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Misguided Angel - Melissa De La Cruz

Today's Halloween read is the latest book in the Blue Bloods series by author Melissa De La Cruz.

                                                        Misguided Angel

            Review : Misguided Angel - Book #5 - Blue Bloods Series - November 2010

                                                " Young, Fabulous and Fanged"

Melissa De La Cruz's series Blue Bloods are what you get when you cross Vampires and Gossip Girl together , Upper Class rich Vampire snobs who think that just because they have money, power and fame. They can do whatever they want, and unfortunately they can.
For half-vampire, half-human and now an outcast Schuyler Van Alen is on the run with her Blue Blood lover Jack Force aka an Fallen Angel/ Vampire. They are on the run to Italy to open and find the gates of Paradise which will hopefully free Jack from his bond to his twin Mimi. However of course, things in these novels don't always fall into place as if they did -it wouldn't be much fun now, would it? Upon arriving to Italy , the two find themselves imprisoned by the Countess and now must find a way to escape and continue on their journey. Once escaped these two , find out that their is a bounty on their heads and that they must hurry before their lives are over and their fate sealed shut.
Meanwhile back in New York , Mimi now head of the Blue Blood Board finds herself embroiled in a Vampire Kidnapping and murder . Somebody is kidnapping the Vampires and torturing them whilst filming on YouTube -broadcasting it to the whole world. Can Mimi solve the case with the help of Schuyler's human conduit Oliver or is the race of Blue Bloods slowly becoming extinct ?
Read as romance, glamour and vampire lore come all nicely tied into one package in Misguided Angel.

Now all I have to do is hold out till December 2010/ January 2011 for the 6th Book in the series "Bloody Valentine".

Can't wait till then and want to find out more about your lovable Blue Bloods/ Red Bloods and Silver Bloods characters - check out the spin-off book Keys to the Repository by Melissa De La Cruz.

Moonstone - Marilee Brothers

Today's Halloween read is a special one as it not only marks the end of the October Halloween read month , but it is in fact actually Halloween -October 31st today in New Zealand , not that Halloween is actually very big and celebrated widely in New Zealand .


                         Review : Moonstone -Book #1 - Marilee Brothers - August 2008

Ever wondered if you were made for bigger and better things than the life you have been dealt ? For Allie , she has , but she just doesn't realise the full extent of it yet and what trouble and triumph it may bring for her. Allie is living in what some people may call a Trailer Trash family , just her and her mum Faye who by the sounds of it by reading the story has that disease Munchhausen Syndrome - that is if you have watched the movie The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis - a disease that you put all these illnesses on yourself and make yourself sick to gain an advantage. When Allie hits her head , strange things start happening - she finds herself developing Tele-kineses Power and a strange lady called Tribly keeps popping up and talking about some strange prophecy that Allie supposed to be the center of it all. Things soon start to fall into place when Allie's friend Kizzy whom people think is the neighbourhood witch gives her a moonstone necklace and shows Allie the path that she is supposed to fulfill. Soon Allie finds herself and her mum in danger as her powers keep developing and strange men are all after the moonstone. Soon Allie is at a crossroads and realises that she doesn't know who to trust anymore. Can Allie find somebody she can truly trust and what happens when she finally meets her father after 15years and what part does he play in the prophecy ?
Find out in Moonstone , this is one book that was easy to read and keeps you entertained from the very first page and one that I can't wait to read Book #2 and Book #3 and find out what happens to Allie and the Moonstone Journey.

Review copy obtained from Netgalley - www.netgalley.com

Before we Say Goodbye - Gabriella Ambrosio

Today's book is a sad but amazing and touching story , it is a fictional based story on the incident of a 17yr old Suicide bomber Palestine girl.

