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VBT# Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows - Dr. Rachel Wellner MD.

VBT# Review - Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows - Dr. Rachel Wellner MD - June 2021 This cute little indie read Dr. Marsha and the Case of the Missing Hot Dogs and Marshmallows by Dr. Rachel Wellner MD was not only great as an introduction to the genre of mystery stories for preschoolers/ early primary school-aged children as this book is perfect for children aged 4-8 years old. It also introduces children to a mixture of animals that can only be found in Australia and also only in the US. The book starts in Australia with Dr. Marsha and her friends, she has received a letter from her cousin who is the Mayor of Washington DC in America. It is the 4th July festival coming up which is a major holiday in the US and someone has stolen their Hot Dogs and Marshmallows and now the animals are worried as this is the main part of their festival. Now Dr. Marsha and her friends are on a plane to the US to help solve the mystery and not only do their help solve th

VBT# Mother's Love - Diana Aleksandrova

Review: Mother's Love - Diana Aleksandrova - November 2021 This very cute illustrated book written by Diana Aleksandrova and Illustrated by Svilen Dimitrov was such a fun read and shows the powerful love of Mothers and their Babies. Each page features a different animal and the way they love their children. At the end of the book to it shares some facts about the different animals and their babies, for example, an Octopus can in a lifetime lay about 100,000 eggs - however not all those eggs will survive and grow into baby octopuses. As I used to work in the library as a Children's and Teens Programme specialist and running toddler time which is a storytime for 0-4 years old. Mother's Love would have been the perfect book to read during a Mother's Day session or a session celebrating Parents especially Mothers or even an Animals session as the pictures and story is adorable. Mother's Love by Diana Aleksandrova is aimed at children aged 3-6 years old. Amazon: h

VBT# Book Spotlight - Cut and Run - Annabelle Lewis

Synopsis: Cut and Run - Book #2 - Annabelle Lewis - August 2021 Their story continues . . . The four Boston clairvoyants, blessed—or cursed—with special powers, must fight a ruthless enemy and stop injustice. In Dead Cat, Run, the Sisters of Fate drove them together, but at what cost? The God Apollo wasn’t playing around. He’s still dead set on vengeance. Sinister forces will have a wicked agenda. An energy grab, a mineral rights war, and deadly mercenaries create a mortally serious game. But the psychics’ sibylline abilities aside, they’re only human. At least three of them are. (What’s up with that?) Can they stop the killers? And who will survive? An energetic contemporary thriller, Cut and Run will have you on the edge of your seat as the dance between good and evil resumes. As they drove down a small gravel hill, Duke’s eyes roamed the parking lot. Relieved to spot the particular vehicle they needed, he pointed to it before slowly pulling up to the front door of the Gr