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Review: Popular - Maya Van Wagenen

    Review: Popular - A Memoir - Maya Van Wagenen - April 2014 What would you do in order to become one of the popular crowd ? Would you undergo an experiment in order to see how a change in personality on the outside could land you sitting at the popular kids table ? Maya's family loved antiques and classic items and one day her father brought her a 1950's guide to being a teenage girl written by former 50's model Betty Cornell. Maya decided to for the year adapt the 50's ettiquette, fashion and the whole she-bang in order to see whether the same rules still applied to today's society and whether it made a difference or if she got a reaction from her peers. Popular was a quick read and very fascinating as each month we read as Maya tries something different and new from 50's fashion to hairstyles to posture. We read as Maya soon discovers who her friends are and that the popular kids are exactly the same as everyone else and that they hold the sa

Review: The A Circuit - Catherine Hapka and Georgina Bloomberg

    Review: The A Circuit - Book #1 The A Circuit Series - Catherine Hapka and Georgina Bloomberg - May 2011 Were you a fan of the book series Pony Pals and The Saddle Club growing up ? Do you love reading high school novels like Lisi Harrison's The Clique ? If so ,then you will enjoy this duo author's series The A Circuit. Book #1 introduces us to the characters of this riding club and all it's stars. Zara, daughter of a Rock Star and a Movie Actress is the newcomer and it seems that her snobby and rich girl act isn't going to sway any minds here at the club and she will find herself treated just like everybody else.  Kate is one of the workers who is training to be a Vet and works fulltime at the horse ranch and Tommi - she is daughter to one of the wealthiest guys in New York but her passion is horses and despite her family connections, she would love nothing better than to be a professional horse rider.  The A Circuit follows the girls through horse

Review: Sabotaged - Dani Pettrey

    Review: Sabotaged - Book #5 Alaskan Courage Series - Dani Pettrey - February 2015 As this series draws to an end, we finally reach the last member of the McKenna family - Reef. For those who have read the previous books, will remember Reef as the playboy of the family and the one who was the free spirited racer and adrenaline junkie. At the end of the last book, we saw Reef return home and he had found God and was a changed man. In Sabotaged, there is a race going on and he has been paired with Kirra Jacobs - a girl he has known his whole life. When something strange happens and Kirra's uncle Frank doesn't check in, she knows something is not right and due to the weather - if he's out there for long he may freeze to death. Reef being Kirra's roommate and buddy for the trip doesn't let her go alone, so they go off together. What will lie ahead for the pair though will be the start of a race to save not only themselves but also Kirra's Uncle F

A Murder of Crowes - Release Day Blitz‏

A Murder of Crowes Book 3 in the Shadow Series By Addison Kline  Synopsis When the life of a family dies, what happens to their secrets? Are the memories of their vitality stamped out by the darkness? Are their heirlooms and photographs stowed away, hidden from view? Can the flicker of a candle’s flame reveal the secrets of a bygone life? Or will the damp and the darkness squelch the truth forever? The Elkhart Bugle called it A Murder of Crowes. It was a clever play on words. A sinister spin on the traditional meaning of the phrase. A murder of crows - three crows gathered in unison. The trio are seen as an omen, a threat. The three stand in judgment over their peers. Self-declared kings of paupers. But on November 22, 1967, one journalist cloaked the phrase in further darkness when Ellis Crowe and two of his adult sons, Warren and Jasper Crowe, were murdered just moments after they had finished their evening dinner. There were witnesses who had watched the ord