                                                          Before We Say Goodbye

                  Synopsis of : Before we say Goodbye - Gabriella Ambrosio - August 2010

The book is based on a true story of a suicide bombing which was committed by a seventeen year-old Palestinian girl from the Deheisha refugee camp at a supermarket in Kiryat Yovel, Jerusalem in 2002. The book narrates the final hours in the lives of the bomber and her victims – a seventeen year-old girl from Jerusalem and the security guard whose intervention, with his own body, saved the lives of the rest of the people at the busy market on that Passover Eve. The story begins at seven o’clock in the morning on the day of the attack and ends with the horrifying explosion. Despite the very short time span – a mere seven hours - seen from the points of view of the different characters, the book tries to portray the complex reality between Israel and Palestine.The book was published in Italian in 2004 by Nutrimenti Publishers, Italy.After receiving rave reviews all over Italy, the book became a textbook in Italian high schools as well as in several universities around the world.In 2008 the book was translated into Hebrew and published by Pardes publishing house in Israel, and also translated into Arabic and published in the Palestinian territories and other Middle Eastern countries. The book has been employed by Israeli colleges and human rights organizations working in Israel and Palestine as an educational tool.It has also won the prize for Italian novels at the Festival du Premier Romance in ChambĂ©ry France.

Barefoot - Michelle Holman

Today's book is special and close to my heart and I feel proud to be reviewing it on my site as I give you great pleasure to introduce some kiwi blood on my website amongst all the fabulous American/Other authors I have featured. Being from New Zealand myself and the fact I live only a couple hours drive from where this author resides. I present today "Michelle Holman" and her latest release "Barefoot".


                               Review : Barefoot - Michelle Holman - November 2010

Kiwi Writer Michelle is back for some more laughs and mayhem. This time round we see a sequel to her book Bonkers. For those who have read Bonkers we find out the sex of Lisa and Dan's baby , read more of Ben's sexual escapades and how he's lost so much weight and of course, what would this sequel be if it didn't feature our two loveable and hateable characters Glenn and Sherry. Barefoot tells the story of how Glenn and Sherry's one-night stand turned into one big mistake as Sherry after returning back to NZ from Denver finds herself three months pregnant. Now Sherry must embrace what little motherhood skills that she contains and try and figure a way out of this mess , of course if only life was that easy. At the same time Sherry must work through two sets of interferring and nosy parents and parents in-laws , her sister Lisa and brother-in-law Dan , her ex-boyfriend Stuart and to top it all off a stalker who seems to like the tyres on her car. A story of mayhem , family life and interferring biddies - Barefoot has it all.

Review Copy from Michelle Holman and HarperCollins NZ

Kristy's Great Idea - Ann M. Martin

Since I review a mixture of books on my website , I figured that I needed also an appropriate picture for Children's/ Juvie Fiction and I  thought that this was also a cute illustration .

Who Here remembers The Series "The Babysitters Club" by Ann .M. Martin ?
I used to read the series and I ended up reading all of them from the ages of 9-12, Imagine my surprise when at work arrived the books 1 and 2 with new covers.

Review : Kristy's Great Idea - Ann. M. Martin - Reprinted April 2010

The Cover on the left hand side is the cover that I grew up with , with all the characters of the Babysitters Club on the left hand side of the book and the picture in the middle featured all of the BSC and was set in accordance to whatever the story was or if it was about a certain individual character , they would feature on the cover in the setting of the story. The cover on the right-hand side is the new covers , to me I think that they are a bit plain and I'm not sure how much it will attract the attention of the new BSC Generation as after taking school visits at work , we are definitely in a world of "judging books by the covers" and children go for brightly covered covers , stand-out pictures.

In the first book "Kristy's Great Idea" it features the original members of the Babysitters Club - Kristy , her best friend Mary Ann , Claudia and Stacey. It starts with a simple idea and a brain flash as Kristy's little brother David Michael was locked out of the house as the Babysitter hadn't arrived and then Kristy who was supposed to babysit couldn't and passed the message on to Mary-Anne . What if , their was a babysitting service where they could ring one number and have access to them all. As Claudia's room was bigger and she also happened to be the only one with a phone in her bedroom. In Kristy's Great Idea we see the forming of the Babysitters Club which started as a phenomenon around the town of Stoneybrook in Mass and into the hearts of all teen girls , all those many moons ago.

