Bryn McKenna interviews Jaxon Westgate from the Going Down In Flames series.

Bryn: “Can you describe yourself for our audience?” 

Jaxon: “Why would I do that when there’s a photo included in this post?”

Bryn: “Fine. I’ll describe you. Jaxon has blond hair, blue eyes, and golden tan skin, he’s almost pretty.”

Jaxon: “I’m not pretty. I’m handsome.”

Bryn: “Modest much?”

Jaxon: “Haven’t you heard that saying: It’s not bragging if it’s true. Besides, all Blue dragons are attractive in human form.”

Bryn: *whispers “And a little full of themselves.”

Jaxon: “What was that?”

Bryn;  “Nothing. Next question. What’s special about you?”

Jaxon: “What kind of ridiculous question is that?”

Bryn:  “It’s a getting to know you question. If you asked me, I could say that I’m the fastest flying dragon on campus.” *smiles innocently at Jaxon who used to hold that title.

Jaxon: *grinds teeth slightly before taking a breath. “Fine. Then I’d tell people that I’m better with a sword. Remember that time I beat you in a duel?”

Bryn : Forces smile. “That sounds vaguely familiar. Anyway…what’s your favorite thing about school?”

Jaxon:  “I’m sure your answer is the dining hall, because I’ve seen you eat. My answer would be learning to control my magic. I excel at exhaling ice and sleet. I look forward to learning more about using my element as a weapon.

Bryn: “I love working with quintessence and using it to heal people. I want to be a medic after I graduate.”

Jaxon: “I prefer not to think about what might happen after graduation since your grandmother and my mother are conspiring to set up an arranged marriage between us.”

Bryn: “That prospect is actually more terrifying than the rebels who keep attacking campus.”

Jaxon: “Finally, something we can agree on.”

Bryn: “Our time is up. If you’d like to know more about shape-shifting dragons check out Chris Cannon’s Going Down In Flames series. Jaxon is an asshat in the first book, but you’ll grow to understand his character more in the second and third books. Plus you can meet my smoking hot knight, Valmont Fonzoli.

Jaxon: “You just couldn’t go an entire interview without mentioning him, could you?

Bryn: “He’s important to the story.”

Jaxon:  “Important to your story. I find him annoying.”

Bryn: *Rolls eyes. “Well Valmont and I both find your personality delightful. Don’t bother responding. Time’s up.”


New Covers For Jules Barnard's Blue Series

Social Butterfly PR is proud to present the new covers for The Blue Series by Jules Barnard!


Deep Blue

My life is perfect…until my boyfriend turns out to be a douche, I lose my job, and my life plan falls apart.
Jaeger is successful, self-assured, and the way he looks at me has heat spreading down my chest and farther south. More important, he wants me—baggage and all. But then his ex returns to town, and she wants him back.
After all I’ve lost, I don't want to lose him too.

Blue Crush

My cheating ex finally has me swearing off men forever. Until I meet HIM. Lewis walks into the party and steals my breath, along with my good sense.
But he’s in a relationship and off-limits—or is he?
I’m tempted to act on the naughty thoughts I have about Lewis. He might be the one guy this good girl can’t resist.

True Blue

Mira Frasier betrayed me in a way that has ruined me for all other girls. Yet somehow I’ve gotten wrangled into living with her.
Her beautiful body and smart mouth taunt me on a daily basis.
I need to get her out of the house…or give in to the fire still burning between us and hope that this time I can walk away and forget her.

Blue Streak

There’s no way I’ll ruin my friendship with Nessa for a quick hookup. My past screwed me over and I can’t give her the kind of relationship she deserves.
But Nessa is pushing me—testing my willpower. And I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

New Blue

Adam Cade is entitled, arrogant, and so beautiful that my body overheats whenever he's near.
He doesn’t recognize me.
He definitely doesn’t remember how he helped this town ruin my life.
If I want to keep my job, I need to get close to Adam—the man standing for everything I’m fighting against.

