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Bethany James - My Personal Bad Boy - Release Blitz

Title: My Personal Bad Boy
Author: Bethany James
Release Date: Sept 30, 2016
I’m searching for wingman or woman. I’m seeking corruption and I want you to be my guide. I’m average, from my average height, to my average weight, to my average hair and my average clothes. I spent New Year’s babysitting when I wanted to be anywhere else.
I want a tattoo or maybe a piercing. I want to kiss a girl and have a one-night stand, not necessarily in that order. I’m not a virgin but I may as well be. I want to experiment and gain experience. I’m sick of being the wallflower. I want to be so confident with myself and my sexuality that when I walk into a room head’s turn. Most of all, I want to live.
Reply to this message if you think you have what it takes.
Bethany James was born and raised Florida, currently residing in Tampa. When she isn’t writing you can most likely find her with her nose buried in a book.

Book Blitz : Love's True Home - Rebecca Nightsong


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Secrets. Redemption. Love’s second-chance. Hard-driving real-estate developer Lauren Rolphe returns to her hometown of Looking Glass Lake, ready to revitalize the area and receive a hero’s welcome for her troubles. Practical-joker Matthew Paycoach is the town’s most loyal and influential citizen…and the Looking Glass Lake’s most charming cowboy. But even his easy-going smile can’t mask the pain Lauren caused when she dumped him and left town without a goodbye nine years ago. As they war over the town’s future, Looking Glass Lake’s most notorious matchmakers jump into the fray. Matt quickly loses the battle to protect his heart, and Lauren is overwhelmed by sweet memories and longings she has tried so desperately to forget. But when a secret surfaces and the past comes back to haunt them, Matt and Lauren must learn how to let go and trust God…or lose love’s true home forever. Love’s True Home is Book 1 in the Looking Glass Lake series of contemporary Christian romance. If you like sweet and clean love stories with quirky characters that get you laughing, then you’ll love Rebecca Nightsong’s world of imperfect people who dare to put their faith and love in action. Saddle up and enter cowboy country to start this sweet love story today!

Excerpt One...

“Don't look so worried,” Matt said. “I've heard the mayor of this place is really quite reasonable.” He leaned forward, a teasing glint in his eye. “I've also heard he has quite the crush on you, so he might entertain a low offer. As long as it's within reason, of course.” Lauren couldn't look at him. Today, she didn't have it in her to flirt. And her foggy brain refused to give her the right words to tell him how bad it really was. But she had to try one more time. “The structural damage is a lot worse than I thought, too,” she said. “Which means the entire project might take a lot longer than anticipated.” Matt laughed, and she looked up at him in surprise. “That's the best news I've heard all day,” he said. “It means you'll be in town longer.” He leaned down and kissed her, his lips lingering on hers. Lauren gave up then, and reached her hands up around his neck, kissing him back. Kisses like that made her realize how badly she wanted to stay here. Kisses like that almost made her forget about the numbers and the balance sheets and the return on investment. Kisses like that pushed back the pain of so many losses and brought a whisper of hope. They made her vision blur and her heart beat faster, and then instead of seeing the world through numbers, she saw it through his eyes. Through his eyes, this was a priceless historical building, with so much sentimental value to the town and the state. And to Matt. Maybe even to her, just because it mattered to Matt and Looking Glass Lake so much. Which meant that those kisses must really be messing with her heart. And maybe her head. Because between head and heart, she wasn't sure anymore which direction she was headed.loves-true-home-christian-romance

Excerpt Two...

