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Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Firethorn - Ronie Kendig

I don't normally read and review Military fiction on my site , it's not that I have anything against it - I adore the TV Show ArmyWives and those action type films like A-Team but I have found the writing and plot hard to get into until now , it still was a tad difficult for me to read but it was by far one of the most enjoyable I have read.
Review: Firethorn - Book #4 Discarded Heroes - Ronie Kendig - January 2012
When it comes to genres , I'm not normally a military genre chick .For me , in order to get into it , it needs to be thrilling, fast-paced and not too confusing . I have enjoyed the likes of Lee Child , Howard Gordon, Douglas Preston and now I have a new name to add to my list Ronie Kendig. His military book Firethorn was awesome and thrilling as we read the main character on the run for his life -in a way Firethorn reminded me alot of the second part of the film "The A-Team" which I loved that film and ended up buying it on DVD. In Firethorn, we are introduced to the main leader Griffin -he is sitting in a bar with unresolved issues , a military guy comes up to him taunting him about his perfect record , his christianity and of course bringing up his dysfunctional childhood. Griffin lashes out and the next thing we know , a congressman is dead and Griffin is hurt and been sent to a maximum security prison on murder charges. The other side of the story flips to what we discover is Griffin's team of soldiers - known as Nightshade which makes sense considering that was the title of Ronie Kendig's first book in the Discarded Heroes series. More guns a-blazing , people dying , people being arrested and then we are transported back to the maximum security prison with Griffin . Arriving at the prison undercover as a pyschologist is Kaci , she has come to help Griffin escape prison as she bears bad news that somebody is destroying the Nightshade team and a few of his men are still missing. On  a race of time , Griffin with the help of Kaci and a few others must find the remaining men that are alive, help those who have been arrested and find out who is behind the target of the Nightshade Crew.
A fast-paced thrilling story that all fans of Military and Justice fiction will enjoy.

Review: Wish Upon a Star - Sarah Morgan

It's Christmas time in Chick-lit Ville with Sarah Morgan's 2011 release "Wish Upon A Star"
Review: Wish Upon a Star - Sarah Morgan - October 2011
It's Christmas time and the snow is falling , it should be one of the most romantic times of the year but for four people it isn't though with the Christmas joyous season, their lucks are about to change.
Wish upon a star contains two stories both set in the Lakes District ( home of Beatrix Potter) . The first is Christy and Alessandro's tale ,  a few months ago Christy was fed up and decided to up and leave and take the children with her to London to stay with her brother Pete. Expecting , Alesssandro to come chasing afterwards , she stayed but alas he never came. Angry, she thinks he doesn't want to save their marriage but when her two children Kate and Ben want to go home for Christmas Christy tag-alongs. However, Kate and Ben have only one wish this christmas - to get their parent's back together , a real English Parent Trap. This christmas Christy and Alessandro's love for each other will have to test the time and see if there is still a chance for it to stand strong . Will Kate and Ben's christmas wish be granted ? Can Christy reconnect with her husband or is this just another failed attempt on her side ?
The second story is Miranda and Jake's tale , Jake has always been seen as a ladies man , with a different girl each week.  He has only ever loved one women - Christy , the wife of his best friend Alessandro. One day when working with the Mountain rescue team he comes across Miranda , a women who slipped during a climb. Jake feels an instant connection with her, but unfortunately everytime he tries to get close, Miranda pushes him away. For a relationship to work, one must rely on complete honesty but can the pair of them face what's holding them back in order to move on . When Miranda can't hide her dark secret anymore about her past relationship history , will Jake stand by her and prove to her that their connection is unbreakable or will he too be running for the mountains ?
With "Wish upon a Star" , this Christmas four people will discover the true meaning of love. A tale of second chances, relationship do's and don'ts and Christmas spirit.

Becoming Fearless - Michelle Aguilar

Have you noticed that once people have been on Reality TV Shows, that their lives seem to encounter many amazing opportunites. I never really had thought anything about it until reading First Date by Krista McGee - a fictional christian based reality TV show novel but then I started to look around and well it's true , a way to get noticed whether good or bad is to star on Reality TV.
In this synopsis I bring you a book written by Michelle Aguilar , all about her christian journey and experiences with her lifestyle etc. Michelle Aguilar - this is where the reality TV part comes in was the winner of the Season Six of weight loss show "The Biggest Loser" where particpants enter to lose the most weight.

Synopsis: Becoming Fearless - Michelle Aguilar - October 2011
As the Season 6 winner of The Biggest Loser, Michelle Aguilar goes beyond her grand-prize victory to inspire readers to overcome fear.
In Becoming Fearless, readers will discover Aguilar's motivation not only for winning the show, but facing her deep seated fears. They will discover they have a lot to lose as well-whether it's fear, weight, or insecurities that keep them from living a full life.
Becoming Fearless is a story of reconciliation between a mother and a daughter, a testament to the power of forgiveness, and a reminder that the journey is even more important than the destination. It is an encouragement to "feel the fear" in any situation without being paralyzed by it. Will you have faith in God when you've lost faith in yourself?As the Season 6 winner of NBC's hit reality showThe Biggest Loser, Michelle Aguilar inspires people globally with her powerful story. Since winning the show, she's been featured in national magazines and made appearances on hit television shows including TODAY, Larry King Live, Ellen and Rachael Ray. Staying true to her Christian roots, Michelle is also a prominent voice for the I Am Second movement and was a featured speaker for the 2010 Imagine Tour of Women of Faith. She lends her voice to several wellness campaigns, including Got Milk. Today, a resident of Texas with her husband Micah, Michelle continues traveling the country as a motivational speaker. Her website is www.michelleaguilar.me.


