VBT# Triumphant Tails of Rescue Dogs : Punk's Plight - Dr. Hope Walter

The Triumphant Tails of Rescue Dogs: Punk’s Plight

Review: Triumphant Tails of Rescue Dogs: Punk's Plight - Dr. Hope A Walter - August 2021

Anyone who loves dogs or cute animals, in general, will love this read from Dr. Walter as Hope has created a cute story of a rescue dog's journey. In this picture book, we meet a dog named Punk who starts with a great family but as he gets older and the family ends up going through hardship, poor Punk'n starts to get neglected, and soon he isn't the happy and healthy dog he was, to begin with. That is until he ends up being rescued by a guy who owns a dog rescue home. Here he gives Punk'n a new name aka Punk and starts to feed him and bring him out of his shell once again and restore Punk to the happy, friendly, and healthy dog he was before being neglected. This inspires Punk that maybe there is another family out there who will love him and treat him nicely and he can become another family's lovable pet.
Triumphant Tails was a very happy story about animal rescue sanctuaries and the good work they do. Reading this book made me think of my partner's Nana as she is a cat person and over the nearly 20 years, I have known her she has taken what she can in and those she can't she has taken to the SPCA to be nurtured and rehabilitated.  Triumphant Tails can be an emotional read and could trigger some sadness and emotions, so bear this in mind when reading it to your children - however, this is the perfect read for children aged 6-10 years old.



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