Monday, October 29, 2012

Review: Now You See Me - Marilyn Kaye

Have you been following my reviews in the Gifted Series ?
Get ready for Book #5 in the Gifted Series featuring Tracey Devon.
Review: Now You See Me - Book #5 Gifted Series - Marilyn Kaye - 2010
One of the main things that I love about this series is that you don't have to read it in complete order e.g if you have somehow ended up getting the books not in order - it's alright as you can easily read each book and catch up on the series and what's happening with our favourite gifted children.
Book #5 follows Tracey Devon, though really like Amanda she has featured in more than one of the books as a strong character due to her ability.  Tracey Devon has the ability to fade into the background and disappear, it tends to happen when she has an overcome wave of emotions like the feeling of left behindness. Though, with the help of the Gifted Class , she is learning to control her acts of disappearances . When strange things start happening and soon the whole class find their gifts exposed and at risk, it seems that their might be a spy inside the classroom. Who can it be and what do they want as we read about Jenna being framed for a crime she didn't commit and when Amanda signs up as Office assistant - the fingers start pointing at her. Tracey , though believes that while Amanda can be a B***H she's not evil enough to betray her classmates or is she ? While the rest of Tracey's friends gang up on Amanda to see if she will crack whats she hiding , Tracey will use her ability to follow into the lives of her classmates and see if she can find out which one is betraying their secrets and why ?
I found Book #5 more of a fast-paced and enjoyable plot with lots going on as some of the previous tales were a bit slow.
Another great installment in the Gifted Series by Marilyn Kaye.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Review: Downfall - Terri Blackstock

Looking for a Christian Fiction novel to engage yourself in ?
Love reading books with edgy content ?
Prefer Edgy Christian Fiction ?
Have you read the first two books in Terri Blackstock's Intervention series ?
1) Intervention and 2) Vicious Cycle.
Review: Downfall- Book #3 Intervention Series - Terri Blackstock - February 2012
Do you love reading Edgy Christian fiction ? Find it more engrossing than your everyday sweet, inspirational, romantic or Amish christian fiction ? For me personally, I have always been a huge fan of this theme of genre as it excites me, it intrigues and draws me in as well as the fact it is fascinating to read about. Downfall is the third book in Terri Blackstock's Intervention series which follows the Covington family of Emily, Lance and their mother Barbara. Downfall is set two years later and Emily is now sober, clean and getting back on track with her life as she works part-time at a local rehab centre helping those get through what she has been through as well as studying at the local college. Downfall starts with a murder and the attempt to bomb Emily's car , soon the events flashback to a conversation that was held at the Rehab centre where Emily worked , when another woman is killed and evidence is found on the scene which points to Emily -is it all connected ? Due to her past, Emily is soon arrested and now it is left up to the rest of her family and her mum's new boyfriend Police Officer Kent to help find out who is setting Emily up and why ?
Will the killer succeed in making Emily look guilty and cause her to partake in old habits which will lead her to a downfall or will she in her dire strait rise from the ashes and show that it is she who is the better person ?
A great conclusion to an awesome series , I do however advise reading the series in order but if for some reason you can't get hold of Book #2 . Then please just read Book #1 as otherwise you will miss out on the understandings of the characters and the backstory that leads up to most of the events in Downfall.

Review: Butterfly Summer - Anne-Marie Conway

What happens when you discover you have been shied away from truths and fed lies ?
Review: Butterfly Summer - Anne-Marie Conway - May 2012
What happens when everything you thought you ever knew about your life turned out to be a lie ? Butterfly Summer tells the tale of Becky who at age 12 moves to the smalltown of Oakbridge with her mother. Becky thinks that moving out to the middle of nowhere will be boring with a capital B but what happens when she finds a photo of her mum taken 12 years before she was born holding a baby girl. Who is the baby and how did she not know that she had a sister ? On the same day, Becky recieves a mysterious note telling her to meet at Butterfly Garden after 11am . Becky heads down there and meets a strange girl named Rosa-May aka Fish. Soon though, Becky is thrown headfirst into a world where she finds Oakbridge familiar yet she hasnt been here before or has she and her new friend Rosa-May is starting to seem a bit possessive over Becky . Will Becky discover what secrets her mother is hiding and the truth about who Rosa-May is ?
There's no such thing as ghosts or is there as we turn the pages of Butterfly Summer and try and figure out the intensity and mystery of the story.
A fun read, that you won't what to put down as you discover the truths behind the lies.

