Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: Alex Cross Run by James Patterson

Are you an Alex Cross fan ? Are you like me and read your way through all of James Patterson's novels ?
Get ready for Book #20 - Alex Cross, Run.
Review: Alex Cross Run - Book #20 Alex Cross Series - James Patterson - February 2013
You know when you have read a series and there are quite a few books and you start to think that the author must be coming near the end of the series as they are beginning to feel tired ? I have to say that James Patterson's Alex Cross series does not fall into that category as each one still keeps the readers on their toes.  I do have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Alex Cross Run as the last couple of books in his Alex Cross series have been a tad blah and a bit confusing with the whole multiple killings scenarios and half a dozen killers at the same time. Alex Cross Run was one of the best ones of the Alex Cross series I have read in a while and felt like his earlier works despite containing more than one murder plot. In this novel we see Alex Cross on the crime scenes of a hanged woman - was it suicide or homicide ? A number of dead blonde females and guys with their hair shaved and stabbed and a missing baby . Are these all connected or is there an odd one out ? . It seems a common thread in the last few Alex Cross books is that someone wants him dead and will try their best to ruin Alex Cross , unlike the previous novels - this Killer will target Alex Cross and set out to hit him where it hurts and we read as someone in the Cross family is murdered ? This part of the book is in the last few chapters and it made me tear up as I was like Noooooooooooooooooooo :(.
For readers, Alex Cross Run was a fantastic book in his series and I can say if he continues to bring back some of his old writing styles and flavour then it seems that we can expect more Alex Cross novels to come :)


Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Wuthering High - Cara Lockwood

Are you a fan of renditions from classic novels ? Novels from the Austen Era , Bronte Sisters ?
Do you love reading novels like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights ?
Check out Book #1 in a series called "Bard Academy" by Cara Lockwood.
Review: Wuthering High - Book #1 Bard Academy Series - Cara Lockwood - July 2006
Shipped off to Bard Academy for being a troublesome kid is Miranda Tate's punishment , after her dad remarried and she not only wracked up her stepmonster's credit card but also totalled her dad's car , she has been shipped off to the netherworld - the ends of the earth at Bard Academy - school for Juvenille Delinquents. From first impressions, the school looks ancient and a place where Miranda is sure she doesn't belong. However things are about to get a whole lot weirder when a kid who calls himself Heathcliff and says he is from Wuthering Heights starts to call her Cathy as we all know the heroine in Wuthering Heights is Catherine Earnshaw. When strange things start occuring, Miranda and her friends aim to get to the bottom of it but when they discover the truth of the school - will it be so far-fetched that they too may doubt themselves ?
Read on as we see Miranda and her friends discover the truth of the school and the true identities of her teachers. Even more we find out a startling fact to why Miranda looks a lot like Catherine Earnshaw.
Wuthering High is a fun book and for those who love either Wuthering Heights or pouring over renditions of the classical novels will througholy love and enjoy as they turn from page to page.

Review: Geek Charming - Robin Palmer

Before there was the Disney Hit movie "Geek Charming" , there was a book written with the same title by Robin Palmer and today readers, that book is featured on The Phantom Paragrapher.

Review: Geek Charming - Robin Palmer - February 2009

Are you a fan of the Cinderella tale ? Out of all the fairytales does Cinderella ring favourite for you ? I have always been a Cinderella girl and I also love renditions of classics and fairytales , so when I saw this book I just knew I had to read it. Geek Charming if you watch Disney Channel may be a story that you have already heard of as it is based on the film of the same name.  Geek Charming takes us into the world of Dylan Schoefield , rich and popular and the Queen Bee - her father owns the local Mall aka The Dell. When one day her and her friends are out shopping, her bag after witnessing an incident goes flying into the fountain and it's not just any bag but an expensive one at that. Looking for a sucker to grab her bag for her, she spots our Geek Charming - Josh Rosen. He is a film AV geek at her school and for the purpose of the book our Geek Charming. In return for him saving her bag, she has agreed for him to film a documentary of her and her friends all about the inner workings of her clique at theur high school. As they start to spend time together, is Dylan falling for her Geek Charming ? Underneath his geeky outlook is Josh in fact her Prince Charming - the perfect counterpart for her role as Queen Bee ?
Find out all this and more in Geek Charming and remember if you love movies to catch the Disney Version.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review: Static - Tawny Stokes

Have you noticed that lately there has been an influx of Rock N Roll Literature ?
Are you a fan of Demons, Rock and Roll and Teen Fiction ?
Check out a new Teen Indie Author "Tawny Stokes" and her mix of Rock N Roll and Demons.
Review: Static - Tawny Stokes - August 2011
When I saw the cover of this novel I wasn't too sure what to expect, I just knew that it would have something to do with music and Rock N Roll hence the girl in the tartan skirt holding an awesome red and white electric guitar, but that was as far as I had gotten. As readers know I am a cover lover and that was the reason I purchased this book as I loved the look of the cover and thought to myself hmmm --- that could be a book I am interested in.
Static took me surprisingly not only into the world of Rock N Roll and Music , Backstage parties which I kind of expected but into a world where this novel would turn more into fantasy supernatural rather than a reality type teen angst novel. You see the main band in the novel are not of this world and not to give too much of the main surprise away lets just say that they have been getting away with it for centuries.
Static starts with two teens Chloe and Salem who have been traipsing around the music scene following the popular band Malice. Salem more than Chloe is absolutely head over heels in love with the lead singer Thane and has planned to lose her virginity to him backstage. Things however don't go exactly to plan as it turns out the band is hiding a dark secret - they are in fact incubuis aka Sex Demons who feed off their victims via sexual intimacy. When Salem wakes up she discovers something is off and she later discovers, that they have turned her into a Cambion - one who is turned by a incubi. Now Salem along with Trevor who was also turned must work together to gain their revenge on the band and by doing so must band together in order to survive or else they like the rest of the band's victims will end up in tomorrows trash.
Static was an interesting novel and started off great, but I found near the end of the book it seemed a little rush and the ending was quite sharp and blunt yet it does also allow a cliffhanger of sorts as you the reader are left to wonder what becomes of the main characters etc.
If you are wanting a light-read and something demony and supernaturally like with a mix of Rock N Roll music bopping around in the novel , then Static by Tawny Stokes is the novel for you.

