Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review: Bang Gang - Jade West

When I first saw this book, I wanted to read it due to the cover as it is one hot cover and then I was a little wary as really Bang Gang as a title ? It sounded a bit too raunchy for my liking but I decided to put on my big girl panties and give it a read and I am glad I did as I loved it. This is definitely one of those books that is more than the cover/ title as when you read the words Bang Gang, it sounds horrible or like you are in for a full-on sexual book and I have to admit when I saw the words Bang Gang I was thinking along the lines of Trailer Park Virgin by Alexa Riley content but this was not as sexual. In fact, if you minus the few Bang Gang moments, Jade West's book was actually a fun romantic read. One of my favourite characters too would have to be the youngest daughter Ruby aka Rubes -she is so hilarious and makes you laugh the whole way through the book especially with her use of "Garage Words" like butt-hurt.  Bang Gang starts off with Jodie discovering her ex-boyfriend Darren and the father of her children is using his mechanic shop as a sex pit-stop and giving women servicing of their parts and indulging in their sexual fantasies with multiple partners at once. When Jodie discovers this, she wants a piece of the action but what will Darren's reaction be ? Bang Gang then turns into a story of second-chance romances and Darren trying to get his family back together as despite his playing around - he has only ever loved one woman - Jodie. However , will Jodie take him back seeing as the whole community knows about his escapades ? If you love sex, second chance romances and laugh out loud moments - then Bang Gang is the book for you.


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