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VBT# Discovering Delilah - Melissa Foster

Discovering Delilah (Harborside Nights, #2)

Review: Discovering Delilah - Book #2 Harborside Nights Series - Melissa Foster - July 2015

I had enjoyed Melissa Foster's Remington series, so when I read that Discovering Delilah was up for review -I was excited to read it. However, what I didn't expect was that I loved the book so much and now I can't wait to read Catching Cassidy. The other reason I didn't expect to enjoy it so much is that I am normally one to read and rave about GLBT books. I like them, but they don't normally rate as OMG stories, but Discovering Delilah definitely rates as a WOW story. The book starts off with Delilah and her brother Wyatt living in Harborside as they have moved there after their parents were killed in a car accident after Delilah's graduation. Delilah has been struggling and attending a grief support group where she meets Janessa. Janessa and Delilah become fast friends as Janessa understands Delilah and plays a huge part in the story with Delilah growing in herself. We learn that Delilah is a lesbian and attracted to girls, this wouldn't be such a big deal but Delilah's parents were strongly against homosexuality and were quite strict and conservative and when Delilah told them - they weren't happy about it and unfortunately this was the last thing Delilah told them before they died, so of course it's been hanging over her head. In the book Delilah discovers that her best friend Ashley is also a lesbian and coincidentally into her and so the two of them start dating and taking things slow. I really liked the chemistry between Delilah and Ashley and the author seemed to capture the happiness and passion between the pair , so much that it makes the reader joyous as they read each interaction and stage of the relationship through the novel.  If you are wanting an awesome New Adult Contemporary Romance that in parts will make you smile, laugh and cry then Discovering Delilah is the book for you.


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The American and The Brit ~ K.A. Young & Julie Bromley. Book Spotlight

The American and The Brit ~ K.A. Young & Julie Bromley.

Available NOW!

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K.A. Young has joined forces with her hilarious PA Julie Bromley to bring us a light hearted comedy that you won't ever forget.
Life isn’t easy.
Just ask American born Phoebe Hawkins and British born Lizbeth Bates, two insecure women in their mid twenties who are trying to stay positive in the face of their own awkwardness, chaos, and utter humiliation.
Friends for nearly ten years, Phoebe and Liz are well aware that neither of their brains possesses a filter. After Liz moves from the UK to America the two accidentally land jobs at an up and coming media company that is testing their very own version of a modern day Dear Abby/Agony Aunt advice column.
Laughter, tears and inappropriate behavior follow as the two desperately try to live up to their role as The American and The Brit.


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Penning a foreword is something that I can now cross off on my bucket list. This book is a perfect fit for me. Why you ask? My Dad is a Yank, aka American and my Mum is a Limey, aka Brit. Yes, I'm very blessed to have my feet in both worlds. 

The co-authored The American and The Brit is seamlessly written and I appreciate this as I’ve collaborated on four books with my son, Adam and can understand how difficult these type projects can be. 

Hilarious from start to finish, you will surely be entertained. Phoebe and Liz draw you in from the first page with their relatable situational dilemmas.

I wish the authors, a real American and a real Brit much success, what am I saying? It will be a success.

~ Carol Kunz aka USA Today Bestselling Author Amanda Jason aka the C. in C.A. Kunz



K.A. Young

K.A. Young writes fantasy. Dark, edgy and sexy fantasy books with a strong female lead for adults, exciting adventurous fantasy books for teens and a fun comedy series for New Adults. K.A. is a non-conformist with a coffee and dark chocolate addiction. She loves the ocean, the sun, traveling, reading and spending time with her kids and hubby. 

You can keep up with her at...

Adult 18+ 
The Nephilim Warrior Series is available: Prophecy Of The Female Warrior, Destiny Of The Female Warrior, Blood Kiss and Warrior Redeemed. Wicked Night (A Nephilim Warrior Novella) Should be read after Blood Moon.

The Elise Michaels Series: Coven, Dead Spell and Blood Moon

The Molly Maddison Series: Crypt Keeper, Legends Of The Crypt and This Side of The Crypt 

(Stand Alone) Eternally Bound 

YA 14+ 
The Valkyrie Diaries: Awakening and Revealing

Comedy series:
The American and The Brit: Unsolicited Advice (Releasing August 30, 2015)


Julie Bromley

Julie lives in the West Midlands, UK with her husband and two young boys. 
She has never once thought of becoming a writer until K.A. twisted her arm up her back and convinced her that it was a great idea. K.A and Julie have been friends for just over two years and believe that they are each others Doppelganger. 

Happy to be behind the scenes, Julie owns Signed Books and Stuff, a boutique UK marketing and distribution service along with support services to authors all around the globe. She P.A's for several authors and manages Street Teams and author pages.

You can follow her here...


