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THESE VIOLENT ROOTS by Nicole Willams Release Blitz

These Violent Roots, an all-new psychological thriller from New York Times bestselling author Nicole Williams is available now! Grace Wolff spends her days fighting monsters, and her nights hiding from her own. As a public prosecutor in the sexual crimes unit, she knows more about rapists, pedophiles, and deviants than most people dare to consider. Dr. Noah Wolff is as acquainted with monsters as his wife. While Grace dedicates her career to putting violent men away, Noah is more interested in rehabilitating them. A renowned psychiatrist specializing in sexual deviance, he counsels a burgeoning number of court-appointed patients wrestling with evil in its vilest form. When she discovers a long line of pedophile suicides have been murders in disguise, Grace is duty-bound to aid in the investigation. But in her quest to track down the killer, Grace faces an ethical impasse. As a steward of the law, she has an obligation to seek justice for the murders. As a human be

Review: Savage Devil - Daniela Romero

Review: Savage Devil - Book #2 Devils of Sun Valley High - Daniela Romero - February 2021 It had been a while since I read the first book in this series "Wicked Devil”, so before starting "Savage Devil" I had to have a quick peek at my review so I could refresh my memory and when I read the review I was like Ooh, I loved the first book and so I was excited to give Book #2 a try and OMFG this was amazing. Often the sequels just aren't as good as the first and you can feel slightly let down but for me personally, Savage Devil was a favourite and just as good and even maybe slightly better than the first book. The book starts with us meeting Bibi and her friend Monique whose brother Dominique is a Sun Devil. Bibi is about to move away and so she has one night of freedom and goes to a Sun Valley High party. At the party, she meets a guy - no names are exchanged and they have a wild night.  Bibi then moves away and the book jumps 18 months down the track.  Bibi has a big

COVER REVEAL - Legend by Tracy Lorraine

Title: Legend Series: Rosewood High #7 Author: Tracy Lorraine Genre: High School Bully Romance Release Date: February 11, 2021 BLURB I made one mistake… And she made one phone call that nearly destroyed my life. I’ve spent the past year plotting my revenge and imagining all the wicked things I’d do to her when our paths finally crossed again. I just had no idea it would be so soon. The last thing I expected when I re-entered the world was to find myself right in the middle of hers.  The girl who betrayed me, the snitch who ruined me—here for the taking.  While she’s been oblivious here in Rosewood, I’ve been trapped in hell.  Better watch your back, Harley Hunter. You’re about to be owned by a Legend. ADD TO GOODREADS PRE-ORDER LINKS AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU ALSO AVAILABLE Previously released in the Love in Lockdown Anthology FREE on all platforms! AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU B&N / KOBO / APPLE BOOKS AMAZON US / UK / CA / AU Fr

Review: Intercepted - Alexa Martin

Review: Intercepted - Book #1 Playbook Series - Alexa Martin - September 2018 For years Marlee Harper has stood by faithful next to her long-time boyfriend Chris and endured the nastiness of the Lady Mustangs which are made up mostly of the wives of the Football stars - the Denver Mustangs as Chris has still yet to propose and though she has been with him longer than some of these wives have been married as she doesn't have the ring, they look down on her. The other thing is that the president of the Lady Mustangs - Courtney hates Marlee and is always looking to get a dig at her. A newcomer has been signed onto the Denver Mustangs and is none other than Gavin Harper. Gavin is a blast from Marlee's past as there was one time four years ago, the pair had a one-night stand when Chris and Marlee were in their off moments. The book then jumps to Marlee discovering that Chris has been cheating on her and angry, Marlee leaves him. Gavin sees this as his chance to get the girl as he

ML Nystrom's release blitz for Hold It Close.

Title: Hold It Close Author:   ML Nystrom Series:  MacAteer Brothers #3 Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: January 30, 2021 Publisher:   Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer:   BookSmith Design AVAILABLE NOW! Amazon US: All links: A man recovering from a toxic relationship and slowly healing. A woman recovering from a divorce and seeking a new life.  When their worlds collide, will Garrett and Bertie finally heal and find their happily ever after?  Garrett MacAteer has rejoined his family and is trying to rebuild his life after escaping a toxic relationship that has left him scarred, vulnerable, and with nothing more than the clothes on his back and the strength of his hands.   After Bertie Shore's marriage descends into an unfulfilling placeholder in her life, she takes a big leap and finds a new direction and leaves to pursue her lifelong ambition of owning a bed-and-breakfast inn. Neith