Saturday, August 4, 2018

Review: Doppleganger - Alyssa Drake


Review: Doppleganger - Alyssa Drake - March 2018
Princess Genevieve is the heir to the throne, and her coronation as Queen is coming up quick, someone though wants her dead, and they aren't going to stop until she is completely gone from this world it seems. Jareth has traveled to America after searching doppelgangers for the Princess and has set his sights on actress Lily Lyons. After her latest acting gig ended up a bust as the director ran away from the funds, she is now broke and desperate. So when Jareth offers her the opportunity of a lifetime she accepts. What will happen though when Lily takes her place as the Princess's double? I loved this book as it was not only a quick read but it had a few of my favorite things from Reverse Harems, Doppelgangers -of course, Royalty and even long-lost siblings not to mention murder, mystery and mayhem. Doppelganger by Alyssa Drake has something for everyone.

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