“What I have a problem with,” Lauren spat, “is you taking advantage of your star power to control a whole town. They can't even think for themselves. They're too busy falling all over you.” Thwap. Matt sunk a nail into the wood with his nail gun before he turned and looked at her. “Maybe that's why you left town nine years ago.” “This isn't about me leaving. And anyway, that makes no sense.” He came down the ladder and laid his nail gun on the granite counter top. He stepped entirely too close to her. Golden flecks in his navy eyes sent a zing up her spine, and the fresh cedar of his aftershave throttled her heart rate. She took a shaky breath. “Let me clarify, then,” he said, his voice low. “Maybe you left because you were afraid you were falling for me.” She laughed. “Falling for you?” Whew. Just when she thought those memories would sweep her back up in their arms, he said something like that. Something that slapped her upside the head with reality. “Matthew Paycoach, you made certain a long time ago that I would never fall for you again, not in a million years.” His teeth gleamed in a wicked smile. “I can still get you riled up.” She smoothed her skirt and sniffed. “Stupidity gets me riled up.” He laughed. “You sure look pretty when you're mad,” he said. He reached out and touched her chin, turning her face up gently. “And that lipstick color is very....” His lips curled into an amused smile. “Very noticeable.” She scowled, and her hands flew to burning cheeks. She'd forgotten about the makeup. She was serious, and he treated her like a joke. The whole town had treated her like a joke. All along, she'd been the fool. Well, that was about to change. “I didn't come here to talk about the past.” She jerked her face away and swung her briefcase onto the counter. “Then you'd better change your plans.” Matt planted his feet wide apart and rested his thumbs on his tool belt. “Or what? You'll pull your nail gun, and we'll have a shootout at the OK Corral?” She snapped her briefcase open and pulled out a file. She tapped the corner of the file against his chest. “Look, Matt. This isn't personal. It's business. Enough with the practical jokes. Why can't you put resentments aside and get down to business? Looking Glass Lake needs me, whether you admit it or not. And the Glass Slipper Resort is the only thing that will save this town. And the only thing that will save the Glass Slipper Resort is my boss and his plans to renovate.” She spread the specs out on the counter, but he didn’t even glance at them. He folded his arms, and they engaged in a stare down. She knew the good, the bad, and the ugly about this man. Even a lonely Native flute call and a tumbleweed blowing through on a dry wind wouldn’t shake her focus. He was going down. She tapped her fingers against the counter top. Make your move, cowboy.


Meet The Author...

Rebecca Nightsong grew up under the wide-open skies of Idaho, where she spent long days in fluffy petticoats and lace, chasing geese and riding goats (since sadly, she had no horses). As a bossy sister in a large family of all boys, she may or may not be guilty of making her 3 year old brother lie down on a hard strip of lumber in the middle of the pasture to take a pretend nap when playing “pioneer families.” Today, Rebecca lives with her husband, who is a constant source of inspiration. She spends her time in her quirky fictional world of Looking Glass Lake, bossing around characters who frequently boss back. You can find her at: www.rebeccanightsong.com
Buy book: getbook.at/lovestruehome Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rebeccanightsong/ Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/rjnightsong Twitter: http://twitter.com/Rjnightsong

The Panther Moon by Beth Trissel - Release Day Blitz

Tour Graphic
We are so excited to bring you the release of THE PANTHER MOON, the third installment of The Secret Warrior Series by Beth Trissel. The Panther Moon continues on the story of our endearing heroine Morgan Daniel as she embarks on another adventure in this thrilling and action-packed novel guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seats.
The Panther Moon is available now at:
Amazon (Kindle) | Barnes & Noble (Nook).
Note: For a better and more enjoyable reading experience, it is highly recommended to read the first two books of The Secret Warrior Series first. Details below.
The Panther Moon Cover

About The Panther Moon

Series: The Secret Warrior, Book 3
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
- - - - -
Being the seventh Morcant has its perks: Morgan is learning to fly and wield magical blue fire.
But the coyote shifters are growing bolder. Mateo and his panthers seem impossible to defeat. And vampires aren't real – are they?
When the elusive and enigmatic Chief Okema disappears and the wards protecting the Wapicoli territory falter, Morgan and Jackson are forced into the role of leaders. Badly outnumbered and outgunned, do they have time to search for the secret of the Divining Tree, and will it help them in the final battle?
For a better and more enjoyable reading experience, it is highly recommended to first read The Hunter's Moon and Curse of the Moon, books one and two of the Secret Warrior Series respectively.
- - - - -
The Panther Moon is now on sale! Available at:
Amazon (Kindle) | Barnes & Noble (Nook)


Join The Panther Moon giveaway contest from Sep 30 - Oct 2, 2016!
Get a chance to win
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Other Books in The Secret Warrior Series