Thinking back , I was really into Babysitters Club about 10-12 years ago now , it's been that long and now they are making a come-back and as I recall it must be that time of season as also making a comeback , slightly off topic is Sweet Valley High - another series I was so into around the same time as BSC.

As they continue reprinting the books , It will be a trip down Memory lane with re-connecting with other BSC members who arrived later on the scene like Karen ( she was someones little sister) , Mallory , Mallory's best friend Jess , Dawn ( who becomes a stepsister) , Logan ( Mary-Anne's boyfriend and best- guy friend).

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ARC Tour - Bright Young Things - Anna Godbersen

Today is my first ARC Tour Post with International Book Tours and Today's book is one I have been hanging out to read , it is the first in the newest series by Anna Godbersen, most famous for her series "The Luxe" which was like a 18th/19th Century Gossip Girl.

                                                                  Bright Young Things

                           Review : Bright Young Things - Anna Godbersen - October 2010

Author Anna Godbersen has a gift for writing books set in New York in the eras of the 1920's and 1930's. The era of flappers and country clubs , soirees and burlesque clubs - women singing jazz and opera.
Bright Young Things sets us on a journey from a little town of Union, Ohio to the big bright lights of New York City. In Union, Ohio - two girls Cordelia Grey and Letty Larkspur want action, adventure and to be rid of their small town life. Cordelia escaping on her wedding night with best friend in tow , they rush a train to New York City. Once they arrive , its a whirlwind of fun and new experiences and some of those turn out for the best and others cause break-ups. One night when out of the town, Letty and Cordelia have a huge fallout which causes them both to go their own way . Cordelia ends up dining with the rich and wealthy as she finds her long-lost daddy "the infamous" D. Grey , it is here to that she meets Astrid - a socialite and the girlfriend of her new found brother Charlie whereas Letty ends up working in a bar and living her life as one of those barely making it through. When tragedy strikes , will these three girls end up together and everything be the same like nothing had happened or will their be a cloud looming as they both have experienced some new found lessons both good and bad whilst being in New York - definitely not the fairytale they had planned for.
The only downside to the book is that I was hooked by the prologue and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen , only to discover that it was left on a cliffhanger of sorts and now I have to wait and wait for the next book in the series , to find out what happens to Cordelia, Astrid and Letty.

Provided by International Book Tours and HarperCollins Publishers New York.

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Sweetie - Kathryn Magendie

This novel though not nessecarily classed as a Christian Fiction, it talks about Sacrifices so I thought in more ways than one it should fall under this symbol.

Review : Sweetie - Kathryn Magendie- November 2010

One lucky thing with being a member of Netgalley is that as long as you play your part and agree to write reviews for the books that you have read , you get the occasional galley that of a book that is yet to be available to the mighty hordes of public.
Sweetie by Kathryn Magendie is a book that though it took me a little while to get into and understand where the story was taking me , it was a book that I was able to persevere with as normally I am one of those people who If I can't get into a book after the first couple of chapters I normally give up. I am glad I continued with this book as what I saw unfold from the odd prologue was an amazing and touching novel of two girls who became the best of friends , Melissa who was slightly on the chubby side and wore glasses and had a stutter and Sweetie - a wild and carefree tomboy and mountain girl.
The character of Melissa in a few ways I was able to relate to as her family life and the fear of being rejected is one that many of us go through and I thought how great it would have been to have a close friend like Sweetie . For me , as I moved around alot, I had a few close friends but one I have managed to stay in contact with for 20yrs + now.
We read as the two spend a wonderful and glorious summer together and become the closest of friends - blood sisters and we read as their bond stands strong and tightens, however as day by day passes by none of the girls realised that they were living on borrowed time and that just like that their friendship would cease and they would be separated for the rest of their lives.
When tragedy strikes ,these two must take a step back and re-evaluate as Sweetie makes a decision to stand by her mother and sacrifice everything whilst Melissa chooses to stand by. In Making the decisions and paths they have chosen , will this be the end of their relationship for good or will an event further on in life cause these two to meet up again, maybe not in reality but in mind?
An amazing but odd book in some parts that has really brought out the heritage and culture of the Appalachian culture.