You can also keep up to date with Phoebe and Lizbeth (The American and The Brit) here...


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Review: The Secret Son - Joan Kilby

The Secret Son 

Review: The Secret Son - Book #1 Secrets of Cherry Lake Series - Joan Kilby - August 2015

Alex Chernoff hasn't seen his dad properly since he walked out on Alex and his mum when Alex was five years old. Now Alex is by himself as his mum has passed away and his stepdad Hank died a few years back. Turning 30 recently, Alex had planned a trip to Mexico - a nice break away. That is until he gets a birthday card in the mail from his father, someone who hasn't had any contact with him in over 20 years and now just a single card.  On his way to the airport, something strikes in Alex's mind and he decides on a whim to drive to Cherry Lake and confront his father Robert. On his way into Cherry Lake, he gets into a bit of road rage with a female driver . This turns out to be Emma , who is a family friend of Alex's half-brother Will.  Alex decides to head to the family orchard and discovers his father is away, so Alex wanting to meet him signs up to be a cherry picker till he can confront his dad about why he left him all those years ago. When he does see his dad for the first time, it's not the happy reunion Alex expected - in fact his dad goes white like a sheet.  Over the course of the novel Alex and Emma's chemistry goes , as does Alex and Robert's relationship - though they have to keep it quiet as Robert's family have no idea that Alex exists and even worse is the fact that Will - Alex's half brother is only three months older than he is . What will happen when the secret is revealed ? Will Robert's "other" family accept Alex , especially when Alex has no-one else ? Will their be a HEA in the works for Alex and Emma ? 
Find out in The Secret Son by Joan Kilby, Book #1 in a new series the "Secrets of Cherry Lake".


Review: Touch - Claire North


Review: Touch - Claire North - February 2015

When I first saw this book and read the blurb I expected a murder mystery as the cover looked creepy especially those eyes and it talked about killers on the back cover. As I started reading it though, I was in for a bumpy ride as this was one of those stories that you will find a weird read, but at the same time you will find it intriguing and addictive and you will not want to put it down as you want to keep reading and find out what happens next. The main character as we learn in Touch is known as Kepler - I am going to go with her as when I was reading the novel, I kept for some reason associating her with more of a female gender. Kepler though started out hundreds of years ago as a young boy who was beaten up and left for dead, until he grabbed the killer's ankle and next thing he knows he is in the body of his killer. So began the journey of what is known as Touch or Body-hopping and Kepler is one of many whom are called "ghosts" as they are spirits of a kind who hop from one body to another whenever they want. Some stay longer in bodies, others can be short-term or even a couple of hours . Just as long as they get done what they need to or extract some sort of information/revenge. Someone however is killing the ghosts as a ghost can die while in a hosts body and now Kepler is one of the few that are alive and well. Can Kepler stay alive as she goes through her past tracking down ex-hosts and old friends in order to stay a couple of steps ahead of the organisation Aquarius who want this ghost exterminated ? 
This was quite a fast-paced book and holds the readers attention as the chapters are only 2-4 pages long , most are 2 pages long and as I said the writing style is one that will captivate the reader and not want you to put the book down.


Review: The Heir - Kiera Cass

The Heir (The Selection, #4) 

Review: The Heir - Book #4 The Selection Series - Kiera Cass - May 2015

The Heir by Kiera Cass , is set twenty years after the third book in the Selection Series which starred America Singer and Prince Maxon.  America and Maxon got married, then as one of their first duties as King and Queen - they demolished the different castes so that everyone could be treated as equal. At first this worked, but then as the years went by chaos erupted once again and it seemed that people still held the castes with prejudice and a form of punishment and torture. Now it's Princess Eadlyn's turn - their only daughter out of four children. I have to admit though that I loved America's strong-willed personality in the first three Selection books but Eadlyn - I didn't like her character at all - I found her to be a spoilt brat and quite rude and mean-spirited as didn't she see that her parents were under pressure. A New Selection has become and Princess Eadlyn will have suitors from around the town on Illea and beyond come vying for her love and hand in marriage and of course a chance to be King. As the selection goes along, we read as Eadlyn is quite dismissive and rude but as she realises eventually that it is for the good of the kingdom , she starts to become nicer. Near the end it leaves three guys left in the Selection and wham bam the book finishes leaving the readers with a major cliffie. Two of the guys that she ends with Kile and Henri - I do like them and I have a feeling due to her past history she may choose Kile, but then we could have a major twist in the next book and Eadlyn could end up picking Erik whom is Henri's translator as Henri can't speak very good English and I have to say I do like the character of Erik. What I was hoping for which would have been nice was that when Eadlyn was talking to her mum America about the Selection that America could have talked about how she didn't want to do it and how she was in love with someone else - Aspen which would have probably made the Selection transition easier and more understanding would have been transferred to Eadlyn instead of her complete stubbornness which made her come across as a royal spoilt brat. 
I am looking forward to more in The Selection series as I am curious to whom Princess Eadlyn will choose as her King.
 This is one series that does need to be read in order and fans of the reality dating TV shows like The Bachelorette will thoroughly enjoy .


