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Review: Lincoln Hospital - Cassia Brightmore

Lincoln Hospital (Trauma, #1)

Review: Lincoln Hospital - Book #1 Trauma Series - Cassia Brightmore - March 2016

What do you get if you were to set the series of Dexter in a hospital? You would get Lincoln Hospital featuring Dr. Cian O'Reilly.  After reading romance, you get bored with it if you are like me and for me, my go-to books are Mysteries and Dark Fiction. This series I have had sitting on my kindle for about a year now.  On May 23rd Dr. O'Reilly suffered a horrible tragedy which led to death, and for Dr. O'Reilly it opened something in him. The need for justice. On the 23rd of every month with a select team of fellow vigilantes - doing this for their reasons, they do a Dexter and kill the ones that get off but are guilty AF. What better way to do this than in a hospital where the murders can look like medical accidents? Three stories are paralleling in Lincoln Hospital. You have the introductions to the new round of interns including one Athena Payne who will also become a possible love interest for Cian O'Reilly. You have Cian and his 23rd of the month murders, and then you also have a duo which later looks like a third person involvement Serial Killer team who are abducting and sexually abusing/torturing females in their late teens the to mid-twenties. I have to admit the ending which was a major cliffhanger left me going OMFG with that last page, so much that the last line I had to re-read a few times to wrap my head around it. It took me by surprise. So much that I now can't wait to read Book #2 Flatline.  If you loved Serial Killers, Medical Books, Mystery and Dark Fiction and was a fan of Jeff Lindsay's character Dexter, then you will feel right at home with Cassia Brightmore's Trauma series.

Review: #Nerd - Cambria Hebert

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#Nerd (Hashtag, #1)

Review: #Nerd - Book #1 Hashtag Series - Cambria Hebert - November 2014

I have been going lately while on break, through my Kindle and reading old books; most seem to have been 2014 reads. I have had this whole series sitting on my Kindle/Ipad to read and figured I should get started. As someone who identifies themselves as a # Nerd, I was drawn to this book as I love geeky characters. Rimmel is a scholarship student studying to become a Vet, when she is asked and told it is a scholarship requirement to tutor the school's star Football player Roman aka Romeo. Romeo is your typical footballer with bad grades and always scoring girls, partying and having fun. The pair is an unlikely match, but as time goes by, Romeo starts actually to develop feelings for Rimmel. What will happen though when Romeo is rushing a top fraternity and the goal to get in - is to sleep with a chick they choose and take your picture, the morning after. Rimmel has been chosen for Romeo. He can't make a one night stand with her though as she is not that type of girl. She is one of the good ones, not the type to chuck herself at any random fellow. As the book goes along, we see a change in Romeo and Rimmel opens up. Which will Romeo choose? Will he choose the fraternity or Rimmel when it comes to the crunch? Find out in this #CinderellaStory where #Nerd meets #Jock and #FallInLove.  Stay tuned as I move on to reading #Hater - Book #2.

Review: Lovechild - M.K Ritter


Review: Lovechild - Book #1 Lovechild Series - M.K Ritter - April 2014

I was in the mood for a high school novel and thought that this one sounded interesting as it also had the main character going into a sort of witness protection programme. Lovechild starts with Blakely Bennett discovering that she is in fact adopted and the child of celebrities Mason and Sophia. This has been a shock to Blakely as she never thought she would be adopted. To make matters worst though, Blakely is now the target of a stalker who wants Mason and will kill everyone who stands in their way which now includes Mason's newfound daughter. Blakely is put into a whirlwind and sent to Eastbrooke Academy where she is given a new surname and sent to a private school that is hidden away. Once Blakely arrives, she meets Slade who happens to be a hottie. However, Blakely is about to be at the end of the Ice Queen's wrath as Slade is her ex-boyfriend.  I have to admit, I hated this part of the book, and I had been hoping to enjoy it, but it was like as soon as she arrived - she went immediately into this crazed love teen, and all the boys wanted her. I also hated the character of Rhys as the way he pursued Blakely and acted around her was total overkill and I found all the kids at this school to be too dramatic, and all they were interested in was hooking up with one another and partying and playing with each other's feelings. Then near the end, Blakely receives a note about the stalker and how he's harmed her Dad. This was a big moment, and I was like OMG, but it felt so minimal and played down in the book. It was almost like my high school life is more important than finding out my Dad has been killed by a stalker.  I am now in two minds about reading Book #2 as I want to see how it finishes but also not sure if I can handle more of the petty drama and angst of the teens.

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Review: Tempting Fate - Brinda Berry

Tempting Fate (Serendipity, #2)

Review: Tempting Fate - Book #2 Serendipity Novel - Brinda Berry - October 2014
Fate has a funny way of putting people together. For Collin, who hasn't been exactly Mr. Sunshine after the girl Raquel he was going to marry cheated on him - this day will be one of his worst but also the start of something amazing. This morning on his way to work, Colin was hit from behind and his car damaged. He got out and wanted to call the cops, but the girl Veronica was shaken and wanted no cops involved. He let it go reluctantly after she sped away. Later he saw her on the side of the road hitchhiking and fearing a storm coming on, he picks her up and takes her to the nearest bus station. One thing leads to another, and it's clear she has nowhere to go, so Collin being the "nice guy" takes her to his house where he lives with two friends and offers her a place to stay.  Veronica is running away from an abusive ex who has threatened her family and if she's not careful - her life may be in danger. During her time, Collin introduces Veronica to Mal and Ace ( from the first book), and soon the three of them welcome Veronica into their circle of friends.  Can Veronica see herself staying here long-term? What will happen though when her ex, nicknamed Satan tracks her down and tells her Gunner is in trouble? Veronica must head home to confront her past and save her brother, what if it's a trap though and Veronica is walking into her own grave? Can Collin save Veronica and prove to her that he loves her and wants to care for her and that she no longer has to worry about her ex? Find out in Tempting Fate by Brinda Berry. A New Adult Romance with a touch of edgy as it does involve domestic abuse violence.

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