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Review: The Dolls - James Patterson and Kecia Bal

Review: The Dolls - James Patterson and Kecia Bal - August 2017 James Patterson has combined forces with his Master Class Winner Kecia Bal with this quick read mystery in a series released called Bookshots.  Lana has moved from the world of crime reporting in Chicago to the world of Business reporting in Boston. When she arrives through the newsroom is in an uproar as a few business people have turned up dead with one deep stab wound and no forced entry. The crime scenes are as clean as clean could be. Lana teams up with her experience as a crime reporter with Kristen, the Boston's to find out what is going on. She decides to use the business cover to learn about Eric, and when she talks to his wife, she learns about Eric's sex doll. As she delves deeper, Lana meets Sandra who is a sex doll who is almost like a human. She starts to develop a relationship with her but soon backfires when Sandra's owner turns up dead, and Sandra escapes. As Lana g

Review: Two - Jane Blythe

Review: Two - Book #2 Count to Ten Series - Jane Blythe - July 2016 I wasn't sure when I started this book whether it would contain the same detectives but just like it had a new mystery storyline, it also contained new detectives. The book begins with a young girl Brooke who wanted to be a "Somebody" instead of a smalltown farm girl. She ran away from home when she was fifteen. Now fifteen years later, she is heavily pregnant and goes to knock on the door of the father's house. She ends up being murdered, and the baby ripped from her womb. As the police turn up to investigate, they learn that this is one mixed up and an evil family. The Everett family have dark secrets that they don't want to be aired out in the open. The only one willing to talk is Sofia - the nicest and the black sheep of the family . She also happens to be the one whom Detective Ryan Xander is in love with . As more family members start dying, it is clear someone is