Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trials of the Heart by Author Chandra Trulove Fry Book Spotlight

Some would say the heart can only take so much. Some would say that the heart can endure many things. Still others might say that the right heart is strong enough for anything. 

Follow Devon's journey as she faces life. Will her heart endure the trials set before her? Only time will tell.

I am a bibliophile book dragon who lives with her tech wizard husband and two youngest minions. I am a mother of three, however, and have one amazing grandson. We all reside in the beautiful Redding, California.

I am first and foremost a reader and an eclectic one at that. I own books in many various genres and will continue to hunt for more! I became a published author in 2017. My debut novella "Trials of the Heart" released in September of 2017. Since then, I have taken on many various projects. Writing is no longer just a hobby but is now a career.

Top Ten List
1.     Fave food is Mexican
2.     Fave color is Burgandy
3.     Fave book is The Falcon and the Serpent by Cheryl A Smith
4.     Fave mainstream author is Stephen R Lawhead
5.     Fave Indie author is Ali Winters
6.     Fave movie is The Fifth Element
7.     Fave TV show is Dr. Who
8.     Fave animal is lizards
9.     Fave thing to do is read
10.                Fave place to be is a secluded library.

Character Casting
Devon is the main character. Anya Taylor-Joy
Image result for Anya Taylor-Joy

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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Review: Watching You - Shannon Greenland

Watching You

Review: Watching You - Shannon Greenland - July 2018 
When I was approached about reading and reviewing this book, my answer was a definite YES as I love and read all of Shannon Greenland/ S.E Green's books to date. The idea of a stalker also fascinated me as I love that suspense feel . Viola has started at a prestigous school on a scholarship and meets her peer mentor whom Viola has taken the scholarship from. There is a love/hate relationship between the two but we can see that their are sparks flying as despite either one wanting to admit it, they come from similar backgrounds. During this book, we learn that Viola has a stalker and someone is watching her from the background and at one point even in her dorm room. This part had my heart pumping a bit. On a night out, Viola is attacked by her stalker but manages to be saved . I have to admit the ending of this book fell flat for me especially when the stalker was revealed as I was hoping for maybe a deeper reasoning behind the stalker and I also felt things in the end were rushed and the actions of the stalker swept under the rug.  This is the reason, Watching You is getting 4P's instead of 5Ps. If you are looking for a YA romantic suspense that is a light-read then Watching You is a good read but if you are wanting a stalker book with deeper meaning then this is not the book for you as you will be slightly disappointed.

Review: The Short But Brilliant Career of Lucas Weed - Chrissie Walker

The Short but Brilliant Career of Lucas Weed

Review: The Short But Brilliant Career of Lucas Weed - Chrissie Walker - March 2018
Lucas Weed has just started a new school and wanted to fit in with others and somehow doing so made him infamous in the school as he became known as the "prank master". This children's book is the perfect read for those who love Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tom Gates. It features Lucas Weed who does a range of pranks around the school from putting a frog in the teacher's bag to filling the swimming pool with dishwashing liquid. This was a fun read that I had to read for a Kids Lit Quiz, but wouldn't be a book I would normally read and enjoy. Definitely perfect for boys aged 7-10 years old as also filled with the potty humor that boys that age love.

Review: In Some Other Life - Jessica Brody

In Some Other Life

Review: In Some Other Life - Jessica Brody - August 2017
For the past three years, Kennedy Rhodes has been keeping a big secret from her family. All her life, she wanted to attend Windsor Academy and that dream nearly came true until she gave it all up for a guy named Austin. Yes, you heard correctly - Kennedy chucked everything away for a high school romance. Now three years later, she has accomplished resurrecting a school newspaper and winning awards but is she truly happy as she constantly checks the Windsor website and wonders What If ? Especially now as Kennedy has just caught her best friend hooking up with her boyfriend. Running to her safe place, she heads to Windsor Academy and bumps her head. When Kennedy wakes up, she discovers she is a student at Windsor Academy and that she did accept the place after all.  With this new life, Kennedy will finally experience what her life could have been? Will she like this version of Kennedy, her friends, and family or will she realize that life in a public school is better for all? I loved this book as I have always had a thing for parallel universes and I am the type to wonder "What If" for a few of my decisions. I have always thought it would be an interesting concept if there was a way we could view or experience our parallel universes? Maybe our dream worlds are our versions of parallel universes? This is one YA Book that I suggest all should read and give a go, as it will get you thinking about the what if scenarios in your life.


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