Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday - Chracters as Best Friends

                  Today's Top Ten is the Top Ten Characters you would like as your best friends :

  1. Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries- Then she can introduce me to the Hottie Damon Salvatore :
  2. Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood Series - Though she'd know what you were always thinking she is the type of friend that would do anything to save another friend.
  3. Jane from Sunday at Tiffany's - She just seems overall the type of person I could get on great with.
  4. Hanna, Aria , Spencer and Emily from Pretty Little Liars - They would make a good group of friends Minus the A Part .
  5. Alex Cross - James Patterson Series "Alex Cross" - He just seems like a good older guy who would always make sure you were safe and would make a great mentor in the law enforcement.
  6. Cinderella - As she always seems like she needs a friend and a helping hand.
  7. Serena , Blair, Nate, Dan, Chuck, Jenny and Eric - The crowd of Gossip Girl  as they always seem to have fun and know how to have a good time - minus the backstabbing part.
  8. Rory Gilmore - Gilmore Girls - technically its a movie character , but there has been a book series written about them as the character Rory and I have alot in common.
  9. Andrea Sachs - Devil Wears Prada - also a movie and a book by Lauren Weisberger as I am into Journalism like Andrea and think that we would get on well together.
  10. Maisie, Dylan, Alicia and Kristen from The Clique by Lisi Harrison - I would love to be a part of their popular Clique .

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelias - Susan Hanniford Crowley

                  In for another sweet Vampire treat with author Susan Hanniford Crowley.

                                                           The Stormy Love Life of Laura Cordelia - 2009       

From the cover , you expect this to be another usual Vampire tale , but as you get into it from the very first page, we know that it definitely won't be as life has gotten tough for main character Laura Cordelia. Her husband to be has left her for another women and now her mother has passed away and she is alone in her life. However, they do say things happen in threes- So when Laura decides to jump off a bridge one night and end her life , she is rescued by Vampire David Hilliard. The novel then jumps to one year later and Laura and David are arguing and things aren't exactly working out for this Vampire couple. One night Laura is offered a way out of her Vampire deal A) to kill her maker - David or B) to disown all Vampires for the rest of her life. Can Laura make the hard decision to go from Vampire to human and regain her old life back or will her heartstrings be tugged as she rediscovers her feelings for David ? What will happen to Laura when she discovers that her mother wasn't entirely human but a Telikon - A Stormmaker and that Laura has inherited the gift or curse depending which way she wants to look at it . Can Laura handle being a vampire and now a telikon or will she succumb to losing everything in order to wipe the last year or will she live happily ever after in a stormy relationship with David ?.

For More Information head to Susan Crowley Hanniford's Website

The Hollow and The Haunted- Jessica Verday

Remember the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving , if not then the movie with Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci.
The Haunted is book #2 of the series - The Hollow also the title of the first book by Jessica Verday which has a modern loose take on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - one of my favourite Halloween reads.

                                                         Hollow, The
Synopsis - The Hollow - Jessica Verday - 2009 - Review Piece featured originally on                                                          www.paulazone.blogdrive.com

The Hollow by Jessica Verday (2009)"Sometimes Love knows no boundaries"

Set in the town of the wonderful author Washington Irvine , creator of the tale "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" . This story surrounds the tale of Abbey who has just lost her friend in a tragic accident her best friend and only friend Kristen Maxwell. Dealing with her grief , Abbey decides to spend her days at her friends gravesite buried in The Sleepy Hollow Cemetry. Their she meets a handsome boy named Caspian Crane whom Abbey falls in love with. Along the way she also makes friends with the old Caretaker Nicholas and his wife Kat. However both sets of Abbey's new friends have an very unusual past and an eeirly resemblance to the characters in Washington Irvine's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow". Is Abbey losing her mind and going crazy with grief or is their something very unusual happening at her local cemetry?

