VBT# A Girl From Forever - Yolanda McCarthy

A Girl From Forever

Review: A Girl From Forever - Book #1 The Forever Institute - Yolanda McCarthy - August 2021

I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, but it had sounded interesting when I decided to sign up with Xpresso Book Tours. The author had contacted me as well, but seeing as I was signed up for the tour, I would read it anyway. Going into books blind is sometimes the best way to read as you don't have those expectations built up. This book starts with our main character Fern who has been communicating with someone on the outside - Rehan. It starts as a set-up to find out what is going on in the institute but for Fern and both Rehan, it will be an awakening where they will learn that everything that they have been taught was wrong and that they have both been brainwashed as truths, lies, and secrets are revealed. When Fern and Rehan decide not to return to the Forever Institute, Fern finds herself in danger as her friends are sent to "rescue" her but, of course, she doesn't need rescuing. I enjoyed A Girl From Forever, as it reminded me of the early Dystopians that were released back in the mid-2000s-2010 when the dystopian craze started up again for YA readers. I am looking forward to seeing the route that this series takes, especially with the data getting into the other students' hands- how exciting and them finding their own Anna like Fern found hers.

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