Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Slammed - Colleen Hoover

Are you a fan of the "New Adult" genre?
Do you love Poetry ?
Review: Slammed - Book #1 Slammed Series - Colleen Hoover - January 2012
At the moment, it seems that all the awesome books that I have read are in the "New Adult" category as recently I went through a bit of a book reading jam where nothing seemed to work , so I was put onto Andrea Randall's Into the Stillness and loved it. So what I have decided to do was go through my list to read and finally read books that have been sitting on my Ipad and read them . So up first was Colleen Hoover's book "Slammed" the first in a series of three which I have book #2 and book#3 is relesed pretty soon. Like most of the indie authors I have read , I had heard ALOT about this book from the facebook group I belong to called BA as the author is also a member of the group. All I really knew about it was that it contained slam poetry and it was a great book, that's it. So I opened the book and started reading and met the two main characters Layken and Will. Lake as she is known as has just moved with her mum Julia and brother Kel from Texas to Michigan , Will is her hunky next door neighbour who lives with his brother Caulder who turns out to be Kel's age. Lake and Will have an awesome three days then Lake starts school only to discover that the guy she is falling in love with is her English Teacher - total Aria and Ezra Fitz moment here.  Like most books, the two can't really be together and fight it but no matter what happens their love can't keep them apart. The thing though that I loved about this book was that it wasn't just another soppy love story , Will teaches his English class all about Poetry and Slamming and takes them as part of their class assignment to a Slam Night at a club and the students perform their works. This made me tear up as some of the poems read were amazing and heartfelt. Soon Lake's life will be flipped upside down as she learns a dark secret from her mother , will she be able to cope ? In this part, not to give it away. All I will say is I love her brother Kel as he comes up with the most awesome things and he really did make me smile and reminded me of my brother Zach.  The other thing that this book left me thinking was "OMG I so need to go to a Poetry Slam Night now".
So for an awesome read and first glance into the lives of Will and Lake , check out Slammed by Colleen Hoover.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Review: In the Stillness - Andrea Randall

Looking for a new Indie author to discover ?
Wanting another awesome New Adult to read ?
Review: In the Stillness - Andrea Randall - April 2013
When I picked up In the Stillness, I had heard that it was an emotional ride but other than that I did not know what to expect. What I was handed was a young adult called Natalie who is a mother of twin four-year old boys and a stay @ home mother. That is one side of her , the other side touches the reader more deeply and that is Natalie , ten years ago lost the two of the people she cared and loved for most in the world. Her boyfriend's friend Lucas to death and her boyfriend Ryker to PSTD. Both guys were in the National Guard and sent to Afghanistan. This novel is not only your edgy New Adult type read but it is also a look at the Military side of things - the points of view of the wives and girlfriends of soldiers. The past few months for Natalie has been difficult and she has reacted by cutting herself , when things get too bad though - will she this time around reach out to her best girlfriend Tosha for help ? As things get worst , we read as Natalie looks at the big picture of her family and comes to the reality that she is miserable and has only ever loved one man in her whole life - Ryker. When a chance meeting happens between Ryker and Natalie , though it will bring up a bucketload of painful memories . Is this the solution, the cure that Natalie needs to finally be happy ? Will Natalie recieve a second chance at love and life with Ryker or will the thought of having an instant family scare Ryker ?
In the Stillness is a wonderful read and it really gives the readers, an insight on what it is lie to be in love with a soldier or somebody in the military.



Review: Serpent's Kiss - Melissa De La Cruz

Are you a fan of Melissa De La Cruz's books ? Have you read either her Au Pair Series , Wolf Pact Series , Blue Bloods or her Beauchamp Witches ?
If you have read her Witches of the East , then this review is for you as it takes us into the next stages of their lives.
Review: Serpent's Kiss - Book #2 The Beauchamp Family Series - Melissa De La Cruz - June 2012
In book #1 we were introduced to mother Joanna and her two daughters Freya and Ingrid Beauchamp , each with the secret that they were witches. We then meet two brothers Killian and his brother who turned out to be in fact Baldor and Loki. Loki being the "evil one" that we read about in the myths and legends books and think about Jennifer Estep's series Mythos Academy. At the end of Book #1 we saw Freya start a relationship with Killian , Joanne strike a close friendship with next-door neighbour Harold and Ingrid - the librarian strike a friendship with Detective Matt Noble. At the start of Book #2 we see all their hard work going to custard as Joanna's husband Norman re-appears and is someone she has not seen in centuries and he's not the only family member to re-appear Freya's twin brother Freddie who was captured by Loki and placed in Limbo has escaped but wants revenge on who framed him and placed him in limbo and that revenge seems to be aimed towards Freya's boyfriend Killan. Ingrid thinks that she has finally found love but what happens when it is discovered that he doesn't believe in magic - can Ingrid be with someone that doesn't believe that witches are real when it's her true self ?
Discover all this and more when the sleepy town of Gardiner Island is all shaken up with Magic galore.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Wicked Business - Janet Evanovich

