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Endless by Kaylene Winter Book Blitz

Endless Kaylene Winter (Less Than Zero Rockstar Romance Series, #1) Publication date: May 18th 2021 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance She ripped out my heart… My only dream is to escape my abusive childhood. Leading Less Than Zero to the top of the charts is my ticket out. Until Zoey Pearson gives me a new dream. And passion beyond anything I thought possible. Nothing prepared me for it to end. Abruptly. Definitively. My songs of heartbreak have made LTZ the biggest band in the universe. But nothing I do can make me forget her… I let him go so he could follow his dreams… My love of music led me to Ty. He’s a gorgeous, sweet rocker who was made just for me. The man he trusts most asked me to let him go. So I did and I’m having a hard time living with my decision. Now he’s the hottest rock star in the world Because of chart-topping songs that eviscerate me. Ty’s changed, he’s immersed in a life of excess and debauchery. I don’t recognize the man I can’t stop l

Gulf of Deception by Kelly Ann Hopkins Book Blitz

Gulf of Deception Kelly Ann Hopkins (Gulf Shores Mysteries, #1) Publication date: May 17th 2021 Genres: Mystery, Young Adult Beach life is killer, literally. On the cusp of her high school graduation, Lily Harmony needs to figure out how to break it to her lawyer parents that she doesn’t want to follow in the family footsteps–especially with her band in high demand on the Fort Myers beach scene. But when her father is killed inside his office and their mother accused of his murder, Lily and her estranged sister Annabelle are convinced the police have the wrong person. Clues are hard to come by until a mysterious man hands Lily a flash drive and warns her the information contained on it might get her killed. As Lily works to unravel what the files and pictures mean, a stunning discovery reveals the murderer might be closer than she thought. With the help of her gamer BFF and maybe something more, Lily and her sister scour the Everglades for connections to her father’s killer

In A Mirror by Emily Bourne Book Blitz

In A Mirror Emily Bourne (In It Together, #1) Publication date: November 12th 2019 Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult Can a social outcast prove to her cheerleader sister she’s not the enemy and save her family? Anxiety riddled Brittany is setting her sights on popularity. She doesn’t give a crap about her sister’s desire to bond, because landing a boyfriend will fill the void in her heart. When a chance encounter with her gorgeous crush sends her sweating, the jittery voice inside her head threatens to derail whatever he found attractive about her. When soaring up the social ladder, insecurities force her blabbermouth into action. Will Brittany reveal her greatest fear to the people she needs to impress the most? That she is a total freakin loser! Emotional mess Charli can’t deal with her parents’ divorce. If it wasn’t for the support of her loving boyfriend, she would drown in loneliness. When a party launches her sister into popularity, Charli is desperate to pul

VBT# Daddy's Weekend - Tehya and Michael Cunningham

Review: Daddy's Weekend - Tehya and Michael Cunningham - May 2021   This was a cute story about two divorced parents and their mixed-race daughter. It's her dad's weekend to have her and Daddy's Weekend is a cute story of all their fun adventures together from visiting the local fair at the fairgrounds to playing in the Rocketships at the park and then having fun with cute fluffy animals like the bunny on the cover. What I loved about this story was that it showed that even though parents get divorced, it doesn't mean that you can't happily spend time with both parents equally. I also loved that this book didn't contain any animosity between both parents when as an adult you often read between lines. You could see the love that the father had for his daughter radiating off the pages. Daddy's Weekend is a great picture book aimed at children aged 5-8 years old and can be a great resource to have if you are a divorced parent or heading that direction and w