Review: The Good Girls - Sara Shepard

The Good Girls (The Perfectionists, #2) 

Review: The Good Girls - Book #2 The Perfectionists Series - Sara Shepard - June 2015

After finishing all of the Pretty Little Liars books and The Lying Game series, I decided to move on to Sara Shepard's latest series "The Perfectionists" . I was hoping that it would have a few more books but with the way that The Good Girls finished - I can tell you that this is a 2-book series as the author couldn't really develop the series any further. At the end of book #1 our five girls Ava, Caitlin, Mackenzie, Parker and Julie have been arrested with suspicion of killing not only Nolan Hotchkiss but also their film studies teacher Mr Granger. The thing though is that the girls are innocent of both crimes, who is trying to set them up ? As the book goes along, we start to discover more people dying and disappearing and in exactly the same manner as the five of them discussed in their film studies class that one afternoon of who they would like to see die and why and how they would be killed. First Nolan, then Mr Granger, then Ashley and now Leslie which leaves only Claire left on the intended target list. Can the girls warn Claire before it's too late ? Who is making the girls look guilty and who wants them to suffer ? Before , I leave but not to ruin the ending - I leave with the parting words that the ending of The Good Girls was an amazing twist that I definitely did not see coming and when I read it I was like OMFG. It was one of the best endings I have read in a long time for a series. 
 The Perfectionists series is the perfect read for fans of Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game and mystery novels where getting revenge can be deadly.


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VBT# Own Me - Lexi Scott

Own Me 

Review: Own Me - Book #3 The Silver Strand Series - Lexi Scott - August 2015

When life gives you lemons, they say that you make lemonade and in Own Me by Lexi Scott - that's just what two people will do to ensure happiness between the both of them.  Own Me starts off with Adam who is a PHD student doing grad work and he has just recieved a letter from the government telling him that he needs to return home to Israel. Despite his hard work , he has been too focused on yeast and bacteria that he forgot to fill out his papers and now his visa has expired and it's too late to apply for a new one. He can't go home as if he returns back to his homeland - he can never get the opportunity to come back to the States and he will be stuck working in a dead -end job that his father hooked up for him.  Meanwhile Genevieve is on the other end of the scale, she has brains but has trouble focusing and Adam is her tutor. She is finding it hard being at home as she is seen as useless but Adam knows deep down she is a great person. If Genevieve doesn't pass her courses , then she will fail - so she can't lose Adam. Recently , though her life has been difficult as her childhood friend and crush Deo has just announced his engagement and is getting married. Fast forward to the party and Adam is working as a caterer. One thing leads to another and Genevieve gives Adam the perfect way to stay in the US - he marries her and so begins a whirlwind relationship and marriage that at the beginning is just two friends helping each other but of course over time they start to develop actual feelings for one another.  Can the pair make this marriage work and actually let down their walls for one another and prove not only to their families but to immigration - that they love each other and that this wedding isn't a sham for Adam to just get a green card .
Find out in Book #3 Silver Strand Series "Own Me" .


Review: Sugar Baby Beautiful - JJ McAvoy

Sugar Baby Beautiful 

Review: Sugar Baby Beautiful - JJ McAvoy - August 2015

One of my most favourite authors that I find edgy and love reading is JJ McAvoy, so when I was given the chance to read the newest book by this author , I jumped at the chance and I loved it to bits. This was definitely one of those books that will send you spiralling down the rabbit hole and into a world filled with twists and turns that you never expected coming . The book starts off with three friends Cleo, Mark and our main female character Felicity. Cleo and Mark met Felicity in juvie when they were younger and now they are about to introduce her to the world of Sugar Daddies and Mamas. Felicity ends up attending a Sugar party and meets Theodore Darcy whom is taken aback by Felicity when he discovers her playing music. He wants her , but the thing is she doesn't want him except for sex - she doesn't expect anything in return and so begins an interesting back and forward relationship as lovers and co-workers for Mr Darcy and Felicity. All is going well and positive , until people start digging into Felicity's background and soon she discovers her whole life starting to unravel and secrets, truths and a life she has built up for herself over the years starts to crumble and not slowly either but hard and fast it comes falling down. Not to give the story away and the major twist and turn of events, I shall finish here by leaving you the parting words of "if you are wanting an amazing novel that will suck you right in from page one and as you near the end leaving you bewildered but reading on as you have to see how things play out" then readers Sugar Baby Beautiful by JJ McAvoy is the read that should be Number #1 on your TBR piles for 2015.


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