This book was provided by www.netgalley.com

The 18 and Over Book Tag-A-Long Weekend

TGIF , and get ready for the 18 and Over Book Tag A Long Weekend .

What I Read and Reviewed:

Jewels - LaKisha Spletzer
The Macgregors Daughter - Dee Julian
In Golden Blood - Stephen Woodsworth
Song of Eidolons - Jessica McHugh
Salvation - Jacqueline Paige
The Seance - Heather Graham

This Week Question's ?

What was your favourite book that you have read in the past week ?

Mine was I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked it by Adam Selzer

The Seance - Heather Graham

Today's October Halloween read is about Ghosts and written by Heather Graham the writer  not the celebrity , though in it's own way the author is also a celebrity.

                                                        The Seance

                    Review : The Seance - Heather Graham - March 2010

I've  never actually read any of Heather Graham's books before as though I had seen them come through returns at work continuously they had never really grabbed me and silently yelled "READ ME" . However , at work the other day , The Seance came through and it had a different cover than the picture above , it was a cover that really grabbed me and I thought why not give it a go , who knows I might enjoy it and I did. I read it in about 1 hr and 15 mins over my morning tea and lunch break at work today.
In The Seance we are presented with the main character Christina who in the beginning of the novel is a 12yr old girl who sees the ghost of her Grandad only to wake up the next morning and find out he is dead , on the same day as his funeral , another guy was being buried - a policeman named Beau Kidd who was the lead suspect in a string of murders just a few plots away from her Grandad.
About 10-15 yrs later, Christina's grandmother has recently passed away and she is living in her Grandmother's house , on a whim she throws a housewarming party and an old friend brings out the Ouija Board, little does Christina and the rest of the guests know is that the Ouija Board has released the ghost of Beau Kidd and now with the murders restarting, he wants Christina's help to clear his name and solve the crimes by catching the real killer who got off Scot-free all those years ago.
This novel will keep everyone on their toes as we soon realise that the Killer is somebody close to Christina and whom you least expect. Will they catch the killer before or will Christina walk into a trap and become the next and latest victim ?

Wer'e Doing the Book Blogger Hop :)

Welcome to Today's Book Blogger Hop and it also Celebrates the Last Hop for October :)

Today's Question is :

"What is the one bookish thing you would love to have, no matter the cost?"

                                                                    Today's Answer :

Not really sure if it is considered a bookish thing , but it semi has to do with books LOL , is that Kate Spade "The Handbag Designer" has bought out a line of clutches called Book Clutches - they cost American Dollars $325 which would be $435.40 in NZ Dollars.
Here is a Picture of one of them :)
book of the month clutch

Today's Question For Reader's ?

In the Age Old Debate of are you a Team Edward or A Team Jaob ? Which do you fancy ?
on November 7th on Down the Rabbit Hole
I'll be featuring in a Team Edward Vs Team Jacob Debate and I'm Team Edward.


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The Pandoran War - Dante D'Anthony

                                                        The Pandoran War

The Pandoran War is being re-released this month , so readers if you are into Science Fiction Novels , love Novels that are similar to Resident Evil but in Space then this is the book to read.

Synopsis of The Pandoran War - Dante D'Anthony - October 2010

11 centuries from the present day Earth and Deneb 4 engage in a nuclear first strike, a holocaust, against the Arcturian Colonials, creating a dark age. Mankinds galactic civilizations falter for a millennium. But the worst has only begun. Psychic, parasitic entities of dark matter, galvanized by humanities horrific war, begin to reveal themselves-soul eating, macabre, and legion. It has taken them the long centuries to cross the intergalactic void in number since the holocausts. They are hungry.