Meet Jules Barnard


A RITA-nominated author, Jules Barnard began her publishing career in 2014 with DEEP BLUE, the first book in the contemporary Blue Series, making it onto romance bestseller lists. In 2015, she launched FATES DIVIDED, the first of a romantic fantasy series Library Journal calls " exciting new fantasy adventure." Whether she's writing about beautiful Lake Tahoe, or a Fae world embedded in a college campus, Jules spins suspenseful stories filled with realistic characters that have heart and humor.
When Jules isn't in her sweatpants writing and rewarding herself with chocolate, she spends her time with her husband and two children in their small hometown on the California coast. She credits herself with the ability to read while running on the treadmill or burning dinner. Website / Newsletter / Facebook / Amazon

The Carver Release Week - Jacob Devlin

The #roadtripwithpeterpan has begun!

THE CARVER is a young adult fairy tale retelling that takes you on a road trip with an adult Peter Pan as he and the children of some of your favorite characters. Together, they must find out what happened to their missing family members as secrets of the old world and new are revealed, with only Pinocchio's carvings to guide the way.

You can get your copy of THE CARVER by Jacob Devlin on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

about the book:

THE GIRL IN THE RED HOOD has been looking for her mother for six months, searching from the depths of New York’s subways to the heights of its skyscrapers . . .

THE PRINCE looks like he’s from another time entirely, or maybe he’s just too good at his job at Ye Old Renaissance Faire . . .

THE ACTRESS is lighting up Hollywood Boulevard with her spellbinding and strikingly convincing portrayal of a famous fairy. Her name may be big, but her secrets barely fit in one world . . .

Fifteen-year-old Crescenzo never would have believed his father’s carvings were anything more than “stupid toys.” All he knows is a boring life in an ordinary Virginia suburb, from which his mother and his best friend have been missing for years. When his father disappears next, all Crescenzo has left is his goofy neighbor, Pietro, who believes he’s really Peter Pan and that Crescenzo is the son of Pinocchio. What’s more: Pietro insists that they can find their loved ones by looking to the strange collection of wooden figurines Crescenzo’s father left behind.

With Pietro’s help, Crescenzo sets off on an adventure to unite the real life counterparts to his figurines. It’s enough of a shock that they’re actually real, but the night he meets the Girl in the Red Hood, dark truths burst from the past. Suddenly, Crescenzo is tangled in a nightmare where magic mirrors and evil queens rule, and where everyone he loves is running out of time.

about the author:

When Jacob Devlin was four years old, he would lounge around in Batman pajamas and make semi-autobiographical picture books about an adventurous python named Jake the Snake. Eventually, he traded his favorite blue crayon for a black pen, and he never put it down. When not reading or writing, Jacob loves practicing his Italian, watching stand-up comedy, going deaf at rock concerts, and geeking out at comic book conventions. He does most of these things in southern Arizona.

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Get ready to give up your time to THE SURRENDERED by Case Maynard--a young adult dystopian sure to suck you in further to with every page! Want to be a part of this new release? You can sign up for the Facebook parties, blog tours, or to review. The #taxonkids is coming!


Get ready to give up your time to THE SURRENDERED by Case Maynard--a young adult dystopian sure to suck you in further to with every page! Want to be a part of this new release? You can sign up for the Facebook parties, blog tours, or to review. The #taxonkids is coming!
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VBT# Roomie Wars - Kat T. Masen


Roomie Wars

Review: Roomie Wars - Kat .T. Masen - July 2016

When Zoey first put out an ad for a roommate , she wanted a male as she needed someone who wouldn't cause a lot of drama. It came down to two contestants - Mr. Blue Eyes -Sex God Liam and Andrew - The Geeky Med Student. Zoey chose Andrew as she decided that there wouldn't be any chance of romantic feelings between the two. I have to admit , I did hope that we would have seen a bit more of Liam or at least a cameo later down the track in the book. The book then jumps five years in the future and Zoey is nearing thirty and her life isn't going as she had planned it as she has been in a funk since she caught her now ex-boyfriend Jess sleeping with her friend.  Andrew on the other hand is now a sexy doctor after going on a health kick and working out , he has now dropped the "An" in front of his name and no longer looks like the nerdy guy who moved into the apartment five years ago. In fact , we are now seeing some sparks fly. The rest of the novel is tension and unresolved romantic feelings between Drew and Zoey and then what will happen though when Zoey is offered the job role of a lifetime ? Will she take it and live HEA or will the job cause a rift between the two friends causing a major fallout.  The other thing I loved is that I could in a way relate to the character of Zoey as I am nearly thirty myself (will be next year) and I too don't have a husband or children and I definitely had planned something better than my current job -but life never really goes according the plans. The other thing I loved about Zoey was that Kat. T. Masen had her loving characters like Rainbow Brite - which like Zoey, I too own a Rainbow Brite T-shirt and the fact that Zoey had a My Little Pony tattoo - I have always wanted this, but am afraid of needles to get a tattoo myself.
Check out this month's issue of "Roomie Wars" by Kat. T. Masen to find out the ending of the Zoey and Drew debacle.


