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Audrey and the Hero Upstairs Release Blitz with R. Linda.

Title: Audrey and the Hero Upstairs Author: R. Linda Genre: NA Contemporary Romance Editor: Lori Whitwam Publisher: Limitless Publishing Publication Date: July 31 st , 2018 Hosted by:  Lady Amber's PR Blurb: My road to recovery began with Brody—the man who saved my life. Without his courage and determination, I’d have died in the fire that took the lives of my entire family. If that’s not a hero, I don’t know what is. Brody has been by my side every step…but the emotional scars are as crippling as the physical ones, even if they’re harder to see. The anxiety of being around people, seeing their disgust, feeling their pity—I’m not sure I can handle it. Maybe it’s wrong, but feelings are developing between us, leading to stolen glances and sneaky kisses. The problem is I’m not quite eighteen, he’s twenty-five, and we’re living under someone else’s roof. It would be so much simpler with someone my own age, like Bennett, the hottest guy in school. How c

RELEASE BLITZ - At Midnight by Blair Babylon

Title: At Midnight Series: Runaway Princess: Flicka #4 Author: Blair Babylon Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: July 31, 2018 Blurb When is a rescue not a rescue? When it’s a kidnapping. Flicka and Dieter, whose real name is Raphael Mirabaud, tried to escape her ex-husband’s Secret Service and army, but they couldn’t. Dozens of military personnel, maybe hundreds, surrounded them, trying to kidnap Flicka. The only way out was with mercenaries hired by Raphael’s father. But Raphael’s father has other plans for them, plans that would force Raphael to go back to a destiny he tried to leave behind, and his father will hold Flicka and Alina hostage and threaten their lives to make him do it. The story gets darker, AT MIDNIGHT. ADD TO GOODREADS Purchase Links AMAZON  US  /  UK  /  CA  /  AU B&N  /  KOBO  /  iBOOKS GOOGLE PLAY Also Available AMAZON  US  /  UK  /  CA  /  AU B&N  /  KOBO  /  iBOOKS GOO

Blog Tour Handle With Care by Nina Croft

“Heat, heart and plenty of happy sighs.” -- Avery Flynn, USA Today bestselling author Handle with Care , an all-new sexy and emotional second chance romance from Nina Croft is AVAILABLE NOW! Synopsis What if all you want is the one thing you can’t have? First-grade teacher Emily Towson always does the right thing. The sensible thing. But in her dreams, she does bad, bad things with the town’s baddest boy: Tanner O’Connor. But when he sells her grandmother a Harley, fantasy is about to meet a dose of reality. And then he goes and calls her “sensible” ... Tanner can’t believe sweet Emily is standing in his shop. Yelling and waving her hands and looking so god damn sexy he’s having trouble focusing. He’d spent two hard years in prison, with only the thought of this “good girl” to keep him sane. He really should send her away... Before either one thinks though, they’re naked and making memories on his tool bench with apparently the oldest condom in history. Now Tann

COVER REVEAL - A Kiss To Tell by Willow Winters

Title: A Kiss to Tell Author: Willow Winters Genre: Romantic Suspense Cover Design: Cover Me Darling Photo: Regina Wamba Models: Alex & Cherry Release Date: August 14, 2018 Blurb I didn’t need anyone to tell me, I knew he was forbidden with a single glance. He was a boy I should be afraid of and definitely a boy I should never want. No matter how much neither of those statements were true. From the first time I saw him, Sebastian had a hard stare that pinned me in place.  And, years later, it hasn’t softened. We lived on the same street, went to the same school, though he was a year ahead.  Even so close, he was untouchable. He was bad news and I was the sad girl who didn’t belong. One night changed everything.  We both had secrets.  We both saw the pain in each other’s eyes.  That gaze that gave me chills, turned to a lust-filled haze that heated every inch of me.  But that didn’t change who he was.  A man who would take every

RELEASE BOOST - The Hawks by SD Hendrickson

Title: The Hawks Author: S D Hendrickson Genre: Romantic Suspense/Family Drama/New Adult Cover Design: SD Hendrickson  Release Date: July 26, 2018 Blurb “Sultry summer of suspense that leads to the fall of a powerful family ” He warned me. Said hawks were dangerous birds. Their majestic beauty could blind your eyes as they picked the flesh from your bones. But even hawks have enemies. And they eventually came for the Hawthorn family. Held us hostage. Demanded retribution. But I wasn’t a Hawthorn. No, I was just the help. Caught in the turmoil of a tragic family. I worked hard for Delsey Hawthorn. Tried to earn the respect of the reigning tyrant. Assistant. Event planner. Gardner. Chauffeur. I added it all to my resume. And then I met Javier Hawthorn. Delsey ordered me to stay away from her grandson. But like a moth to a burning flame, I gravitated toward him. He was so different than my world. Irresistible. Charmin


Until We Are Gone, an all-new Standalone Emotional Romance by Gia Riley is NOW LIVE!! I wanted a family with Cash. We had dreams –building a house, kids, a dog, and, yes, even the white picket fence. Or so I’m told. I don’t remember anything about my husband. Not the wedding or the vows we shared. The past ten years were erased and with time, they’re supposed to come back. But this isn’t your typical case of amnesia What if I’m not supposed to remember? What if I was meant to forget? Maybe I don’t want my old life back. Because if the accident hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have uncovered the truth. Losing my memory wasn’t tragic. Losing my memory was fate.  Grab Your Copy Today! Free in Kindle Unlimited A mazon US – Amazon Universal - Goodreads Link - About Gia Riley Author Gia Riley has been in love with writing romance since high school when she took her v