Sunday, August 5, 2018

Review: Burning Bright - Chris Cannon

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Burning Bright (Going Down in Flames, #5)

Review: Burning Bright - Book #5 Going Down in Flames - Chris Cannon - June 2018
Bryn at the end of the last book discovered her parents were alive, and she farewelled Rhianna and lost her bond with Valmont. Her life has been an uproar ever since she arrived at the Dragon Shifter academy and into this world. Now she is engaged to Jaxon who was Rhianna's meant-to-be and trying to keep the peace. More Danger looms as it seems that the Silver dragons are coming out of the woodwork and siphoning off the energy of the other dragons around them. Once again it looks like it will be up to Bryn, Jaxon, Ivy, and Clint to save the world from Danger. Can they do it and stay alive? I hated and loved this book as I am still not happy with Jaxon and Bryn being forced together in marriage and then the way Valmont treated her - that annoyed me as I thought that he might have had true feelings for her as she did. The other part I loved was the fact of the reuniting of Bryn and her parents. I had hoped for a bit more Ferrin and Sara interactions, but maybe in the next book if there is another adventure in the works? Going Down in Flames is a fun series if you love YA, Boarding Schools, Friendships and Dragon Shapeshifters.  If you have loved this series as I have and looking for more Dragon adventures then try Deborah Cooke's The Dragon Diaries as it is very similar in theme and style.

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