Thursday, September 23, 2021

VBT# More Than The Game - Jenni Bara

Book Cover

Review: More Than The Game - Book #1 Becoming an Evans - Jenni Bara - September 2021

All of Elizabeth's life she has been in the spotlight as her family is in politics and she was a champion gymnast. When she was 18, she was part of a scandal when naked photos of her and her boyfriend at the time were released to the press. Ever since then Elizabeth changed her name to Beth and became Beth Evans - a mother and a now widow hiding in the shadows. Baseball star Marc Demoda injured himself and is currently working in his father's shop fixing dishwashers etc. He comes to Beth's house and it is chaos, kids running everywhere, and then there is Beth who is not his type but he wants to know her better. With her hate of celebrities and that she doesn't want to date anyone in the spotlight, Marc will have to up his game, and soon though for Marc, this will become more than the game to win her heart as he starts to develop strong feelings for not only Beth but her kids too. Can Marc prove to Beth that he has put his playboy ways behind him and is ready to take the leap with her and her children and be the man she needs him to be? Find out in this easy-to-read smalltown sports family saga romance "More than The Game" by Jenni Bara.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3tWm6qB

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