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Dahlia Donovan's blog tour for The Wanderer Book Spotlight

Author: Dahlia Donovan Title: The Wanderer Series:  The Sin Bin, Book 1 Genre: Gay Romance Release Date: April 8, 2017 Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer: Claire Smith  Buy Links Graham Hodson lives for adventure. His entire life has revolved around his obsessive wanderlust. His inner fear of staying in one place or being with one person for too long has kept him on the go. The last thing he expects is a sudden diagnosis to ground his travel—permanently. Boyce “BC” Brooks has screwed up his lifelong dream of being the captain of the English national rugby team. He’s lost everything. When his uncle leaves him an inn and a dog in Cornwall, he has little choice but to try his hand at innkeeper. Can two jokesters kicked around by life and their own decisions find stability when their world shakes beneath their feet? Weddings. Weddings were a pain more excruciating than a broken nose, or toot

Lindsay Detwiler's release blitz for Remember When.

Author: Lindsay Detwiler Title: Remember When Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 29, 2017 Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing Cover Designer: Claire Smith  BUY LINK This wasn’t how it was supposed to be…. They met at a wedding, Todd the only man wearing jeans, Jessica the beauty with a troubled background. Settled into married life after falling in love, they have so many things left to do in life. They think they have so much time… until Jessica and Todd’s average married life comes to a halt on a snowy back road. When their truck careens down an embankment, they find themselves in a life-or-death situation. With rescue seeming impossible, they cling to the only hope they have left: their love for each other. As they fight for survival, their connection carries them through the biggest challenge of their lives. Memories and regrets swirl around the couple as they finally take a moment to ref

Review: The Boyfriend Deal - Charity West

  Review: The Boyfriend Deal - Charity West - February 2016 What do you do when you want to distract your ex-boyfriend and stop him from stalking you? You kiss the closest guy next to you. For Hadley that happened to be none other than Tyler. The hottest guy in school and the guy she has had a crush on since they were in fourth grade. Tyler has a deal for Hadley; he needs a girlfriend and someone who is a mother can trust, a good girl and someone who can help him appear he is cleaning up his act and stop his transfer to the Military school. The thing is though it's not just Hadley who has a stalker and psycho ex, Tyler has one too. What will happen when Hadley and Tyler's romance crosses the line of pretending to real and they both start to fall for each other in a soulmate way, and the exes decide to exact revenge? Except for Tyler's ex, she is more dangerous than anyone of them could ever imagine and sets out to get rid of Hadley once and for a

Review: Before the Fall - Noah Hawley

    Review: Before The Fall - Noah Hawley - May 2016   Maybe I am one for irony, and also I know a book is a book. Before The Fall is about a plane crash and guesses where I was when I started reading it. I was sitting in a plane flying to Texas. Before the Fall by Noah Hawley was an intense read and it delves into the aftermaths of plane crashes and how easily people's perceptions of others can change the course of how others are viewed as either the hero or the villain . Before The Fall takes a hard look at what goes on before an accident and what can happen afterward and how those small decisions that we make every day can have deadly consequences. From someone being invited onto a plane and surviving.  To finding a little boy and helping him. To rejecting someone at a bar as you didn't want to have a relationship with them. These tiny decisions can affect all of our lives and those around us, and the scary thing is at the time we make those decisions,

Review: Cruelty - Scott Bergstrom

      Review: The Cruelty - Book #1 The Cruelty - Scott Bergstrom - February 2017 Coming to the US on the plane, I figured it would be a long ride, so I brought some of my books from home to read on the plane. Books that I had for a while and just kept meaning to read. The Cruelty - An Assassin took a different turn to what I had expected before starting the book. I thought that the story would be about a teen who was an assassin. What happened though has we met 17 yr old Gwendolyn aka Gwen Bloom whose father works in the diplomat's office. They move every couple of years and are currently stationed in New York. Ten years ago, we learn that Gwen's mother was killed in a riot and today is the tenth anniversary. What happens from here is that Gwen gets suspended from school and then her father leaves for another trip. She is used to these trips as he always comes back home, but something goes wrong this trip, and her father is missing. Now Gwen is

Review: Turbo Twenty-Three - Janet Evanovich

  Review: Turbo Twenty-Three - Book #23 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - November 2016 When I first started reading this series, I never thought that we would be up to Book # 23. In #23 we are still reading the love triangle that is Ranger with his "Babe" and Joe Morelli "Cupcake, " and we read Stephanie Plum still trying to decide where her heart lies. We know she should go towards Joe Morelli as he is the stable and secure guy but will he give up is bachelorhood and his friends with benefits with Stephanie? Then we have Ranger who is the bachelor type, the lone ranger and the type we can see never settling down. This book starts off with Stephanie and Lula trying to catch Larry Virgil and ends up with borrowing the truck which was delivering not only Ice-cream. This is the first murder they discover, and from there it starts to unravel an ice-cream conspiracy between the two major Ice-Cream companies Bogart and Mo's.  Of cou