Don't miss the first two books of The Secret Warrior Series by Beth Trissel! Available now.
Note: For a better and more enjoyable reading experience, it is highly recommended to read books one and two of the Secret Warrior Series first.
The Hunter\'s Moon Cover
The Hunter's Moon
The Secret Warrior Series, Book 1
Seventeen-year-old Morgan Daniel has been in the witness protection program most of her life. But The Panteras have caught up with her and her younger brother. Her car is totaled, she's hurt, and the street gang is closing in when wolves with glowing eyes appear out of nowhere and chase away the killers.
Curse of the Moon Cover
Curse of the Moon
The Secret Warrior Series, Book 2
The bad news? Morgan Daniel’s wolf is out of control. The good news? There’s a treatment. She just has to get a potion from a lizard shifter witch—without looking into the witch’s eyes. Easy, right?

About Beth Trissel

Married to my high school sweetheart, I live on a farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with my human family and furbabies. An avid gardener, my love of herbs and heirloom plants figures into my work. The rich history of Virginia, the Native Americans, and the people who journeyed here from far beyond her borders are at the heart of my inspiration. I'm especially drawn to colonial America and the drama of the American Revolution. In addition to historical romance, I also write time travel, paranormal, YA/NA fantasy romance, and non-fiction.
Visit the Official Beth Trissel Blog: https://bethtrissel.wordpress.com/
Connect with Beth Trissel on Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
- - - - -
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VBT# The Forgotten Fairytales - Angela Pankhurst

The Forgotten Fairytales (Forgotten Fairytales, #1)

Review: The Forgotten Fairytales - Book #1 Forgotten Fairytales - Angela Pankhurst - February 2014

As I love my fairytales, one of the themes I am a sucker for is renditions of classics and fairytale stories. The Forgotten Fairytales reminded me of the Ever After High stories and one I read a while back which featured the theme of forgotten fairytales. Norah and her half-sister April have always been on the move as her dad goes from one job to another. After an incident which nearly caused April her life, the girls father suggests that they need to finally settle down in one place. So while he is off teaching in Moscow, he has enrolled the girls into a boarding school. Norah's mother attended the school and later we learn that her father did too and it was Norah's mothers wishes that she attend before her seventeenth year. When Norah arrives , she finds the school very odd and the curriculum even more strange. It turns out that the school is filled with characters from Fairytale books but as we are about to discover these fairytale characters aren't exactly like the ones we have grown up with as Cinderella is evil , The Big Bad Wolf is in fact a nice person and The Prince from The Little Mermaid is a two-faced drunk.  I had personally hoped that when we discovered who Norah's mother was that it went into a little more detail about her , but I found that The Forgotten Fairytales kind of glossed over her character which was a shame. I really liked the twist of who her father turned out to be as well and it explained his career choices as a Professor. If you are a fan of books like The School of Good and Evil , Ever After Highs, Whatever After then you will surely love and enjoy The Forgotten Fairytales by Angela Pankhurst.

VBT# Something I Need - Lena Lowe

As a reader you start to develop favourite themes and places to read about in novels. One of my favourite settings is Nashville - as a big fan of the country music scene and even more so now after visiting Nashville, I love to read about it as it sparks the memories of my time there and of course most of the books set in Nashville have that country music theme. In Something I Need, we meet Jonte Williamson who has come from Australia to Nashville to compete in the finals of an American Idol type reality TV show as her dreams are to become a singer. However, when Jonte arrives it doesn't look like Lady Luck is shining on her side as her accomodation falls through and now she is homeless and her money is running thin. The first night she arrives, she meets bartender Cash and his twin sister Dolly and the pair take Jonte under their wings. As we read on we discover that Cash has some demons surrounding his past and we learn the real reason why he hates everything country especially the classic country music. Something I need is a sweet and at times edgy and LOL romance story. One of the things I really loved about this book was the memories it stirred from visiting Centennial Park to seeing the Pantheon and even walking around the Vanderbilt University campus. If you are looking for a sweet, romance tale then check out book #1 in Lena Lowe's series xoxo Gossip Girl , sorry meant xoxo Nashville.

