Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Review: Jenna - Shay Bell

 One of the things I love about being a book reviewer is getting to discover new debut titles and Jenna was one of those titles. Going into the book Jenna , I was unsure of what to expect as all I knew was that it had a GLBT theme as well as being what the author considered a dark fiction novel. Think about your life , the way you have it right now ? Would you give it up in a heartbeat if you were given the opportunity ? If you could completely re-invent yourself with the only exception being you have to sever ties with everybody and start new - would you take it ? I have to personally admit that this thought has crossed my mind several times as who out there is so happy with their lives that they wouldn't like a do-over . As soon as I started reading it , I was hooked as we first met Jenna who is Australian and getting a ring from the local jewellers as we can gather that their is marriage possibly in the wings for her and her fiance Chris. The next thing we know Jenna is picking up a hitchhiker named Katt and then this is where things start to get interesting as tragedy strikes . When I got to this part, it made me wonder whether Jenna would be a paranormal type novel with an alternate universe angle and in one way it was and another way it wasn't. The novel starts to pick up quite quickly as Jenna takes Katt's identity and walks away from her mundane life as she knows it but during this time, she discovers that Katt wasn't who she thought she was in fact she is much more dangerous and Jenna is drawn into a world of danger, sex and criminals. What I liked about the book Jenna was that throughout the main chunk of the story , the author kept up that fast-paced novel and the actions that Katt takes draws the reader in.  Near the end of the story, we readers are in for a massive twist and again in a way I saw this ending coming as it had confirmed some thoughts I had throughout the story. If you are looking for a fast-paced novel and someone new to try , then check out Jenna by Shay Bell as you will not be disappointed with this particular read.  Also I don't know about the rest of you but I was starting to fall for Mr. Boots or Lock as we get to know him as, so readers - he's mine and he's been added to my Book Boyfriend List.


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