4217. The long dark Age of Pandora is about to break its mottled, imperfect peace with a new and horrific war of galactic proportions. The smuggling Guild is contacted by a psychic in regards to extra-dimensional beings massing to swarm into our spacetime. The Cybernetic Overlords send a resurrected superspy who had been previously convicted of treason. A fleet general engages a flotilla of mercanary pirates-military veterans fed up with tyranny. An unlikely collection of strange bedfellows that must find a way to war against the nightmarish beings from the darkest corners of the multiverse...
For More Information and if you are into playing games and Interactive Websites - The Author has produced such an amazing site - http://www.pandoranwar.com 
The Book is avaliable for purchase from Smashwords and Amazon :

VBT# Salvation - Jacqueline Paige

Hey all you funky readers out there , do you need saving ? Come check out today's Virtual Book Tour provided by Goddess Fish Promotions "Salvation" by Jacqueline Paige.
We have in store for you today , a blurb of the book , a sneak peek into a chapter of the book "for your eyes only" and a guest post written by the lovely Jacqueline Paige on her views on Why an Ebook and not Print ? A topic that ever since the release of ebooks and ebook readers has been an ongoing debate/discussion of sorts.


                                   Synopsis of Salvation - Jacqueline Paige - October 2010

Tagline:  Two centuries of not existing is about to change...

Blurb: Lost in a place between living and dying, confined to roam endlessly over the same grounds for all eternity and cursed to never be seen again, Jareth wanders through time alone and longing for the sea once more. When he realizes there is one thing he yearns for more than he ever did the sea, he is tossed into a world he is unfamiliar with.

Stuck with a life that never goes her way, Miranda is determined to get at least one thing she wants. When that one thing turns out to be a sexy pirate that lived over two hundred years ago, she finds herself faced with more than one challenge to have him.

Can they break the curse and be together?

                                                             View MEDIA KIT...jpg in slide show

                                                                  Why Ebooks ?

Each time I discuss one of my books coming out or someone finds out I write I end up facing the same questions. Why would you do it online or in eformat?

So, why ebooks?

For me, I love books in any form a book can be in!!! More often than not I buy the ebook, yes I’ve been known to sit and wait for the clock to roll past midnight on a release date, and if it’s a favourite author I buy the paper version as well. It is hard to display a fabulous ebook collection on a shelf. (but my hard drives are full of them!)

The practical side to buying/publishing an ebook is – no paper, less physical storage space, less time consuming -for publisher to format for ebook formats is less time consuming than setting up paper printing – or so I’ve been told and for a reader, you don’t have to leave the house to get the book. You can shop and select and it’s instantly there on your computer when you’re finished. (Fabulous for those nights of insomnia when you’ve already read everything on paper in the house - twice!)

Before the electronic book age hit, you had to choose which book you might be in the mood to read if you were going on a trip, anticipating a long wait in an office or to read on your break. There are more reasons than these but...

Now, you can upload favourites or your ‘to read’ list onto your portable device and decide then what you’re in the mood to read. Without having to announce to the world what exactly you are reading. (because seriously, sitting in a noisy office waiting room trying to become absorbed in the latest fantastic erotic paranormal book is at times awkward if you’re displaying the sexy cover of naked yummy bodies – and the young children of the woman waiting beside you have more than noticed and asked rather loudly about it...)

So, to me reading whatever, wherever you want is a HUGE plus!!

Another thing I’d like to point out (and yes it may seem weird coming from a person that has had to actually go through boxes and boxes of paperbacks and decide (or try to) which ones you really, really HAVE to keep because you’re out of places to put them) is, sometimes a book isn’t the great success that a publisher/author would like it to be and ebooks save printing (or trees/paper and time). If the sales warrant it in ebook format, then printing it is a great idea.

I think with eformats, you can reach more people. There are far more people on the net then there are that have access to all the books stores out there in reality world. If I were an author that only had print books out there would they still reach the English person in countries that can’t find anything to read in English (I encountered this with one of my titles- someone that was stationed in Portugal was excited about ebooks because she could find something to read without having to pay shipping to have a print one mailed).

I could babble on for pages about this, but I won’t.

With all of that being said, these are a few reasons why I am signed with epublishers ...go try and ebook, you might like it!

