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Review: Bad Blood - Mari Mancusi

Enjoying the new Vampire Series "The Blood Coven" by Mari Mancusi ? Have you read Boys that Bite, Girls that Growl and Stake That ? If so get ready for Book #4 in the series - Bad Blood. Review: Bad Blood - Book #4 Blood Coven Vampires - Mari Mancusi- January 2010 Sunny and Rayne have finally got things back to normal - nearly , Rayne is a vampire vampire slayer and has a hot Vampire boyfriend Jareth and the perk is they can walk in the sun , Sunny is now back to normal as a mortal after her and Magnus found the cure to her vampire curse and she is now the girlfriend of Magnus who is the leader of the Blood Coven, all is set to be well and life back on track till it is discovered that Magnus has to take a new blood mate now that Sunny has been turned back to mortal. Enter Jane Johnson , looking like a model and a Rhodes scholar at that it seems that Sunny may be losing her Magnus. When jealousy strikes, Sunny and Rayne decide to do a bit of digging and it turns out that J

Review: Girls that Growl - Mari Mancusi

Finished The Twilight Saga , The Vampire Diaries , True Blood, Vampire Academy Series ? Wanting a new Vampire Series to sink your teeth into ? Check out Mari Mancusi's series "Blood Coven". Review: Girls that Growl - Book #3 Blood Coven Series- Mari Mancusi- October 2007 To Recap to readers as it has been yonks since I read the first book in this series "Boys that Bite" we meet twins Sunshine aka Sunny and Rayne. Yes , Wonderful Hippie  names. Rayne has just completed Vampire Training Course and was ready to officially become one of the dead when they accidentally bit her sister Sunny instead. Now Sunny has become a Vampire and Rayne left to decide where her destiny lies. Fast Forward and Skip a book as unfortunately as we all know libraries when it comes to purchasing series are a bit out of whack and very rarely do them in order so that's why Book #3 is getting a review before Book #2 Stake That. In Book #3 Girls That Growl , we discover that Sunny is n

VBT# I Loved You First - Reena Jacobs

Today's VBT# is author Reena Jacobs and her novel "I Loved You First". Review: I Loved You First - Reena Jacobs - July 2011 Wanting to check out a really good LGBTQ novel ? One that is aimed at Teenagers and in both African and Caucasian Viewpoints ? I Loved You First tells the story of two college students Seth Richards and Alex Carmichael. One is gay and the other straight , One male and the other female , One Black and one White. Alex and Seth have been friends forever and now reaching college-aged Alex is in love with her best friend Seth , though of course she knows that she can never be with him that way and that he will always look at her as a sister or close friend. The novel takes place during their college partying days as we follow Seth who is still in the closet and Alex his ever faithful sidekick. Seth is the kind of guy who has used the girls as beards and Alex every time he picks up a girl -hopes that he will use her , allow her to pretend. During rush w

VBT# Wedlocked - Bonnie Tracthenberg

Today's VBT# on behalf of Pump Up Your Book Promotions is Bonnie Tracthenberg and her novel "Wedlocked". Review: Wedlocked - Bonnie Tratchenberg- June 2011 We've all heard of Pre-Wedding Jitters but what about Post Wedding Jitters ? What happens when what's supposed to be the happiest day of your life becomes the worst day ever ? Rebecca Ross had it all pre meeting her husband Craig , she was a talented actress who dreamed of following her Grandmother's footsteps but like most Hollywood Dreams it turned to custard when she fell in love with a Hollywood Director. As you can guess the romance and her career were short-lived and Rebecca returned home jobless to her parent's home. It was here that she met Craig Jacobs- a lovely Jewish man , her Prince Charming and since her family were all Jewish -he won the whole Ross clan over. It was to be the Wedding of a Century until Rebecca woke up on her Wedding day and discovered that she had made the worst mistake

Review: Thank You God for Blessing Me - Max Lucado

Are you a fan of Max Lucado's works ? Looking for the perfect Christian Picture Book for your child ? Review: Thank You God, For Blessing Me- Max Lucado- 2011 Looking for that perfect picture book for your child aged 0-5 years ? Wanting to teach them all about God's blessings and the wonderful things that he does and can provide for us all ? Join Max Lucado as he presents his character the lovable caterpillar Hermie , Hermie shares with us in this cute 5pg adorable board book all the things that God has done for him that he is thankful for from providing him with food, shelter to having awesome friends. This would make a godly and wonderful addition to any Christian home and child's collection.

Review: 50 Underwear Questions - Tanya Lloyd Kyi

Underwear - the word that makes children giggle ? Something that is a nessecity to us all ? Ever wondered about it ? Where it came from ? With Tanya's new book "50 Underwear Questions" you too can find out. Review: 50 Underwear Questions- Tanya Lloyd Kri- September 2011 When you think of the word Underwear, we see it as a nessecity and when you are young - it becomes a word that you giggle at as surprisingly enough -Children love the word Underpants and Underwear. Just look at one of the most popular books for boys - The Captain Underpants Series where the superhero is wearing what looks like big white underwear and his sidekick Super Duper Diaper Baby. In 50 Underwear questions, Tanya takes children on a journey of the history of Underwear from the days of the mummies in Eygpt to the Cavemen in Neanderthal times - we learn that Cavemen and those in the Ice Age used Goatskin to make underwear with . Imagine wearing a goat down below. Throughout the novel it also includ