Saturday, September 25, 2021

VBT# Of the Lilin - Paulette Hampson

Of the Lilin (The Sage Chronicles, #1)

Review: Of the Lilin - Book #1 The Sage Chronicles - Paulette Hampton - December 2013

When a family friend dies and Sage is the main suspect, things start to take a weird turn as she ends up hallucinating and hearing voices and seeing things. She then goes to live with her Aunt and cousin at their Bed and Breakfast. Here she goes through the moments of grief and then finds herself in a rhythm but what will happen when she starts to experience strange things including bouts of loss time that she can't explain and blackouts. As the book goes along, Sage will also see odd things and learn about her family's history with demons and archangels and learn that she isn't actually who she thought she was and that her whole life is about to get crazy. Of the Lilin was a crazy ride and a bit slow in paces and ended on a cliffhanger ending. I am interested in seeing the direction that Sage's life goes now that she has learned her destiny and family bloodlines. I don't tend to read many paranormal/fantasy reads anymore as I was just over them, but Of the Lilin was a nice change for once.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3lWjnKq

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