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Review: First Position - Melody Grace

Review: First Position - Book#1 Dirty Dancing - Melody Grace - November 2014 In the mood for a new serial to read ? Love Ballet Dancers and the movement of romance and musicality ? In Melody Grace's new 3 part serial she brings to you the togetherness of Dance and Romance. In First Position we are introduced to the main two characters - Annalise aka Anna who is a ballet dancer due to her mother being a prima ballerina growing up , it is supposed to be in her blood but unlike her mother Anna doesn't have the same drive and passion for the ballet world. However, when a last minute cancellation lands Anna on a trip to Rome with the Ballet Academy she takes the spot and finds herself in a strange part of the world. It is on one of her touring days , she spots a dance troupe containing Raphael who together they have an instant attraction. What will happen though when tragedy strikes at the end of the first serial which will have Anna's career as a ballet dancer hanging

Once Upon A December by Sydney Logan‏ Book Spotlight

  Title: Once Upon a December Author: Sydney Logan Date of Publication: November 28th 2014 Christmas is in the air, and best selling author Sydney Logan is gifting readers with a short story collection, just in time for the holidays. Once Upon a December features Sydney’s latest story, “What Child Is This,” along with her previously published holiday stories in one complete collection. Available for the first time in both paperback and ebook, these heartwarming and romantic tales are sure to bring you joy this holiday season. What Child Is This? Estranged from his family and the love of his life, Thomas Fisher finds himself stranded in an airport on Christmas Eve. Imagine his surprise when a young boy takes him by the hand and shows him the way home. Mistletoe Magic Melanie Taylor is on a mission to find the perfec

Review: Better When He's Bad - Jay Crownover

  Review: Better When He's Bad - Book #1 Welcome to The Point Series - Jay Crownover - June 2014 Shane Baxter, isn't just a bad boy - he's one of the baddest and has just gotten out of prison after serving a five year sentence and now that he's out he's got a few things on his mind. The first of course is every man's desire after being locked up for so long is to have sex, the second is to find his mate Race and last but not least - kill Novak -the main guy behind the reason he landed in jail. However, things have changed on the outside while Shane has been gone and his friend Race is nowhere to be seen. Race was on the fast-track to a Ivy League school and a ticket out of this no-good place but turns out other things more important than school and a ticket out turned up when Race discovered he had a younger half-sister called Dovie. We read as Race has disappeared and everyone wants a piece of him and more importantly his sister is worried and

'Hunters and Creators' by Jacinta Maree Release Blitz

Hunters and Creators My Demonic Ghost # 3 By- Jacinta Maree Genre- YA Paranormal/Ghosts It’s been five years since the phenomenon that shook the world’s belief in the supernatural. It has become a worldwide obsession as crowds flock together in hopes of catching a glimpse of the spirits. That is most… except Rachael Hastings. Rachael, now at University, lives with a giant blank page in her memory from when she was fifteen years old. Plagued by nightmares of a green-eyed monster, Rachael tries to stay as far away from the paranormal as humanly possible. Despite her efforts, he stalks her through the shadows and appears in her dreams for reasons she can’t understand. Along with friends from school, Rachael returns to Whitehaven. During her stay she is caught up in the ongoing war between heaven and hell she had unknowingly escaped from years ago. Forced into the care of Gargoyle the Hunter, Rachael attempts to piece together her shattered memory. As emotions

Review: Ways to Live Forever - Sally Nicholls

  Review: Ways to Live Forever - Sally Nicholls - January 2008 With the movie and book "The Fault in Our Stars" released, the teens of nowadays are going through a phase of reading books that are set around the topic of "Cancer".  When you get to my age though, you have read so many books about this topic, that often it can get kind of boring as you are reading the same thing over and over again. However, Sally Nicholls book "Ways to Live Forever" was amazing and was definitely not boring. The book is set around two main characters 11 year old Sam and 13 year old Felix . Both of the boys have Cancer and are dying, so they are home-schooled by Mrs Willis. One day Mrs Willis gives the boys an idea - to write a book . Sam gets really into it and starts to make a bucket list and a book filled with random questions about Cancer, Death and the actual Dying part and begins writing. Felix , the more outgoing one decides to help Sam tick off and com