Review: No Sex in the City - Randa Abdel-Fattah

Looking for a new chicklit novel to devour ?
Did you love the TV Show Sex in the City , are you an Austen fan ?
Join Aussie author Randa in her new book and the first written for the adult audience "No Sex in the City".
Review: No Sex in the City - Randa Abdel-Fattah - July 2012
Randa has achieved what many try to do and fail at , she has successfully completed the transisition of writing for children and young persons to writing her first adults novel. I had tried to read her Teen books but found them quite hard to get into , but with No Sex in the City I was hooked from the first page whether it be due to the Jane Austen opener where Randa had used the Pride and Prejudice famous quote to help shape her story or the fact that I could relate and for me , in a way I was a Ruby or a Lisa  . No Sex in the City follows four best friends since college , together they are a melting pot of cultures but they all have one thing in common - they are all single and definitely not getting any sex on. The main character of the story is Esme - a Muslim who works for a sleazy boss in an Employment agency and due to family constraints and situations she must endure her job. For me, I was able to connect on the second half with family constraints as I am in a similar boat, not as extreme as Esme but still there nonetheless. All Esme wants in life is a Muslim husband and one that will treat her as an equal and is intelligent enough to have a decent conversation with - Will Esme find her Muslim Prince ? Nirvana - the Indian of the group hopes to find herself an Indian prince and when she does and Anil asks her hand in marriage will she accept or will she realise that her family and friends are more important than wealth and fortune ? Ruby- the Greek orthodox is looking for a husband from the Greek community , the other thing though is Ruby is obsessed with Astrology so he has to be compatible with her Gemini. When she sets her sights on Alex the Greek Personal Trainer who is an Aries, will he be compatible or will he be another dud ? Lisa is just looking for Mr. Perfect and at this point in life , she is starting to consider that maybe she is too old for Marriage and it may never happen . Halfway through the novel , I thought Lisa was a lesbian , but she didn't "officially come out" but who knows.
No Sex in the City is an awesome story for all those women in their mid-to-late twenties who believe that maybe they won't get their happily ever after as all their friends are having children and married. But for those women as I sometimes feel myself in that boat - we will get our happily ever after one day.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Ada's Rules - Alice Randall

 Do you love reading African-American Fiction ?
Looking for a good book to read ?
Review: Ada's Rules - Alice Randall - April 2012
When I saw this book, I wasn't too sure what to expect and as soon as I cracked it open , I could swear I was reading an autobiographical novel of Alice Randall's life. Ada's Rules is in fact a fictional autobiographical set novel about housewife and Preacher Wife Ada Howard. The novel starts when she recieves an invitation to her college reunion , once skinny and beautiful Ada has felt that she has let herself go over the years and feeling deprived of love at home she has her eyes set on her college crush Matt Mason.  In order to make herself perfect, Ada decides to make a goal to lose one hundred pounds in a year and sets to herself goals to research different methods of dieting , excercise in order to find the perfect solution for her. We read as over the year , pulling bits and pieces of advice from friends, family and diet books Ada writes a list of Diet Rules.  In dieting though, she soon finds herself re-discovering who she really is and comes to the realisation that her marriage is failing and that it may be time to move on . Will Ada's rules lead her to Divorce or will they help save her marriage from tatters ? Without giving too much away, this was one of the best African-American novels I have read in a long time and I recommend it to everyone to read as it is one book that everyone who has ever had a thought of low self-esteem or weight issues will be able to connect to and enjoy and think "OMG , That's Like Me or I Do That ".


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Marilyn Kaye

Are you following my reviews of Marilyn Kaye's series "Gifted". We have had Book #1 and #4 featured on The Phantom Paragrapher, so readers today .... Get ready for Book #3 - Emily's Story.
Review: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Book #3 Gifted Series - Marilyn Kaye - 2009
Following the Gifted Series , in which we meet a classroom of teens - all from different walks of life and social statuses with one thing in common. They all possess a special ability that others do not have. For Amanda - it is the gift of body snatching , Ken has the gift of hearing the dead and Tracey - the ability to go invisible. In Here Today, Gone Tomorrow we meet Emily - her gift is that she has future premonitions though we are about to learn that besides the class , she is alone and her gift has plagued her and the worst thing is that sometimes her visions can be muddled or worse- not even come true as things can change in the course of the day. Emily has been having visions that her classmates one by one are disappearing , and when she arrives at school - the first classmate is gone and the next and so forth, until four students are gone. Emily finds herself one of those to go missing . It seems that somebody has learnt their hidden secrets and want to use them for evil and in Book #3 , they want to use the gifts to rob banks for them. Can Emily help use her visions to discover where those kidnapped are ?
Find out in Gifted #3 - Here Today , Gone Tomorrow and stay tuned as I review more in the Gifted series by Marilyn Kaye.
P.S - If you haven't checked out her single novel Penelope - Do so as it was awesome and has also been made into a film starring Christina Ricci , James McAvoy and Reese Witherspoon.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - Victoria Connelly

Looking for an Austen-related read ?
Have you read Book #1 in the Austen Addicts series by Victoria Connelly and needing more ?
Review: Dreaming of Mr. Darcy - Book #2 Austen Addicts Series - Victoria Connelly - January 2012
Life is at a standstill for fledging artist and Jane Austen Addict Kay Ashton. Her mother passed away and now recently , a women she befriended in the resthome Peggy as also gone. Imagine Kay's surprise when she discovers that Peggy had no ties and wasn't a cat person and has left her estate to Kay. Now Kay , has no reason to waste about living an unhappy life. So without further adieu, Kay picks up everything and heads to the seaside coast of Lume Regis. For Jane Austen addicts, Lyme Regis was where Miss Austen brought us Persuasion. When looking at houses Kay, spots an old rundown Bed and Breakfast titled "Wentworth House" and as a true austen fan would she sees this as a sign and purchases it on the spot.  To her excitement , she has landed in Lyme Regis just as they are starting the filming of the movie "Persuasion". With a hop, skip and a jump she is landed smack-dab into the cast of actors/actresses and soon finds herself captivated and head over heels with actor Oli who is playing Captain Wentworth , but hiding around the corner - as quiet as may be is Adam - who represents the Mr. Darcy character type in Book #2. Will Kay end up as Anne Elliott marrying her Captain Wentworth or will she be an Elizabeth Bennett and wander off into the countryside with her Mr. Darcy ?
Another wonderful installment in the Austen Addicts Trilogy by Victoria Connelly and I look forward to reading Book #3.

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