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Review: Hotter than Hot - Tina Leonard

Review: Hotter than Hot - Book #0.5 Pecan Creek - Tina Leonard - February 2013\

Wanting something sinfully sweet to read this New Year's eve ? Check out Tina  Leonard's book "Hotter than Hot" . This was a fun read and I really enjoyed it as in a way I related to the main character Monet which I loved her name -being named after the famous painter. Monet is a librarian by day and by night she writes a column for the local newspaper as Allure Crimson . She is a love advice columnist, shame though that all her writings are stemmed from her fantasies as she has never experienced the type of relationship and love she writes about. All this is about to change though as newcomer Elijah comes riding into town on his hog and heads to stay at Monet's fathers house as her dad is the sheriff of Pecan Creek. As time passes, Monet and Elijah become closer despite the fact that he shouldn't get into anything with her. What will be the result though when Monet discovers that Elijah has been sent to protect her and her sister from danger and that he was being paid to be near her from her father ?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Review: How it Rolls - Lila Felix

Review: How it Rolls - Book #2 Love and Skate Series - Lila Felix - February 2013
Falcon Black is one of those people who aren't one who you should judge by the cover as he is tattooed and has a mohawk. By day however Falcon is an accountant and number crunching square. He may be in his 20's but instead of partying it up and sleeping around, he would rather head to bed early, work and spend time with his family. This story starts when Falcon's family hires Reed Wolfe - a girl who intrigues Falcon but she's hiding a big secret and Falcon can't help but discover and then in turn make her life better. That is the Love part of the series. The Skate part is that Falcon's sister-in-law Nellie is part of a roller derby team and they have the try-outs and Reed makes the team.  This book reminded me of the Pysch episode when Juliet joins a roller derby team in order to solve a crime crossed with the film Whip It. If you are wanting a book with Roller Derby and one that teaches us not to judge people by what they look like. This is also a great series to read if you have enjoyed The Derby Girl by Tamara Morgan.

Review: Take Three - Whitney G


Review: Take Three - Book #2 Jilted Bride Series - Whitney G - December 2012

What was supposed to be a publicity act turned out to be the worst thing as A-Lister actress Selena Ross was left at the altar by best friend Matt. As Matt had finally found the love of his life Melody. After the publicity act blew up in Selena's face, she has been almost blacklisted from the scene and told to go quiet for six weeks till this thing blows over. So she has headed home to Arkansas where her mother runs a bakery shop. The other story intertwined which is where the undercover boss picture comes into play . Ethan Lockwood is the CEO of Ambrose Coffee and has been sent undercover to work as a barista in one of the small town shops to find out how to make more profit out of the business. While in Arkansas , Ethan meets Selena and they start dating - however they are both hiding the truth of who they really are. What will happen as their relationship starts to heat up and then after the six weeks they are to go back to their real-lives as the rich and wealthy people they really are ? What will happen when they discover who they "really" are ? Will they still be able to love each other when they go back to realities?
Find out in Book #2 of "Jilted Bride Series" by Whitney G. Definitely a series worth reading.


Review: Close to You - Kate Perry

Review: Close to You - Book #2 Laurel Heights Series - Kate Perry - February 2012
We have had Gwen's and Lola's story. Now we move over to Cafe Grounds For Thoughts and meet owner Eve Alexander. Wanting to get her own independence, she decided to purchase property in Laurel Heights and open a cafe in the bottom floor. The Cafe is semi-booming , though Eve is still struggling with money and may have to sell or go into bankruptcy. When an opportunity to host an author event for a top selling baker she decides that this could help raise her profile and put her cafe on the map.  However , it looks like she has some competition as well as across the road is a small cafe called Crumpet. The owner of Crumpet sends over his son Treat to check it out , but when Treat meets the owner -he fancies her and loves her. As the pair gets closer, it seems that the owner of Crumpet can not help but sabotage Eve's cafe. What will happen when Eve finds out the truth of who Treat is ? Will she be able to forgive him for the betrayal or will she be too hurt to be able to love him ?


Review: Reaching the Edge - Jennifer Comeaux


Review: Reaching the Edge - Book #2.5 Edge Series - Jennifer Comeaux - January 2013

At the end of book #2 we read as Emily and Sergei established a relationship and eventually they got married. Book #2.5 is a quick 14-page read that tells the story after their wedding and their first romantic encounter together. Just to let people know, this is one of those 5-10 minute reads, that once you get stuck into the book -be careful as it will be over before you know it. Trust me I was shocked as I didn't realise. Fans of the movies Cutting the Ice and Ice Princess will enjoy the book "Reaching the Edge". Perfect if you are needing a quick on the go reading book or have a fancy for short stories and an itching for Ice Skating Tales this winter. 


Review: Deeper we Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron

Review: Deeper we Fall - Book #1 Fall and Rise - Chelsea M. Cameron - January 2013

Two years ago Lottie and her friend Lexie went to a party where her friend was hooking up with Zac and then Lottie decided she wanted to head home and since Zac was too drunk too drive, his brother Zan ended up driving and wham bam , a car crash happened. Then the novel flips to two years later and we learn that Lexie is in a bad shape , Zan has just been released from Juvie and Lottie is headed to college. What happens next though is that her roommate happened to be Zac's girlfriend and Zan is also at college and his room is right next door to Lottie's twin brother Will. As the story goes along , we discover what type of people the main characters are and discover that in order to climb back to the top, we sometimes have to fall deep. This is one series that I am looking forward to reading more of as I quite enjoy the author Chelsea M. Cameron. If you love edgy New Adult books, then this is a series for you.

Review: Aura by Rebecca Lynn Talley


Review: Aura - Rebecca Lynn Talley - November 2012

Crystal Scott has always been a good girl, one that has never felt the need to lie to her parents , love her parents and follows rules. Seventeen years later , she is at school when she experiences her teacher's eyes looking dead and feels sick. Soon , it is discovered that demons are infiltrating the city and her friends and inside of Crystal is the power to stop the fight between good and evil as within her body is the power of light and strong light as well. Soon we discover that this war links back to her parents and that their is a organisation called The Covenant who make it their job to stop the demons from overpowering the people of America.  If you are looking for a teen novel with a supernatural twist and set in the eyes of a high schooler, then check out Aura by Rebecca Lynn Talley.

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