VBT# Southern Nights and Secrets - Robin Covington

Southern Nights & Secrets (The Boys are Back in Town, #4)

Review: Southern Nights and Secrets - Book #4 The Boys are Back in Town Series - Robin Covington - September 2016

The last book in the Boys are Back in Town series has finally been released and I have to say since lately I have been enjoying the shows Code Black and Chicago Med, this was one of my favourite reads in the series.  Beck Sutherland aka Dr. Sutherland is one of those risk-taking, rule-breaking doctors who care too much about the patients and less about the rules. Think Melissa George's role in Heartbeat, but a male version and you have Beck.  Despite his bad reputation and misunderstood career moves, he is still one of the top and best doctors around and is up for the position of Team Leader for ER. The thing is though that the committee aren't convinced he is the best person for the role as he is considered unconventional. One of the outsiders that has been called upon to help the decision is Virginia Crawford aka Ginger. The two of them used to date back in College before he broke her heart. The reasons behind it we become privy to about halfway through the novel, but one thing is certainly clear - Beck never stopped loving Ginger.  When Beck's past starts to come back to haunt him and cause harm to those around him ? Will he choose his heart over his head ? Will he put himself and his career in jepoardy to save those he loves ? Find out in Book #4 of the Boys are Back in Town series by Robin Covington.

VBT# Wilder - Rebecca Yarros

Another one of my dreams is to go on a cruise ship, I think it would be an amazing experience, and another favourite trope of mine is novels that involve cruise ships, tutoring, and sports. Like music, I am a pretty all-rounder when it comes to what I love to read. Wilder by Rebecca Yarros attracted me on one main thing - Extreme sports. In Wilder, we meet Leah who has overcome a tragic event in her life that has made her a survivor and been presented with an amazing opportunity to spend a year on board a cruise ship on scholarship for their academic schooling programme on board. Part of the scholarship requirements means that Leah has to tutor one of the wealthier students, and she has been stuck with Paxton Wilder - one of the original Renegades. The Renegades are a group of guys and girls who are extreme sports champions and since this is the dawn of Youtube Channels and Reality TV. They will also be filmed during the year and unfortunately for Leah - this means she will have to take part in some of the stunts especially if he wants to stay on board as her whole year depends on Paxton passing his courses and graduating. As the months go by, we readers get to see a different side of Paxton and Leah as romance blossoms. Will things continue being the same when it seems that someone is out to sabotage the Renegades and anyone close to them? Also, we read a twist when Leah's best friend finally arrives on board after being sick with Mono. Will she ruin Leah's chances of happiness when truths and secrets are revealed? Find out in Wilder, Book #1 The Renegades by Rebecca Yarros. An extreme read you won't want to put down.

VBT# Here's the Thing - Emily O'Beirne

 Here's the Thing

Review: Here's the Thing - Emily O'Beirne - October 2016

There were two things that attracted me to this book , the first of course was the cover of the Subway lines in New York and the second was the author as I had just a couple of weeks ago finished reading her book Points of Departure and quite enjoyed it. In Here's the Thing we meet Zelda aka Zel whose parents have moved back to Australia from New York for their jobs. While in New York, Zel's mother worked for a modelling agency and that is where she met Prim. The two of them one day based on a book they both read, decided that they would begin a project to ride the Subway lines together . This went on till she moved and also the last time they talked before she left to come to Australia. While in Australia , Zel is beginning a new school with a new set of friends courtesy of her cousin Anthony welcoming her into his group. In this group of friends , Zel meets Stel aka Stella. Stella comes from a hectic household where she has an autistic brother Ollie. I could relate to this in a way as I have two siblings and my mother who all fell on the Autism spectrum. Here's the Thing features Zel's life before Australia with Prim and the Subway Project and After New York with her new friends and their Home Project which they are doing for a drama assessment. What I liked about this book besides being set in Australia which was nice for a change and being a GLBT story was that though the book was a GLBT story, that wasn't oversexualised and over-played on. I found this book to be more of a YA friendship story and a tale of discovering who you are and what your family, friends , home means to you.

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