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London Bound by Nana Malone Cover Reveal

    Synopsis: London Bound - Book #1 Chase Brothers - Nana Malone - April 2014 It wasn’t exactly like spunky, photography student, Abbie Nartey ran away from her life…except, that she left under the cover of darkness and put three thousand miles between her and her ex-boyfriend’s betrayal. She went to London searching for her dream. She never expected to find love, or herself. Heir to his family’s tech fortune, sexy, Alexi Chase, is looking for freedom—from his family and from his past. What he’s not looking for is love. With secrets like his, he can’t afford to let anyone get too close. But a chance rescue has him wondering if the price of keeping secrets is too high. Will Alexi risk losing love to keep his past hidden? Will Abbie trust herself enough to love again? Or will their pasts keep then from accepting true love? This book contains mature themes and is intended for audiences 18+ Goodreads Link:

VBT# Moore to Loose - Julie Richman

    Synopsis: Moore Than Forever - Book #3 Needing More Series - Julie Richman - February 2014 "You have no idea of what you do to me, Baby Girl." "It's smoochal." Is the love they always dreamed of enough? Continuing the emotional journey of love and betrayal that began on a college campus in Searching for Moore and turned their worlds upside down in Moore to Lose, handsome, California entrepreneur Schooner Moore and sharp and sassy, New York advertising agency owner Mia Silver continue to be confronted with the harsh reality of the remnants from the lives they lived apart for 24 years. Now, Schooner Moore and Mia Silver face the ultimate challenge - were they really meant to be together or will their pasts continue to tear them apart? On the heels of the birth of their newborn son, Nathaniel, Schooner and Mia must decide if their love and loyalty to one another is strong enough to learn to grow together as a couple or if the lif

Book Blitz : Stalkers - Part Two - Blog Stalker by Phil Taylor

    Bio: Phil Taylor:     Phil Taylor is a father of three, husband to one, and life-long smart ass to many. He has been well trained by his two dogs and a cat and is a loyal servant to them all. He has a Master's degree in Psychology and after trying stand-up comedy he turned to writing. His two fiction novels, White Picket Prisons and The Sneaker Tree are dedicated to the life-long friends that shaped his life. His third book, Fifty Shades of Phil , is the fifty best humor essays from the first eight years of his blog The Phil Factor .      Excerpt from Blog Stalker : The Phil Factor: Where Sarcasm Gets Drunk and Lets its Hair Down Friday July 19, 2013 There’s More than One Way to Skin a Cat Really? More than one way to skin a cat? Who the hell did that experiment? I hope his neighbors called the SPCA on him, or her. Secondarily, just out of curiosity, how many ways are there? Shouldn’t there be a saying that goes, “ There’s

Cover Reveal: A Match Made in Hell by Gladys Quintal

  Synopsis: A Match Made in Hell - Book #5 The Dream Series - April 2014 Gabriel is beyond furious when he discovers Chloe was responsible for the untimely demise of his beloved brother. Will Moyra succeed in protecting her friend from the four hundred year old vampire intent on vengeance? The evil Elizabeth has betrayed them all. Her deceit could find Sebastian burning in the fires of hell for all eternity and force a wedge between Alexi and Cassandra foreve r.    

RockStar 99c Sale :)

For one day only, some of the RockStarLit PR Authors have come together to bring you an awesome sale! With titles from Elle Chardou, Karla Doyle, Emma Grayson, Kendall Grey, Sloan Johnson, Kimberly Knight, Emily Minton, Carly Phillips, LB Simmons, and Tara Sivec all on sale for only 99¢! All the titles and the links are below, so pick up a few great reads for the weekend or for when you need to curl up with a good book! But either way, be sure to grab them at this great price while you can! Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes &; Noble Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes & Noble Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes & Noble Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes & Noble Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes &; Noble Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes &Noble   Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes &; Noble Goodreads Amazon US | Amazon UK Barnes & Nobl

Head Above Water by Amber Garza Book Blitz

    Synopsis: Head Above Water - Amber Garza - February 2014 Sometimes all you need is someone to hold you up. Harper Elliott knows what it feels like to drown. To be unable to breath, to feel the crushing weight of your lungs collapsing while waves crash over your head and the surface is just out of reach. The ocean has stolen way too much from her and her family. Even though she lives just miles from the beach she rarely ever steps foot on it, and never goes in the water. Until she meets Tag Williams, the sexy lifeguard with the funny name, kind smile, genuine eyes and smoking hot body. He makes Harper want to do more than just stick her toes in to test the waters. He makes her want to jump in with both feet. But if she does, can she trust Tag to keep her head above water? Goodreads Link :