Saturday, September 25, 2021

Review - Isn't It Bromantic ? - Lyssa Kay Adams

Isn't It Bromantic? (Bromance Book Club, #4)

Review: Isn't It Bromantic ? - Book #4 The Bromance Book Club - Lyssa Kay Adams - July 2021

Ever since I discovered this series, I have been holding my breath and hoping we would get a book from The Russian aka Vlad, and his story. He is my favorite character as he is not only a big softie hockey player but he has a romantic side and he is freaking hilarious. The book starts with his wife Elena coming to a wedding and letting him know, she is going back to Siberia and leaving him. For Vlad, though he has always loved Elena but been a bit of a blockhead and has not done anything physical about it. He has given her space, hoping it would please her but instead it has driven a wedge between the pair who were once inseparable and best friends. Vlad would do anything for Elena, which is why he is letting her free despite his heartbreaking. However, when Vlad is injured - Elena puts her plans on hold to help Vlad and will discover another side of him she never saw and while she helps and gets to know his friends, Vlad's friends will help him to save Elena from making a mistake and returning home. Now it's Vlad's turn to put to use the things he has learned from romance books and win Elena's heart. The other thing that I loved about this book besides The Cheese Man which I was like OMG I want a Cheese Man as I adore my cheeses was the book within the book called Promise Me which Vlad is writing. This side reminded me of Paperback Hero where Hugh Jackman was a truck driver and man's man but had a romantic side where he wrote Romance novels, Vlad reminded me of that character.  If you love contemporary romances and fun romantic comedies with a sports side, then check out The Bromance Book Club series by Lyssa Kay Adams as you will not be disappointed.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3m1OTXz

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