VBT# Hitched -Volume #2 - Kendall Ryan

Hitched: Volume Two (Imperfect Love, #2)

Review: Hitched - Volume #2 Imperfect Love Series - Kendall Ryan - July 2016

At the end of Hitched Volume One we were left with Noah standing at the altar as Olivia hadn't turned up for their wedding , he believed she had gotten cold feet after completely reading the contract including the "inheritance and child clause" , but in fact Olivia was scared off by Brad as he threatened to expose naked selfies she had sexted him while they were dating if she didn't sell over their business.  I had hoped that they would get more into the relationship side of things and touch on the child clause, though after finishing Hitched #2 it does make me wonder whether or not that Olivia and Noah will succeed as a couple and be able to pull it off as it always seems like Olivia is two steps behind Noah and she seems so cold and businesslike whereas Noah wants to give it 100% and deep down he actually loves Olivia whereas for her it seems as a ends to a mean , she also doesn't connect well to the other characters for me to like her as such. I am interested to see where Volume #3 takes us and to see whether or not the 90 day Child Clause will be completed as Volume #2 ends on a cliffhanger I shall call the Condom and Needle Mistake Debacle.

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RELEASE BLITZ : Him or Me by Veronica Larsen

This bite-sized romance is perfect for the summer!
Him or ME will become your new summer favorite!





There’s the boyfriend and there’s the friend. I’m the friend. The guy she leans on, laughs with, and complains to. The guy that gets all of her jokes and sees her at her worst. The guy with his hands shoved deep in his pockets to keep from touching her. The guy so good at hiding his feelings she’s never once suspected. Until the day I tip her hand and everything changes. Until the day I give her the choice that's been right in front of her this whole time. Him or me?


About the Author:
Veronica Larsen's romance novels are angst-driven and steamy. They tend to feature strong female leads who keep their male counterparts on their toes. Veronica enjoys building intense chemistry and anticipation while creating believable, down-to-earth romances. She's an avid reader of all genres, coffee addict, and a Harry Potter fanatic.
Connect with Veronica:

Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

Cover Reveal : Merried - Jamie Farrell

Title: Merried
Series: Misfit Brides #5
Author: Jamie Farrell
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Jaycee at Sweet N Spicy Designs
 Release Date: October 4, 2016


He’s the Spare Heir of Bliss’s most famous jewelry shop
Max Gregory’s family is best known for creating and displaying the infamous Mrs. Claus diamond ring, but here in the bridal capital of the world, Max is best known for having a cursed love life. Not that he believes in curses. Or he didn’t, until he met her. 

She’s the daughter of a notorious jewel thief
Merry Silver's parents have wreaked havoc on her life. After her last romantic disaster—thanks, Daddy—she’s fleeing the country for a chance at normal. But first, she has to avoid her favorite ex-boyfriend while she gets her mom married off. Again. 

And their Christmas miracle might be a second chance at love
Max was devastated when he discovered why Merry disappeared last year. Now she's back in Bliss for a wedding, and her father may be after his family’s most prized possession. But is it the diamond Max is worried about? Or is he afraid of losing the only woman who’s ever made him want to settle down?

Either way...the family jewels are in danger

Pre-order Link

Also Available






 Author Bio

Jamie Farrell writes fun contemporary romances with quirky characters and lots of heart. She believes love, laughter, and bacon are the most powerful forces in the universe. Her debut novel, Southern Fried Blues, was a finalist in the National Readers' Choice Awards and the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Awards, and the first book in her Misfit Brides series received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, which called Blissed a “marvelous romantic comedy.”

A native Midwesterner, Jamie has lived in the South the majority of her adult life. When she's not writing, she and her military hero husband are busy raising three hilariously unpredictable children.

Author Links



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