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Review: Rose's Pledge - Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity

Looking for a historical Christian fiction novel ? Check out one of Barbour's January releases :)
Review: Rose's Pledge - Harwood House Book #1 - Dianna Crawford and Sally Laity- January 2012
Rose has always been the responsible sister and when a constable arrives on her families doorstep looking for her father as he is to be arrested for unpaid debts , Rose decides to do whatever she can to save her father , so she gathers up all her families property and heads to the Bristol Markets to sell what she can . When she arrives home , her family are distraught as they believe they have been robbed. Rose explains the predicament and how she has managed to save her family but their is one thing she hasn't told her family - in order to get the right amount of money to save her father , she had to sell herself.  We then are transported to a servant sale and it seems that her other sisters have offered to stand beside Rose and raise the money for their family. Mariah is sold to Colin , Lucy finds herself due to Rose's help with a lovely older couple and Rose finds herself with Mr Smith. Mr Smith takes Rose on a journey with him into Indian Country, along the journey tags Nate Kinyon , he has fallen in love with Rose and will do anything to save her from Mr Smith's grubby paws and the leering bachelors. On the journey, Rose meets a young women Helen who has been widowed and hurt , Helen is not alone though, she has a little babe named Jenny . Helen's last wish is for Rose to protect Jenny, so during the remainder of the journey Rose cares for Jenny. Will Rose get to keep Jenny when her grandparents are located ? Will Rose be free of Mr. Smith and Nate recieve his dream girl ?

Review: High Five - Janet Evanovich

Making my way through the Stephanie Plum series , what I find amazing is that I only read the first book because the movie was coming out and to be honest I wasn't sure how much I would enjoy the books but OMG I am actually really enjoying them and I so cannot wait to see the film and see who they have cast as Joe Morelli and Ranger. So readers, I bring you Book #5 - High Five.
Review : High Five - Book #5 Stephanie Plum Series - Janet Evanovich - June 2000
Things have been very quiet in the world of Bounty hunter ville , Stephanie is running out of money so she will take whatever case she can including the capture of a little man which will take a turn for the worst when part of his bail agreement till his court date is to stay with Stephanie . If this wasn't enough , she seems to be attracting the attention of alot of males in High Five. From Alan Sempskey, the bank manager - he is one of the people Stephanie has been chatting to for information and leads as the story in High Five surrounds the mystery of her Uncle Fred who has disappeared , we have Briggs - the little guy who jumped Bail who is now living in Stephanie's one-bedroom apartment , Mr. Bunchy - the so-called bookie who has been tailing Stephanie and she's so sure he has something to do with the disappearance of Uncle Fred , Ramirez the boxer who left a half-dead Lula in the first book on Stephanie's fire escape has been released from prison on parole and has a desire to clean up some unfinished business e.g having his way with Stephanie. However, it seems that if Ramirez wants his way with Stephanie he will have to line up as Joe Morelli and Ranger seem to be both wanting their own way with Stephanie. I enjoyed this novel as we have watched Stephanie flirt with Joe Morelli as they continue in High Five but now it seems that Joe may have some competition with Ranger as emotions and passion start to fly between the two as Stephanie does some odd jobs for Ranger to earn some extra dough.
Another fabulous story , though what I did notice was that I felt the Uncle Fred storyline was left hanging in the last few chapters and a little spoiler alert which was hilarious - Stephanie's dad Frank ends up tasered by Grandma Mazur :P and of course what would a Stephanie Plum story be without car trouble as she goes through bot one but two cars in High Five .

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: First Date - Krista McGee

Today's book from Booksneeze is a YA or as we call it in New Zealand , a Teens Novel. I would have to say in terms of a Romance Christian Fiction for Teens , this would have to be one of the best ones I have ever read .

Review: First Date - Krista McGee - Jan 2012
When picking e-books to review from Booksneeze, sometimes it is a lucky dip unless the author is one you are familiar with or in this case, the cover of this book looked really good, so I thought I would give it a read and OMG it was amazing and I loved it too bits.
If you have ever watched reality TV Shows like Beauty and the Geek or The Bachelor , then it will give you an idea of what First Date is like. Jonathan Jackson, is the son of the President and his father for publicity has chosen 100 girls to compete to win a date with his son to the prom. Each school has sent a representative in and from the small christian school of Tampa, Florida - the principal has chosen Addy. Addy is definitely not the type of girl to go on shows like this and especially to win the attraction of a guy , she hasn't even kissed a guy or talked to a guy properly. When Addy arrives at the Mansion, she is in for the surprise of a lifetime as the other 99 contestants are like beauty paegent queens with talent, looks etc galore and here is just plain Addy. When Addy starts being herself and following her christian values, things start to fall into place and soon the whole of America loves Addy. Though of course behind the scenes the others are jealous , the girls think her "niceness" is just an act and the producer Hank who it seems as the show "fixed" does not want Addy standing in his way. It seems though, that whenever Hank who is like the devil in this case tries to bring Addy down or get her voted off the show , God steps up his game through Addy and she's always the one with the upper hand.  As the girls are voted off and the numbers dwindle down , will Addy remain or will she be sent home ? Who will win the date of a lifetime with Jonathon Jackson in the Book of Love ?
This was one of the best romance Christian Teen books I have ever read and I look forward to reading more writings by Krista McGee.

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