Excerpt 3:

Setting the linen down, he looked to the clothes again. He had tried twice to work the jeans and was at a loss. He heard the door close to the front room of the house. He smiled; Miranda could show him how to put these odd things on. He grabbed the jeans and opened the bathroom door. “Miranda, I am not—” He glanced up from the jeans to see a woman—not Miranda—standing inside her door but a rather tall, light-haired woman. He offered her his most charming smile.

“Hello.” She continued to stand there with her jaw dropped open and her eyes huge. He was uncertain what he was to say as to why he was standing in Miranda’s home with a small linen cloth wrapped about his waist.

The door opened behind the silent woman and Miranda came in. She stopped abruptly and looked up at the woman.

* * * *

“Jody? When...” She looked over at Jareth standing outside the bathroom door, jeans hanging from his hand and a white towel—a small white towel—wrapped around a mouth-watering tight waist. His chest was bare, beads of water from his hair dripped down it. Had she ever seen a more tasty set of abs in her life? She didn’t think so. She worked her way...slowly...up to his face to see he knew exactly what she was thinking. He winked at her, snapping her back to the problem at hand. She turned her head back to her drooling, stunned friend, Jody. “Jody?”

Jody turned with her mouth still hanging open. She shut it with a snap and looked back over at Jareth.

Randy turned to Jareth. “Could you give us a moment, Jareth?”

He inclined his head, but not before sending her a devilish look. “Most certainly, little one.” He smiled widely at her gawking friend.

Salvation buy link:

Eternal Press : http://www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781615722174

Song of Eidolons - Jessica McHugh

Continuing on the thread of October Halloween reads , we have today a fantasy type book which has a bit of a twist to it.

                                                           Song of Eidolons

                               Review : Song of Eidolons - Jessica McHugh - November 2009

This novel starts off in what seems like a different world , one that is not in this universe , it kind of gave off a fantasy medieval type feel to it and we witness a mother with child running from captors as her husband is killed and she is next. The novel then flips over to what can only feel like today's world where Delaney Lortal is living with her Grandfather Dags in his house since the day her parents passed away. For Delaney, life within the house has been all she has ever known as for 22 years of her life , she has been like Rapunzel -locked away in her tower . This kind of reminded me of the part on Sweeney Todd where Sweeney Todd's Daughter had been locked away and kept inside the mansion or the Flowers in the Attic by Virginia Andrews. However for Delaney, it has a different effect as she is not aware that she is missing out on anything as she is surrounded by literature, her grandfather and everything she has ever desired within the comfort of her own home. Whilst reading Songs of Eidolons , I was envious of their library and her little set-up with a fold-out Queen Bed in the library and all the books she has ever wanted to read, glorious bookshelves etc.
For Delaney ,all she has ever experienced is in books and she has a knack for the written word , writing stories of love and heroism . Delaney yearns to be loved like the characters in the books she reads more fairy-tales rather than Mills and Boons though.
When Delaney finally talks her grandfather into letting her out into the big wide world to attend college , it is their that Delaney meets William and thus starts to journey of Delaney's and Williams Courtship however Delaney has a dark secret that not even she realises , one that her grandfather has been protecting her from - she is in fact a target of a clandestine order called the Orisanima and soon it will be revealed to her as Songs of Eidolons is more a journey of herself rather than a tale of everything else, that the one thing she desires most - love is the one thing that she is incapable of . Can William and Delaney overcome what obstacles and hindrances are thrown in their way or was Delaney's grandfather correct in keeping her hidden from the world and people in it ?

Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther- Ginger Garrett

This symbol of the Christy Award is alot more clearer to see than the one I had before. Today's book is a story that if you are a Christian and have read your bible or attended Sunday School etc you will be highly familiar with.