The Haunted (The Hollow, Book 2)

Review : The Haunted - Book #2 - The Hollow Series - Jessica Verday -August 2010
In some ways I was excited to be able to read The Haunted as I had loved The Hollow and wanted to see whether they had discovered who D was and what the outcome of Abbey's visions were ?
In The Haunted we are taken to Abbey's Aunt Marjorie's where she has spent the summer with her therapist , trying to get rid and think that the images and people she saw Caspian, Nikolas and Katy weren't real, it was all in her imagination. Now back home , we watch the town gather for a memorial and bridge reconstruction for Kirsten Maxwell - Abbey's best friend. As the story progresses we see Abbey developing a friendship with Ben and getting back into the habit of making her perfumes ( which I loved - all the different flavours and you can imagine the glorious smells) whilst reading the book. However, her friends are not done with her as we see Caspian re-appear and we realise that Abbey and Caspian's love for each other is so strong that it can break the realms of normalancy and we see the re-apperances of Nikolas - the original Headless Horseman and his wife Katy with her famous peppermint tea. We also discover what the D stood for in Kirsten diaries and Abbey is one step closer to discovering who Kirsten's secret boyfriend was and what will happen when Abbey realises that Kirsten wasn't the only one on the bridge that night ?.  In places , I really enjoyed this story , reuniting with loved characters but in other parts I found the story to be a bit slow and weak.
Though , I have to admit that when I read that their was to be a book three , I can't wait to read it and complete the trilogy.

Girl Saves Boy - Steph Bowe

I always find myself admiring people who have the ability to write such amazing stories and be published at such a young age , as for myself - I'm not exactly the creative writer type but I find myself able to write lengths etc if I have a topic to structure myself around -which though in a way , that's what novelists do, so maybe there is still hope for me one day. Until then, I'll stick to my writing book reviews and assignments. The author of today's book is 16 years old and has just had her first book published :) and as I was reading it , I was like WOW - you wouldn't even guess that the person who wrote this was young.

                                                              Girl Saves Boy

Review : Girl Saves Boy- Steph Bowe - August 2010

Girl- Jewel Valentine didn't expect that in her first days back since she was eight years old , she'd have to jump into the lake that her brother drowned in eight years ago when he was ten years old. Jewel Valentine didn't have a choice in coming back as after living with her grandparents from 8-16 yrs old , they had finally passed away and now Jewel is back living with the mother who didn't want her after her brother passed away.
Boy- Sacha Thomas's life hasn't been easy either , growing up with a terminal illness and his mother dead - after passing away with anorexia. Sacha has moved into his dad's -the dad who never really was there for him and his mother. To make matters worse , his dad has got a new partner - his art teacher Mr. Carr. All he wants to do is disappear to the other side ,where nothing that is happening on earth matters anymore.
Soon we read as Jewel and Sacha have a mutual friend True Grisham , and soon the two who definitely have both their more than fair share of problems strike up a relationship and what begins is a friendship that crosses over the relationship line , a habit of stealing garden gnomes and laughter, tears and a whole array of emotions.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book

                                                               Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book

                          Synopsis : Yves St Laurent Colouring Book - November 2010

Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) founded the eponymous fashion brand in 1961; he is one of the greatest couture names of the late 20th century. His revolutionary designs have inspired many pieces of clothing and the house of YSL managed to single-handedly bring couture back. He was an extraordinarily creative man and has been celebrated as one of the most influetntial designers of our time.

This stylish colouring book containing unpublished designs takes you on a journey through the marvellous, creative and revolutionary mind of Yves Saint Laurent. We are given a glimpse of his inspirations, from art and entertainment to countries and culture, alongside his unseen sketches. This is a unique couture colouring book, and is the perfect accessory for the fashion conscious.

This colouring book is the perfect present for anybody wanting to study fashion and design , with pictures of Yves Saint Laurent's outfits then places to create your own colours, styles etc using blank copies of his sketches. It is also great for that budding artist within all of us. Would make a great stocking stuffer.

A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb

Today's featured book contains ghosts - though these ghosts are not what we have sensed before -these ghosts attach themselves to hosts, they remind me a little bit of the "shadows" in Season Five of Ghost Whisperer.

