Saturday, September 25, 2021

Review: Vengeful King - Melody Adams

Vengeful King (Sinners High Book  2)

Review: Vengeful King - Book #2 Sinners High Series - Melody Adams - April 2021

In Book #1 we had Kent and Abby's story - Kent was the K in the "KINGS" and now in Book #2, we have the N - Nate and his tale of how he found love. The book starts with Samantha who is the new school principal's daughter and on her first day, she found herself witnessing the KINGS and them beating up someone and doing it with drugs. Samantha decided to run to her dad and snitch on the Kings which was a bad move as now her father has been set up and she has made herself the target of the Kings. As Kent was in charge of punishing Abby in Book #1, Nate has made himself this time in charge of punishing Samantha. As he gets to know Sam though, he realizes he has feelings developing for this plain jane as she is nothing like his usual type. What will happen though when Nate realizes that he can't have a HEA with Sam as his business father has organized a business marriage arrangement. Just when he starts to try and decide to have both, Sam is hurt. Will he lose the one he loves forever or will Nate get a second chance with Sam? I am also looking forward to the next books especially Seth's story as the one who broke his heart Lillian has come back to Sinners High.

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