Have you read Book #1 in Janet Evanovich's Wicked Series ?
Been following the adventures of Lizzy Tucker and Diesel or maybe you remember Diesel from the Stephanie Plum In-betweeners ?
Review: Wicked Business - Book #2 Lizzy and Diesel Series - Janet Evanovich - June 2012
Did you read and enjoy Janet Evanovich's book "Wicked Appetite" where we met newcomer Lizzy Tucker who had just moved to town to work in a bakery making the most gorgeous sounding cupcakes only to discover she holds a supernatural talent and landed with Diesel - her new supernatural partner , Carl the monkey and Wulf - a bad guy and Diesel's cousin. Lizzy has been paired up with Diesel to find the Seven Stones that represent the Seven Deadly Sins and destroy them otherwise all hell will break out on earth and literally too. In Book #1 we saw Lizzy and Diesel find the Stone of Gluttony and now in Wicked Business the pair must find the Stone of Lust. Though this one is working out a bit harder than the first as the original owner has turned up dead - it looks like suicide to the normal human eye but to Lizzy and Diesel it smells like murder and not by a human either.  With the key in Lizzy's possession it's a race for the clock to retrieve the Stone of Lust before it falls into the wrong hands of Wulf and his renaissance sidekick who dresses like a Shakespeare wannabe.
I personally didn't enjoy this one as much as Wicked Appetite and I am not sure whether to accredit it to the fact that it was a bit slow for my liking or to the fact that I have been reading alot more of Janet Evanovich than I had in the past when I read the first book.

Review:You Look Different in Real Life - Jennifer Castle

Needing a new Teen Novel to read ?
Always on the scour for new books and authors to discover ?
Review: You Look Different in Real Life - Jennifer Castle - June 2013
Have you ever seen those documentaries 7 Up , then 18 Up working its way to 42 Up etc ? They are about a group of children who were documented at each of those ages to see where they had got to in life and it was always the same children in each documentary.
Jennifer Castle's new and upcoming release "You Look Different in Real Life" follows the same idea as it features 5 children who when they were six years old were chosen to be documented for the documentary Five to Six . Then 5 years later a new documentary came out called Five to Eleven and now 5 years later the documentary producers Lance and Leslie are back with a new installment called Five to Sixteen. However alot has happened in the past five years and the fivesome aren't as close as they used to be. We have former best friends Nate and Felix - who fell out over a secret that Felix is harbouring and we see it revealed in this series , Keira whose worst moment was captured on National Television and now everytime someone watches the show or she hears about it - she is struck over and over again with the news of her Mum leaving , Rory and Justine used to be best friends - that was until Rory was "officially" diagnosed with Autism and then they went their separate ways. Now with their lives back for everyone to witness , the five of them will be forced to not only confront each other but expose their fears and what pulled them apart in order to really remember what the word "friendship" meant to them all.
You Look Different in Real Life was a slow novel to read, but it is one of those books that you find yourself entranced with and you want to keep on reading it.
It was like Documentaries Meets Big Brother but High School Version.

VBT# Waiting on Forever - Ashley Wilcox

On the lookout for a new "New Adult" novel to read ?
Love discovering new Indie authors to read ?
Review: Waiting on Forever - Book #2 Forever Series - Ashley Wilcox - April 2013
Waiting on Forever is in a way , a book that you can either read as a stand-alone or in the series as it is a spin-off from Book #1 Planning on Forever . I do suggest that you read Planning on Forever first and then this one as Book #2 does reveal spoilers , but if you are like me and have picked this one up first and rearing to go - then just make sure you check out Book #1.
Waiting on Forever takes us into the atmosphere of college life at SUNY Cortland where upon orientation we meet two totally different people we have Matt Jacobs- a football playing jock who is here on a scholarship and Leah Bennett - a photography major with one thing on her mind , she is at college to get an Education. Leah and Matt couldn't be any different but on that fateful day at orientation, the two struck up a friendship which lead to an online friendship via email and of course due to the fact it's the 23rd century - Facebook.
From there , her relationship with Matt goes from virtually online only to seeing him everyday as he joins her French class . Then the whole experience for Leah totally snowballs as she finds herself wrapped into the world of Football player Matt Jacobs and of course finds herself "his girlfriend".
Leah , though doesn't want to be just another notch on the bedpost and is saving herself for the right one and thinks that Matt may very well be "just another jock".  When Leah meets his friends Colin and Summer, her viewpoint of him changes and will it be for the best or the worst ?
Has Leah finally found her Prince Charming and does the cliched saying "Opposites do attract actually ring bells" with this couple ?
If you are looking for an awesome New Adult novel to get stuck into, then check out the "Forever Series" by Ashley Wilcox.



Review: The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution - Elizabeth Swann

Looking for a recipe book ?
Wanting to learn to eat healthy but in a fun way ?
Review: The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution - Elizabeth Swann - October 2012
Are you looking for a healthy option this coming well Winter for all those down my side of the world but in the States etc a fun and enjoyable way to stay healthy this Summer ?
Brought to you from a licensed Naturopath and Raw Food Expert , author Elizabeth Swann has created just for you "The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution". For all those who are thinking, "oh , this is just another filled recipe book of smoothies" , think again as Elizabeth has included not only recipes of all your favourite green smoothies and to make it more fun she has categorised them into particular sections from Weight Loss Smoothies to De-Stressing Smoothies and Mood Enhancing Green Smoothies. What I liked about this book was that Elizabeth knows her stuff and has included several personal anecdotes in the book about her experience with Green Smoothies and why she choose to target this niche. Another favourite of mine is that she has also included a beauty section with smoothies to help bust that acne and also make yourself a "whole brand new you" and for the alkies in here or those people that still enjoy a happy hour now and again, there is a customisation recipe of a Bloody Mary Green Smoothie.
So if you are wanting a book that will help in ALL aspects of your life and not just sit as another recipe book on your shelf then go forth and check out The New Green Smoothie Diet Solution by Elizabeth Swann.

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