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Review: Tigger on the Couch - Laura James

I needed a picture to symbolise those books that don't really fit into a category and I found on Google Images this adorable Bear and Bookworm reading , Isn't it cute ?
Today's book is for all those budding pyschologists out there....

Tigger on the Couch: The Neuroses, Psychoses, Disorders and Maladies of Our Favourite Children's Characters

Review: Tigger on the Couch - Laura James - Oct 2008

Are you hoping to become a pyschologist or have an interest in the subject ? Are you a fan of the Walt Disney Characters and all those fun childhood characters we have grown up with from The Hundred Acre wood by A.A Milne to Peter Pan by JM Barrie and Alice in Wonderland by CS Lewis . Tigger on the couch gathers all your favourite childhood characters and analyses them and labels them with a mental illness , disorder of sorts from Tigger who can't stop boucing therefore he must suffer from ADHD to Pollyanna who is always so positive - what else can it be but a case of Denial and then we have Cinderella - always trying to gain approval from others which indicates an addiction to approval. This fun book which is not to be taken seriously diagnoses all our favourite characters , talks about their patient history e.g physical appearance, family history etc , patient notes , background history on the disorder , a prognosis and of course what better than a way to treat the disorder.
A Fun take at the look of mental illnesses, disorders, neuroses  and maladies.

Review: That's When I Talk to God - Dan and Ali Morrow

Following the theme of Prayer , we have Charles Stanley's book for the Young Adults to Adults and for the preschool to school aged children we have Dan and Ali Morrow's book "That's When I Talk to God".

That's When I Talk to God

Review: That's When I Talk to God - Dan and Ali Morrow , Illustrated - Cory Godbey - April 2011

To follow the theme of prayer which as I said in the review below, is something that I am not that confident in doing , I thought that I would review That's When I talk to God by Dan and Ali Morrow. As a child, I was briefly taught how to pray by my mum and dad and touched briefly in Sunday School sessions , but I think that it is an important skill to teach our children - the next generation . That's When I talk to God is a picture book that teaches children that praying can be even for the simple things like thanking God for the marvellous weather we are having or if you have made a new friend, thank god for giving me a new friend (insert name) to play with today. The book follows a little girl through her week's events and each time something happens , she prays to god for thanking him to praying for protection to even apologizing to him for having a bad attitude.
A Fun book that I think every Christian parent should have and that every Sunday School should use as a resource in teaching prayer and the power of prayer.

Review: Handle With Prayer - Charles Stanley

Are you interested in learning more about the power of prayer ?

Handle with Prayer: Unwrap the Source of God's Strength for Living

Review: Handle With Prayer - Charles Stanley - March 2011

Are you wanting to get deeper into the word of prayer and learn to unwrap God's strength and power by praying. As I was searching for a picture of the cover , I noticed that in February 1992 when I was five years old , Charles Stanley wrote a book called Handle With Prayer - reading this one and the blurb of the previous , I figured that this new edition must be an updated and more up with the play as the one written those many moons ago. For me, personally I find Prayer quite a challenge as I can pray for myself silently for protection , pray to keep others safe and those other everyday prayers like "Dear Lord, please find us a carpark" when you enter the shopping mall and its so busy. However, Prayer is actually something much deeper than that , it is something that Jesus used and there have been other accounts by everyday people to make miracles happen , people raise from the dead , others have sickness healed that may never have been healed.  Prayer is essential to us all as Christians and believers, as without prayer we do not have the connection we require from God.
Handle with Prayer - Unwrap the Source of God's Strength for Living will teach you as a study guide how to pray with an authority, how to recieve answers to prayer, how to pray in God's will and not our own, the answer to one of the world's most popular and asked question - Why does my prayers go unanswered and one that I always find difficult as Im worried I'm going to say the wrong words - how to pray for others.
Handle with Prayer is the perfect study guide that can be used as a Small Group programme or in a seminar/sermon on how to teach others to pray in God's name and in his will.

Interview with Author : Becky Wicks - Burqualicious

Interview With the Author : Becky Wicks

Tell us about your book Burqalicious?

Well, it’s about my time living in Dubai, which was a bit mental really! I went from being a regular 20-something in London to living a life that was equal parts luxury and absolute insanity. It’s about the jobs I had, the love affair I found myself involved in, and just the madness that ensued from living in an up-and-coming city that was literally being built around me!

You talked about how your friend wanted to go overseas and you talked her out of it, what changed your mind?

I was just getting a bit bored of London at the time I think. I’d been in my job for over two years and wanted to do something different. One day I thought “Dubai!” I’m still not sure why, but a month later I was there.

What was the inspiration behind wanting to tell the world about your travels?