Review: Sever by Lauren DeStefano

Have you been reading the Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren DeStefano ?
Been waiting in anticipation to read the third book ?
Today Reader's on The Phantom Paragrapher, I bring you the book we have all been waiting for.
Review: Sever - Book #3 The Chemical Garden Trilogy - Lauren DeStefano - February 2013
I guess since the cover is green , it makes sense to write the review in Green. You know that feeling you get when you know that you are reading the last book in a series - the feeling of being torn because you hope that it will finish the way you want and also that nervousness feeling when you crack open the book or in my case when I push the read button on my ipad. That's what I felt like when I read Sever , it was like it was severing my feelings of the characters and coming to a close of the series. I wondered why they called it this and have a couple of options - is it because she severed her leg at the end of Fever whilst in a state of delirium as we discover at the beginning of Sever , or was it because she tried so hard to sever her ties with Doctor Vaughn Ashby or is there a chance that they may be able to sever the idea of the curse ? In writing this review, I want to write all about the book but at the same time give no spoilers. So readers this is what I will tell you - 1) Cecily has a baby boy called Bowen and is pregnant with her second baby 2) We discover more about Rose's Origins and the fact that to the world Rhine has a whole lot more in common with Rose than just her looks , 3) Rhine goes on a journey to find her brother and recieves surprising results- results that will make her wonder where her loyalties actually lie and 4) Is there really a cure for the disease or not and if so what is the key to curing the world or have the scientists being chased down a rabbit hole ?
To me, in a way this was a great conclusion to the series and I did like how it went, though in parts it did seem to drag a bit and a lot of the twists and turns the characters experienced weren't really nessecary in the whole course of the novel.
What I would like to see and hope for is that maybe Lauren DeStefano will write a Prequel with Rhine and Rowan's parents being the stars and how the whole Chemical Garden came into the play.

Review: Last Diner Standing - Terri Austin

Looking for another light-hearted mystery ? Are you making your way through the Henery Press Line ? Loving their cozy mysteries ?
Have you read the first book in the Rose Strickland series and wanting more ?
Get ready for book #2 :
Review: Last Diner Standing - Book #2 Rose Strickland Mysteries - Terri L. Austin - December 2012
After the first book , you would have thought that Rose would have just stuck to two things - her job as a waitress at the local diner and finishing her Bachelor's Degree after all these years. She does try but when she gets a phone call at 3am in the morning from her friend Janelle, informing her she has been arrested for the attempted murder of her ex-husband known as Asshat aka Sheikh Johnson she feels compelled to help. Now Rose along with her ex-boyfriend $450 a hour lawyer Dane will try and clear Janelle's name and find out who is framing her. The task though won't be easy as it turns out that the ex-husband was involved in something so deep and very dirty and there is no way he is ever going to come out alive. When one of the prime suspects turns up dead , Janelle is being made to look more guilty and so Rose reluctantly turns to Gangster Hunk Sullivan for help. Has she found herself now over her head or will everything work out for the best ? Meanwhile at the Diner - Ma has work cut out for her as a new diner has opened up and is stealing her breakfast customers. So it is a game of may the best diner win and see who will be the Last Diner Standing.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Review: The Jerk Magnet - Melody Carlson

Do you love reading Melody Carlson ? Ready to discover more books by her ?
Check out Book #1 in her new series "Life at Kingston High".
Review: The Jerk Magnet - Book #1 Life at Kingston High Series - Melody Carlson- February 2012
Have you got an author that you love so much, that whenever they release a book - you just have to sit there and read it. For me , one of those authors is Melody Carlson. Ever since I read her book "Finding Alice" at 16 , I fell in love with her writing and since then plowed my way through her numerous series. So it was just natural, that when I saw she had a new series out that I purchase the book to read.
Her new series takes us to the world of Kingston High,and in Book #1 we meet Chelsea, ever since her mum died when she was eleven. It has been her and her dad, and in a way she has referred herself to being like Dracula - afraid of mirrors as she views herself as a wallflower - a plain, ugly and unattractive on the outside but within herself she has a sparkling and awesome personality but having the great personality doesn't get you the confidence, friends and guys.
With her dad marrying again, her stepmother to be is trying to win Chelsea's affections by swooping in to be her Makeover Fairy Godmother and changing Chelsea's outside appearance and making it as beautiful on the exterior as in the interior. The transformation is definitely one for the books as she goes from Ugly Duckling to the Beautiful Swan. However, Chelsea is about to learn the hard way that when you are striking and beautiful - people judge you only on your looks and you become what is known as a "Jerk Magnet" - attracting all the wrong attention.
With the help of her new friend Janelle, the pair of them will try an experiment and show really whether people - even Christians judge a person from the outside without taking much stock on what type of person they are in the inside.
Like most of Melody Carlson's books, each of them teaches the readers a lesson in
The Jerk Magnet which is a great read. It is definitely one of those books that makes you think and re-evaluate to see whether being beautiful or plain is really what it is cracked up to be and whether it is better to have a beautiful exterior or interior.

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