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Book Blitz - Audiobook Club by Jessica Frances

Audiobook Club Jessica Frances Publication date: February 25th 2022 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance Being a police officer in a small town doesn’t often offer up many surprises. Working the night shift means I rarely see or do much of anything that doesn’t involve a speeding vehicle, or a drunken rant. And, while quiet nights are better than deadly ones, it still takes some getting used to after living in a big city for years. So, I’m rather shocked when I pull over a driver and find the dirtiest audiobook playing from the car speakers. And, paint me intrigued when the hot driver struggles to get the enticing words to stop broadcasting to the entire street. The embarrassing encounter has us both lowering our guard, and I find myself a new friend, one who suggests we start our own audiobook club. Soon, we become more than just friends as we listen and fall into stories and new worlds together and, naturally, the sexy scenes we’re listening to become a blueprin

Review: The Hoodie Girl - Yuen Wright

Review: The Hoodie Girl - Yuen Wright - August 2021 Now and again, I will come across a book that I have never heard of and the author is also unknown to me and I will give them a go. This weekend, for me that was The Hoodie Girl by Yuen Wright. As readers know, I just absolutely adore the Library App - Libby and find so many awesome reads on there. In The Hoodie Girl we meet Wren who loves to try and be invisible, she is just skating by on life and has this obsession with her Red Hoodie - it's a comfort thing we later learn as a few years ago, Wren was in a car crash with her Dad and sister Emma. Wren was the only survivor and now suffers panic attacks, nightmares, and bad anxiety. At school, she is the heads-down type of girl and has one best friend Mia. That is until one day, she is bumped into by Asher Reed -he is the school's Mr. Popular and captain of the Hockey Team. As the week goes on, Asher needs to know the girl's name and soon he learns that she is none other

Review: Jailhouse Lawyer - James Patterson and Nancy Allen

    Review: Jailhouse Lawyer - Ruby Bozarth Series - James Patterson and Nancy Allen - September 2021 As a long-time fan of James Patterson's books ever since I first discovered his books as a teenager, I always make it my goal to at least check out the new ones that are published. This one had been on my list for a few months now.  Writing with Nancy Allen, was a new name for me as I hadn't heard of any other JP books with her as a co-author.  Upon opening the book, my first impression was as I looked at the page numbers that this was quite a long James Patterson book standing at approx. 780 pages. As I got reading Jailhouse Lawyer, we were thrust into the world of new Public Defender Martha Foster who takes a job in a small town in Alabama. We learn that the previous PD committed suicide by hanging. When Martha arrives though, things are very strange and it looks like this town has its own set of court rules and operates with Judge Pickens at the helm. It's his way or n

Review: The First Day of Spring - Nancy Tucker

Review: The First Day of Spring - Nancy Tucker - May 2021| This book I had grabbed from Netgalley last year and had forgotten it amongst all my other thousands of books until recently on one of the book groups on Facebook, I belong to had posted a snippet of the first page and OMFG I read it and was like I need to read that book right now and thought before checking the library Libby app, on the off chance I would check my Kindle and there it was. So that instantly became my next read. This was a snipped from the first chapter of the book that captured my attention: I killed a little boy today. Held my hands around his throat, felt his blood pump hard against my thumbs. He wriggled and kicked and one of his knees caught me in the belly, a sharp lasso of pain. I roared. I squeezed. Sweat made it slippery between our skins but I didn't let go, pressed and pressed until my nails were white. It was easier than I thought it would be. Sound fantastic right??? In The First Day of Spri