                                                         A Certain Slant of Light

                  Review: A Certain Slant of Light - Laura Whitcomb - September 2005

Grabbing this book , I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but as I am about to show you - being a judge by the cover type person isn't all its cracked up to be as sometimes more often than not it can lead us to pick up a book that looks extremely good but fails to amaze you. However , in some aspects overall I was impressed with A Certain Slant of Light as I think this was due to that I had heard nothing about it, so I didn't have any strong expectations of the story.
In a Certain Slant of Light we are presented with a ghostly figure called Helen , whom can't cross over due to the sin or bad things that they had done when they were alive , each"light being" in this novel attaches themselves to a host, somebody that they can be around and often than not they are drawn to hosts that like the same things they do for Helen -she is attached to a literature professor at the University known as Mr. Brown. I quite enjoyed the character of Helen as her passion for literature shines through the story. Helen has gotten quite used to being invisible , so when a student one day can see her -she wants to find out more, as the story goes on it's realised that the boy is actually dead and another light being is inhabiting the body. This causes Helen to reconsider everything she has ever known. Is this the reason she has been on earth for so long , has she found a way to truly let Mr. Brown know she exists ? As the story progresses we see Helen's feelings and emotions shift from Mr. Brown to Billy aka James , can these two light beings be together or will the fact of body inhabiting get in their way?
A Certain slant of Light will be a good read for those who are fans of Ghost Whisperer as whilst reading this book, I found the plot and storyline to have similarities.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Vampire For Christmas - Susan Hanniford Crowley

Coming up to Christmas , I thought I would read a Christmas tale and what better to read than one with a Vampire in it.


                Review :A Vampire For Christmas - Susan Hanniford Crowley - December 2009

All I want for Christmas is A Vampire - Hmmm imagine waking up and receiving for Christmas your very own hunky vampire lover. For Georgia , this years Christmas was going to be a struggle to make ends meet as she had been laid off her main source of income and down to her last savings of pennies and barely making enough from her part-time job at the Donut Haven. The other thing on Georgia's Christmas wish-list and letter to Santa Claus, is the gorgeous expensive coat in the window of her favourite shop, if only she could afford it , she would snatch it up right on the spot.
Meet Trevor, he's the Vampire and he seems to have his eye on Georgia to become his life-mate for eternal . Though unlike many of the other Vampires Ive read about Trevor isn't that good around the meeting the ladies and introducing himself and Georgia starts to think of him as a Stalker. When the do finally meet, its love at first sight -however Trevor has the job of telling her what he is and what she actually is and that somebody is after her . Will Georgia think that Trevor is crazy or when bad things start happening, will she realise it is the truth? Can Georgia cope with the discovery of who she really is or is dating a Vampire just enough?
Find out more in this fast-paced novel of all I want is "A Vampire for Christmas" by Susan Hanniford Crowley.

VBT# Debbie Patten

                                                                  Hearts Without Knowledge: How to Be Free & Made Whole in Your Life

Today on the site , we have author "Debbie Patten" and her book "Hearts without Knowledge". For readers, today we have an blurb of her book and for those who wish to get to know the lady behind the book we have a short Bio and an Interview with the lovely Debbie Patten herself.

Synopsis of Hearts without Knowledge : How to Be Free and Made Whole In Your Life - November 2009

Is your heart free?

Are you battling anger, fear, jealousy, lust, addictions, depression, or judgments? Are you asking yourself why you can't stop this madness? Is your family a mess? Do you think you have to fix them? Do you want to be healthy in your body and live in peace? Do you know God has a destiny for your life? Do you know you can trust God even though you can't see Him? Do you want to know who this Jesus is? In Hearts Without Knowledge, Debbie exposes her complete past as she reveals how God picked her up and totally transformed her life after eighteen years of drug and alcohol addiction. Now filled with a great passion, her heart's desire is for others to know they can also be set free, for he who the Son sets free IS free indeed.

Bio of Debbie Patten :

My whole life I have been an artist. When I was very young I wrotepoetry but never published it. As I grew older new gifts have arrived to my surprise,and the power to share from my heart.

Interview with the Author : Debbie Patten:

1) Q. What inspired you to write your book

A. God.

2) Q. What was it that made you choose the genre?

 A. After excepting Jesus Christ into my life, the journey of my life began. After a few years of restoration God instructed me to write a book.

3) Q. Is there anything of you in your characters?

A. Yes, My testimony encircles the book. As I look around and see so  many people with heart issues, it breaks my heart, so I combined my experiences and how I was restored and how to be free and have great  peace.

4) Q. Has your character or writing been inspired by friends/ family?

 A. Yes, because my family has had many of the same issues.

5) Q. How did your book deal come about?