                                                                     Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther (Lost Loves of the Bible)

Review : Chosen - The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther - Lost Loves of the Bible Series - Ginger Garrett - March 2010

Gosh, where do I start . This book was absolutely and utterly amazing and it is now one of my most favourite books ever. If you have ever read the bible or attended church or even Sunday School like myself , you would have been brought up on or heard the story of Queen Esther .Chosen as one of the maidens to be set before the King as one of his brides to become the new Queen of Persia.
The story as we all are familiar with takes us back to the marketplace where Hassadah aka Esther is an orphan living with her cousin Mordecai and selling roses at the marketplace. It is at the marketplace that Esther falls in love for the first time to Cyrus , however Esther is not destined to be with Cyrus as what would he want with a girl with no dowry. The story starts with King Xerxes holding a wonderful party and then of hearing tales that he has kicked his Queen out of their Kingdom and is on the lookout for a new Queen. This is about the same time that Cyrus and Esther proclaim their love for each other , Cyrus father being the rich snob and bully he is , puts forth Esther's name to the King and Esther - a Jew and God worshipper is taken from her home and placed as one of the chosen one's to stand before the King. We then are transported into the rich and wealthy Kingdom of Xerxes and it is here that we witness scenes that nowadays we can only imagine that would happen on TV Shows like "America's Top Model" and beauty pageants. As the girls start going, going and gone . It soon arises to be Esther's turn and it is here that I really admire Esther as she stands her ground with Xerxes and she says to him " you can have my body, but I won't just give you my heart". She is your average , wonderful girl and is such an amazing Christian Role Model to have as a Female.
I found the story to be easy to read and relate to and as I was reading I was heartfelt and my feelings went out towards Esther as she really spoke to me in the story.

Top Ten Tuesday on a Thursday Halloween Reads

I joined the meme Top Ten Tuesday last week and this week with Labour Weekend and work Ive kind of been in a bit of a tizz , so here's the Top Ten Tuesday on a Thursday and this week's topic was Halloween Reads. Books are not in any particular order :)

  1. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow : Who can forget Ichabold Crane and The Headless Horsemen stories , one of my all-time favourites.
  2. Dracula - Bram Stoker - The True Vampire Novel , that basically symbolises whether or not you are a Vampire fan or not hangs on whether you have read this book.
  3. Sunshine - Robin McKinley - Another all-time favourite Vampire Book of mine that I have read over and over again.
  4. Twilight Saga - It has Vampires and Werewolves  and Vampires and Werewolves are Supernatural and Supernatural =Halloween ( Noticing a pattern with Vampire Stories)
  5. Van Helsing : Vampire Hunter : I love the story of Van Helsing and having Hugh Jackman play him in the movie version helps of course.
  6. The Hollow - Jessica Verday - A modern retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  7. True Blood Series - Charlaine Harris - Vampires, Shifters and Werewolves Oh My , Do I need to say anymore.
  8. I Kissed a Zombie , and I Liked It - Adam Selzer : I don't normally do Zombie Novels as I liked Dan Waters series but it didn't really do anything for me but I loved I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked it by Adam Selzer - Everyone must read it.
  9. Jekel Loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey : A Modern day Version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
  10. Goosebumps Series - RL Stine : Had to come up with a number 10 and when I read this books as a child , I loved them and there scary stories.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Haint Misbehavin' - Maureen Hardegree

Today's featured October Halloween read is a Tween-Teen story that features Ghosts , and not Casper the Friendly ones either.

                                                              Haint Misbehavin'

 Review : Haint Misbehavin' - Book #1 -Ghost Handler Series -Maureen Hardegree - June 2010

Do you prefer The Ghost Whisperer and Medium over True Blood and The Vampire Diaries ? , If so then readers especially if you are in between the ages of about 14 - 20's then I have the perfect book for you. Haint Misbehavin' by Maureen Hardegree is to The Mediator Series by Meg Cabot , just with a little bit more humor. In Haint Misbehavin' we see poor Heather - the middle sister who seems to be getting not only picked on by her older sister Audrey and humiliated at the pools with the hot lifeguard watching the scene unfold and for Heather - its triple embarrassing as she has a huge crush on him. Of course , we all remember what it was like to be 14 yrs old , however for Heather - she has entered into the stage that some would call her crazy if they found out and Heather doesn't know whether to see it as a blessing or a curse - she can see Ghosts and the ghost that is haunting her at the moment is the same one she had as an Imaginary friend when she was 4 years old . If this wasn't enough stress and worry to put onto a 14 yr old girl , she has just gotten her period and the only thing she knows about this side of things is what she has read in her Judy Blume book "Are you there God, It's me Margaret".
Readers, watch as Heather tries to juggle life , friends and this ghost as she tries to get her to move on and as Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer would say "Go into the Light".