I started a blog but it was shut down, so I started writing Facebook notes about my time in Dubai and all the mad things that were happening to me. I was getting a lot of comments and feedback from my friends, all wanting to know more about what it was like, so that kind of encouraged me to carry on. I posted so many photos and over 600 notes! At the end of my time there I had so much stuff, I just thought I should try and do something else with it.

What was it like being a celebrity editor in Dubai?

Ah, well you’ll have to read the book, haha! I’m not sure it’s any different to being a celebrity editor anywhere really, except you can’t mention sex or drugs or drink… or anything else that makes writing about celebs fun. It’s more challenging that way, I suppose! I wrote a lot about the events and party scene in Dubai too – they have their own set of celebs out there, of course. I got to go to a lot of launch parties, there was something different opening every day, for a while.

My favourite part was when you went to the water park with the different outfits, how did you find it compared to what you were used to in London?

You can do a lot of fun stuff in Dubai that you’d never experience anywhere else. In London I’d never finish work and head to ladies night at a water park, or head snowboarding on a man-made ski slope in a shopping mall! Living a lifestyle like that in Dubai is easy because the whole place is built for extravagance! I adapted pretty easily… as you can imagine!

What are you working on now?

I’m working on another book, but it’s fiction. It’s harder because I don’t have as much time now as I used to… got to work to pay the bills. I realize I really didn’t do that much work in Dubai… (ssssh!)

What is your favourite chapter in your book?

I think living with the Iranian guy. He was hilarious. The fleethorse still cracks me up. You can see the videos of it online if you google search. What a guy. He made our first few months in Dubai totally hilarious - we just didn’t appreciate it at the time.

Had you previously written anything?

Not a book, no, but I’ve always written stories and other stuff.

Were there any scenes that were cut in the editing process you wish had made it into the book?

Yes, loads. I had to cut 125,000 words down to 95,000 before it was published! I have put some of the extras on my blog for people to read if they like. There are more photos there, too. And a few videos too I think. www.beckywicks.wordpress.com

Can you give us one fun fact we might not know about Burqalicious? Something about the story itself or the writing process?

Hmmmmmm…. Well Stacey and Ewan, who were both with me in Dubai and are in the book are both now here in Sydney with me, too. They encouraged me throughout the editing process when I was holed up in coffee shops, without a job. We’re kind of bound together forever I think, by our experiences out in Dubai. It’s like a club or something!

How did you get into writing? Did you always want to become a writer?

I don’t think you really ever choose to be a writer, I think the writing chooses you, if that makes sense. I’ve just always done it, whether it’s been songs or stories or whatever. I write all day, even tweets and comments on Facebook, it’s all writing. It’s all written communication. It makes me happy. No other job ever has or does, which is how I know it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.

In your bio, it reads that you have had numerous jobs, what would be your best and worst career moves?

Oooooh, best, moving to Dubai! The celeb editor job was fun but the ad agency gave me a few more strings to my bow. The worst – potting coleslaw in a cold foods factory. Or maybe the breakfast shift at McDonalds. Both shit. Both character-building! Everything is character-building in the end, isn’t it?

What are you reading now?

I’m reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – loving it so far! I love my witchy things, and I’m a huge fan of Twilight, but don’t tell anyone. I’m 31 now… haha!

Which author has inspired you most and why?

I’d have to say Enid Blyton. She inspired me no end growing up and my mum always says she’s why I started writing. I spent hours reading things like The Wishing Chair and The Magic Faraway Tree. She had such an incredible imagination. I got totally lost in her worlds.

What advice would you give aspiring authors?

I’d have to say just keep writing. People can tell when writing comes from your heart, too, so write about things that move you and things you find interesting. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes you don’t want to and sometimes you’d rather do anything than write… I’ve even done ironing to avoid getting stuck into something that’s been challenging me, and I hate ironing. But you have to be committed and you can never give up.

To conclude, what was your best and worst moments living in Dubai?

I had so many good times in Dubai. I think one of the best was meeting a man I thought I could spend the rest of my life with – we had some amazing adventures and I’d never been swept away like that by anyone before. For a while I thought I had everything. The worst part I guess, was learning that to get the things you want sometimes, other people get hurt and you have to face the consequences. I think the lies and secrecy drove a wall between us that in the end neither of us could get past. That I think was the worst thing to face. But ultimately, I suppose you could say I learned a lesson from Dubai and what happened to me there and in the end, I’m a stronger person because of it.

VBT : Blackberry Crumble - Josi S. Kilpack

Today's Virtual Book Tour is author Josi . S. Kilpack and her new book in the Culinary Mystery series "Blackberry Crumble". The  Tour is part of Pump Up Your Books VBT's.