 A. I began researching the idea of self publishing. Lack of funds made it difficult for me as it does for many. I found Publish America online and they received my manuscript.

 6) Q. What are you working on now?

A. I have a few things and of course several books in my head. I have started on the next book titled "Transparent Jewel" how to believe for your  man of God. I am also working on Christian childrens book titled "Wiley the Chipmunk". Formatting childrens books seems to be a challenge.

7) Q. How have you enjoyed doing publicity?

A. It has been an exciting adventure. There is so much to learn everyday.

 8) Q. Have you previously written anything?

A. Only personal poetry. I have a box full. Maybe I should get them out. I could be sitting on some jewels there.

 9) Q. How long does it take you to write each book?

 A. My first book took a year. I did not have a clue what I was doing.God literally led me through the entire book.

 10) Q. Which come first for you characters or plot?

 A. In my book the characters are all combined in with what was, what is and what is going to be.

 11) Q. How did you get into writing? Did you always want to become a writer?

A. I knew nothing about writing only art. I am super right brained so shapes and colors is all I wanted to do. As my love for the Lord Jesus Christ grew, my heart shifted toward helping others be healed in their hearts from issues in their lives. I am still creating art and jewelry when I can.

12) Q. If you had to have dinner with 3 famous people dead/alive, who would you choose?

 A. First of all, Jesus Christ. I would have many questions for Him & a big hug around the neck. Also maybe a couple of famous artist of the past. Id like to pick their brains.

13) Q.What's you favorite vacation spot in the world?

 A. At this point of my life the grand canyon was breath taking. There  are many more places I want to go.

 14) Q. What is your goals for 2010?

A. To promote "Hearts Without Knowledge", to finish "Transparent Jewel". I also want to become more involved in helping women who have been through hurtful times in their lives.

15) Q. What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

A. First and formost, Listen to the small voice inside that is pulling and telling them to do great things, and don't listen to the loud voice inside that's telling them they can't do great things.

16) Q. To finish off. Do you have a favorite quote from any of your books?

A. Yes, in Hearts Without Knowledge, I say what the Word of God says, He whom the Son sets free IS free indeed. If He did it for me, He will do it for you.

My book can be purchased at http://www.publishamerica.com/  , http://www.amazon.com/http://www.barnesandnoble.com/ , and of course from me. I am working on my website so an if I receive an email for a book I can also sign it and mail it.
My email is debbiepatten7@yahoo.com

Calling all the Sisterhood of the Scrapbookers

Today's read not only celebrates the love of Scrapbooking but it also welcomes my new Rating System - The Phantom Paragrapher's Fiery "P" 's .

                                                                  A Page Out of Life

                                          Review : A Page out of Life - Kathleen Reid - April 2008

Are you a fan of Scrapbooking, created numerous albums and wasted hundreds of dollars on Scrapbooking equipment, embellishments, paper and stickers like myself ? If so , then I welcome you to the fellow Sisterhood of the Scrapbookers. The sisterhood motto is "For every photo taken, their is a million ways to use it and present it in a scrapbook". Myself, I have made two scrapbooks - A wedding one for my parents 20th Wedding Anniversary a few years back and I am halfway through a scrapbook of all photos of moi.

In A Page out of Life by Kathleen Reid ,we are transported into the lives of four women as we watch them transform out of their little group of scrapbookers. The main character of the story is Ashley , a mother of four and the daughter of a supermodel and news presenter/journalist . Feeling frumpy and awful , she decides that it is time to re-invent herself and start enjoying the things she loved when she was younger . Her friend, Megan invites her along to her Scrapbooking group and from that moment we read as Ashley starts discovering not only herself but things about her past and present that may not be exactly what she wanted to hear -but it may be for the best. Other's in the group that A Page out of Life focuses on is Tara , the youngest out of the group - a grad student and the only one whose not married with kids, she dreams of love but with an absentee father who will bring a twist in the novel - is her dreams of hope and love dashed or will she find Mr. Right in the least expected places with the least expected man and Libby , a grandmother and semi-retired teacher, she thought it was her turn to rest but what will happen when her son is questioned for company fraud , how will Libby cope when her perfect family world is turned completely upside down and inside out ? It's times like these, that brings out the true meaning of the Sisterhood of the Scrapbookers.

Rating :

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