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Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

                 As we continue in the month of October , Today's read is about Werewolves.

                                                                     Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls)

                                                  Review : Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater

When this book first came into the library , I tried to read it and was one that I had to put down as I couldn't get into it , with the release of the third novel , I decided that I would give it another go and to my surprise I actually enjoyed it and have got the 2nd book Linger out to read - so readers, a review of that will follow in the next week or so.
In Shiver we are introduced to two main characters Grace - a human girl who was bitten by a werewolf when she was little and is one of the few that have never changed , as a girl she was saved by the werewolf Sam who plays a huge part in Shiver and is the second of our main characters. Sam is the wolf that visits and protects Grace every winter as in this novel , when the wolves reach a certain temperature it changes them from human form to wolf.
When one of the local school boys and jock's Jack goes missing, the wolves are to blame and the town of Gentry becomes a hunter's paradise as the wolves begin to slowly be killed. When Grace discovers Sam bleeding , she rushes him to care and so in a short time begins their relationship , we read as Grace readily accepts Sam's wolfishness and read about the obstacles that both parties will go through and the extremes they will go to be with each other, the one they love .
When Jack becomes obsessed with a cure and danger strikes for Grace , will it cost a life for the cure and will that life be Grace's or Sam's ?
This is a novel that I am glad that I decided to re-read as I enjoyed it and what extra feature I quite liked was that as the cover for this book was blue , the font colour was also blue rather than the boring ol' everyday black font we see in books nowadays.

As I said earlier on in the week , I am starting to enjoy the whole book cover re-creation projects, so to get my skills up when I come across a title that I'm reviewing , every now and again - I will give the cover a go , so readers, Here's today's recreation of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Replacement - Breanna Yovanoff

Today's read for Halloween October reads is a title that I have been looking forward to reading and I was glad when our library's copy arrived today :)

                                                            The Replacement

                       Review : The Replacement - Breanna Yovanoff - September 2010

This is one book that I have secretly been coveting and it's been on my to buy/read list , so lucky for me when I discovered it in the new books bin at work today. I work by day at Greerton Library, Tauranga, New Zealand.
I hadn't exactly grasped before I read the novel what it was about , just that it was a new teen supernatural and the cover looked totally awesome , it reminds me of the scene at the start of the movie "Hook" where Peter's pram and him in it are abandoned. For those who don't know "Hook" is a take-off of Peter Pan with Robin Willams as Peter Pan and Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.
Meet Malcom "Mackie" Doyle , well that who he is to all his friends and that's been his name since he was about a year old but really he is a nobody, he shouldn't really exist . He is what they call a replacement.
Years ago in the small town of Gentry , creatures took little kids and sacrificed them so that they may live and replaced the children they took with dead kids called "replacements'. These kids then grew up in the family in turn for the kid they lost. However , replacements aren't exactly like anybody else - they can't stand to be near anything that contains Iron - it makes them incredibly ill and even near the point of death. To a Replacement - Iron is like Kryptonite to Superman and Garlic or DMB to Vampires and Silver to a Werewolf.
When Mackie meets people exactly like him , he finds that he can be himself until he discovers what they really are and the true reason behind the children going missing.  When Mackie's friend Tate's sister Natalie goes missing . Can Mackie defy who he is meant to be and be who he is inside himself to help save Natalie or will his time be up as they see him betraying his so-called race ?
A story that has alot of interesting twists and turns and that it is a book that will keep you hooked and once you start reading you won't want to stop.
I am looking forward to watching and keeping an eye out to see whether Breanna will release any more books or will The Replacement be a one-hit wonder , Here's to hoping not , Breanna if you are reading - Please write more books :).

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