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Review: The Night Olivia Fell - Christina McDonald

The Night Olivia Fell

Review: The Night Olivia Fell - Christina McDonald - January 2019
One decision is all it takes to end a life, for Olivia that one decision to seek out her father and his true identity led to her death that night she fell. The book starts with Olivia going on a University trip with her friends and classmates and spotting a girl that could be her twin sister. They have the same bone structure and chin and green eyes. The thing is that Olivia was told her Dad didn't have any other children and more importantly that he was dead. Olivia more curious than ever hunts down the girl and discovers her name is Kendall Montgomery. This leads to Olivia spending more time with her best friend's older brother Derek as he helps take her to Seattle to visit Kendall and try and get some answers. While Olivia and Derek spend more time together, she starts to drift away from Tyler her current boyfriend and fall in love with Derek. As Olivia's life is changing, she is also pulling away from her mother as she is feeling betrayed and hurt especially when she discovers that her father is an upcoming politician and rising star Gavin Montgomery. Why did her mother not want her knowing who her father was? Was she trying to protect her? When Olivia's mother gets the call that her daughter was in an accident, she heads to the hospital to discover her daughter on life support and the startling revelation that her daughter Olivia was pregnant.  This book goes through Abi trying to piece together what happened the night Olivia fell and in doing so unraveling and discovering some truths, secrets, and lies. The Night Olivia Fell was a good mystery, but it made me think after I finished it - that seriously everything in this book was avoidable especially her death if only she had spoken some harsh truths to her mother and not tried to hide everything and bottle it all away. Readers, sometimes our parents need the harsh truths.

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