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Review: Gold, Frankincense and Murder - Barbara Early

Looking for a light-hearted murder mystery ? Fond of the White Rose Publishing books ? Review: Gold, Frankincense and Murder - Barbara Early - November 2011 Looking for a nice light-hearted murder mystery ? Nothing too heavy but still wanting the action of a murder and the suspense as the characters solve who dunnit ? . Gold, Frankincense and Murder is set in a small town , the main setting is a Foodbank , when I get old , Im one day hoping to maybe do volunteer work at Foodbank as I know how much they help and think that it is such a good cause. Working the shifts at the Foodbank is Donna , Sandy and Neal. One day just before Christmas , Neal doesn't come in for his shift - Sandy (the manager) has been ringing etc . Donna knows that this is not like Neal and stops by his apartment only to discover nobody has been there for days and checking the messages on his machine - Donna discovers Sandy has lied. What happened to Neal , where is he ? With the help of Neal's next door ne

Review : Borrowing Abby Grace Books #1 and #2 - Kelly Green

Looking for a new trilogy to read , one that's a nice quick read ? One that combines supernatural abilities with edgy content and real-life issues ? Review: The Shadow - Book #1 Borrowing Abby Grace Series - Kelly Green - October 2011 When I was approached by Kelly Green to read and review her new series, I wasn't too sure what to expect and when I started reading with "The Shadow" , I was hooked - I love these type of stories , in a way it reminded me of a softer and more realistic version of Breanna Yovanoff's "The Replacement" or Carol Snow's novel "Switch". In "The Shadow" , we discover as Abby Grace wakes up in the back of a van - it seems that she has been abducted and is suffering amnesia - how did she get here ? , what has happened? and more the fact who is she actually? Escaping from the side of the van , Abby Grace finds herself at the house of the girl - Brooke. Abby discovers that she is what is called a Shadow. They

Review: Tessa's Teacakes - Mary Manners

Wanting a sweet treat to devour this Anniversary Weekend ? Have you read "Grace's Gold" by Mary Manners -book #1 in the Sweet Treats Series ? Check out Book #3. Review: Tessa's Teacakes - Book #3 Sweet Treats Series - Mary Manners - November 2011 I have to say that I love the White Rose Publishing books as they all in their own way are amazing reads. This is the second book I have read in the Sweet Treats Series , reading and reviewing Grace's Gold.  The Sweet Treats series follows the story of four sisters , their trials and triumphs, the obstacles that they have to overcome in order to settle down and find happiness. Tessa's Teacakes follows Tessa, the baby of the four sisters. The novel starts with Tessa working at their family bakery "Sweet Treats" when she hears sirens heading towards the Crisis Center in which her brother-in-law Brent - Grace's Husband ( from Grace's Gold ) is caught in a hostage situation with an angry husband whose

Review: Kaptain Vamp - Joanne Lecuyer & Illus. Amy Rottinger

Today's book is a Children's Supernatural novel featuring our favourite creatures - Vampires. Review: Kaptain Vamp -- Joanne Lecuyer and Illustrated by Amy Rottinger- October 2011 In a world of humans and where Vampires rule the literature world, it seems nowadays more common for Vampires to live among the human world. Learn to adapt to their ways, have other ways of gaining their food sources etc. For Teens we have had Morganville Vampires , Blue Bloods etc and for the younger audience girls  we have Sienna Mercer's Vampire Twin series and now for the boys we have Joanne Lecuyer's Kaptain Vamp. Kaptain Vamp follows the life of Allistaire Varning , him and his family are Vampires though of course unlike his parents , him and his brother and sister are half-human/ half-vampires. Allistaire wishes to use his vampire powers for good and after reading and devouring comic books , he decides that in order to be a hero - he needs a costume and a superhero name - hence Kapta

Review: Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard - Melody Carlson

I've always been a fan of Christian Fiction novels and I have just discovered this awesome series called "Love Finds You" , there is alot of them and since I am supposed to be on a non-buying book binge this year , I will buy maybe one a fortnight  since I get paid fortnightly LOL:). First one up is : Review: Love Finds You in Martha's Vineyard - Massachusetts - Melody Carlson - April 2011 One of my favourite authors of all time and will be for eternity is Melody Carlson, there is something about her writing that will never bore me as I rapidly turn the pages in the book, reading page by page. A friend of mine had been talking about this series called "Love Finds You" and how wonderful it was , so I decided to purchase a few and this is the first one I have read in the series and it was actually really good and I am looking forward to reading and making my way through the complete list of titles. The other thing which was amazing about the book , was that

Review: The Pledge - Kimberly Derting

  After reading Kimberly Derting's series "The Body Finder" and enjoying it, I decided to give her new book a go , which covered a different theme and genre all together . Review: The Pledge - The Pledge Book #1 - Kimberly Derting - November 2011 " My breath is my pledge to worship my queen above all others My breath is my pledge to obey the laws of my country My breath is my pledge to respect my superiors My breath is my pledge to contribute to the progress of my class My breath is my pledge to report all who would do harm to my queen and country As I breath, I pledge". After reading Kimberly Derting's series "The Body Finder" , hence it being a supernatural and all - I didn't know exactly what to expect with the Pledge. Was it to be another supernatural novel ? No , it turned out to be of the dystopian genre. The Pledge takes us into a world with a wicked Queen , who I'm sorry to say didn't care about anyone but herself . When she