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'Wrecked' by H.P. Landry Book Release Blast

  Today's BB Is H. P Landry's new book "Wrecked" , this book is one that holds quite importance to me as I know the author and have been with her from the beginning and now with the due date coming fast, I cannot wait to read it.   Synopsis: Wrecked - H.P Landry - August 2013 Mylie Mier's life is overshadowed by tragedy and heartbreak. She refuses to settle for Mr. Right Now and is holding out for her happily ever after. Then she meets Damien James. Arriving in Pointe Hope was the pinnacle of Damien James' success. He finally had everything he worked so hard for and life is going as planned--until he catches a predator attempting to defile a helpless victim. Mylie enters his life with the all the subtleness of a freight train. Their connection is instantaneous but Damien is jaded and refuses to acknowledge his attraction. Though mesmerized, Mylie quickly realizes that her savior is a pretentious jerk. They fight their obvious connectio

Review: Omens - Kelley Armstrong

    Today's review is a new series by Kelley Armstrong - one of my favourite Supernatural/Paranormal writers.   Review: Omens - Book #1 Cainsville Series - Kelley Armstrong - August 2013 This book has been sitting on my wishlist as I am a big Kelley Armstrong fan and have read everything by her, so when it came in the new books at the library I just knew I had to read it. Even more was the fact that I got the cover in the middle, it held a creepy feeling - almost like a Stephen King novel type cover . This excited me and I just couldn't wait to get stuck into the novel. Omens started out great with Olivia Taylor-Jones discovering she was adopted and that her birth parents are America's most notorious serial-killers wanted for murdering eight couples when she was a baby. Now twenty-four years later , the truth is out and everyone wants a piece of Olivia - be it for the fact of who her birth parents are and she is viewed to be an evil incarnation or the fact

VBT# Catalyst - Jennifer Snyder

  Today's review VBT# stop is Jennifer Snyder's book "Catalyst" , the first in her Tethered Series.   Review: Catalyst - Book #1 Tethered Series - Jennifer Snyder - May 2013 Growing up Addison Avery Harmon figured she was just like any other child , until she was 17 and found out that she was adopted and that her biological grandmother has passed away and left Addison, her house by the beach. Addison along with her friend Vera, head to the house this summer to check it out and help Avery decide what she wants to do with it. The town though is giving off the "creepy" vibes and the readers wonder how long it will be before A) Addison  is told who she really is and B) we discover what Addison  is capable of and of course C) we wonder whether the prophecy at the beginning of the novel will happen now that she is back on "home turf" . It seems that in order for there to be a balance of powers , there needs to be all four elements toge

Cover Reveal : 'Brightly' by Kaye Thornbrugh

  First there was a "Flicker" of Light that started to shine :   And now that little light is shining ever so "Brightly" with Book #2.     Synopsis: Brightly - Book #2 Flicker Series - Kaye Thornbrugh - November 2013 After escaping the faeries that held her prisoner in Otherworld, Lee Capren has made a new life for herself. When she’s not slinging spells with her monster-wrangling roommate, Filo, or honing her new found magical abilities with her boyfriend, Nasser, she’s working in a shop that caters to Bridgestone City’s magical crowd. It’s not exactly a normal life… but it’s hers. Everything changes when three strangers arrive with a desperate plea for help and a connection to Filo’s cruel former masters. Lee and her friends are soon swept up in the strangers’ quest to break a curse that plagues their island home. Unraveling the secret of the curse will take them from an island where merfolk swim in the coves to a hidden city b

Cover Reveal : Darkness Watching by Emma L. Adams

Today's cover reveal is Book#1 in Emma Adam's new series "Darkworld". Remember people out there in the shadows the " Darkness (is) Watching ".   Synopsis: Darkness Watching - Emma L. Adams - October 2013 Eighteen-year-old Ashlyn is one interview away from her future when she first sees the demons. She thinks she's losing her mind, but the truth is far more frightening: she can see into the Darkworld, the home of spirits– and the darkness is staring back. Desperate to escape the demons, Ash accepts a place at a university in the small town of Blackstone, in the middle of nowhere - little knowing that it isn't coincidence that led her there but the pull of the Venantium, the sorcerers who maintain the barrier keeping demons from crossing from the Darkworld into our own world. All-night parties, new friendships and a life without rules or limits are all part of the package of student life - but demons still stalk Ash, and t