About the Author : Josi . S. Kilpack

Josi has combined her love of MOST things edible and her love of writing into the Sadie Hoffmiller Culinary Mystery series. Blackberry Crumble is the fifth book in what will be an eight book series. When Josi isn’t cooking or writing she’s trying to say ahead of her four children, hiding somewhere with a book in hand, or enjoying her backyard chickens. Josi and her family live in Willard, UT.
For more information about Josi, you can visit her website at www.josiskilpack.com  or her blog at www.josikilpack.blogspot.com

Blackberry Crumble: A Culinary Mystery

Review: Blackberry Crumble - Culinary Mysteries Book #5 - Josi S. Kilpack - March 2011

Have you read Charlaine Harris's series "The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries" ? The one about the 4ft 11 librarian who goes and solves mysteries as she somehow always ends up in the middle of them , so much that as a part-time job she could also be qualified as an amateur detective or private investigator. As a fan of Charlaine Harris , Ive read all of them and when I was reading Blackberry Crumble, I had that similar feel as lead character Sadie Hoffmiller is busy trying to organise the local Latham Country Club Luncheon with her catering business when she gets a tearful visit from May Sanderson who wants to hire Sadie because she believes her father was murdered and due to Sadie's recent publicity stunt in the newspaper " Modern Miss Marple - Magnet for Murder" after solving a murder in the previous book "Key Lime Pie". Soon we see Sadie trying to juggle her catering and culinary skills as well as putting that amateur detective and private investigation knowledge to the test to get to the bottom of the May Sanderson Case. However , we are about to see that this case goes deeper than a maybe murder and involves a case of unrequited love between May and a suspect Richard ? . Is this to become a story of one reunited love and one failed love as we see Sadie and Detective Pete's relationship strain ?
Find out in Blackberry Crumble , a novel that contains cooking, light -hearted mystery and of course romance and relationships.

Review: The Hourglass Door - Lisa Mangum

Wanting a new supernatural modern day read with a hint of time travel and history slathered with the romantic language of the italians ?

The Hourglass Door (The Hourglass Door Trilogy) (Hourglass Door (Quality))

Review: The Hourglass Door - The Hourglass Door Trilogy Book #1 - Lisa Mangum - May 2010

When I first started reading this book , I was in two minds and thought , not another fallen angel/ vampire novel as thats not what I was in the mood for -though in saying that , it's not that I don't enjoy reading them but sometimes you just have to be in the mood. The Hourglass Door turned out to be an amazing read and I definitely was hooked to finish it to the very last page and it was also one of those novels that even in the last few chapters , you didn't actually know how the novel was going to turn out and then there were bits and pieces , that the author could have played on and turned it a whole different direction.  The Hourglass Door features the life of Abigail Beatrice Edmund aka Abby or as some of her friends call her ABE - Due to her initials. Abby is sick of her life as it has always been planned out for her and she wants it to change , starting with her birthday party as they have been doing the same thing since she was four. When Abby meets newcomer Italian Dante, it seems that the sparks fly between the two of them , however there is a much deeper depth and more than meets the eye to Dante as he reveals his true age to Abby, he's not a vampire , however is similar in sorts. Pushed into the future, can Abby help save Dante and her friends or will he be returned back to his time and Abby and Dante torn forever with time seperating them for eternity ?
Find out in "The Hourglass Door" by Lisa Mangum and stay tuned readers as I review Book #2 "The Golden Spiral".


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Review: The Spring of Candy Apples - Debbie Vigue

Wanting a nice light-hearted teenage christian fiction read , one that for a change is not too heavy on your mind as we have been experiencing lately with the rise of Edgy Christian Fiction ?

The Spring of Candy Apples (Sweet Seasons Novel, A)

Review: The Spring of Candy Apples - Sweet Seasons #4 - Debbie Vigue -Jan 2009

As it seems more often than not, I tend to occur a habit of reading series out of order due to the way that my library purchases them, as today's book is a series that I read a review about years ago and it looked like something great and back then , the library did not purchase the series but today in new books, what do I see but Book #4 in the series, so of course without any hesistation I took the book and went straight to reading it.
The story focuses on the main character Candace aka Candy who has just found out that she has been nominated and is in in the top 5 running for a scholarship at Florida Coast College. However this Spring is about to become a time of new beginnings for Candace as she experiences relationship problems , enemies who soon become frenemies , future education choices, drama and of course most important thing in Candace's lfe is God.  The saying and bible verse , " when God closes one door , he open another " definitely rings true in The Spring of Candy Apples as we see numerous doors close and twice as many open this season for Candace.
As we readers move into a new season , depending where in the world you are - will it be a summer of hope and love and of course fun in the sun, or will it be a winter of sitting in front of the fireplace, snow in your frontyard and a time to reflect .
As always , this was a perfect read and a series , I wouldn't mind backtracking and reading Books 1-3

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