Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Reboot - Amy Tintera

Needing a change of reading materials ?
Wanting to move away from Romance and Supernatural stories ?
Check out Amy Tintera's new release and stay tuned as it has already been rumoured to be a creation in film.
Review: Reboot - Book #1 Reboot Series - Amy Tintera - May 2013
Needing to move away from the world of Romance and New Adult fiction which not to say is awful but it's whats cluttering our bookshelves ?
Try Amy Tintera's debut novel Reboot - set in a world which was a cross for me between The Hunt Trilogy by Andrew Fukuda and The Generation Dead Series by Daniel Waters. All around the states , children are dying everyday from either deaths of gunshots or dying of the disease KDH. What's happening though to the children after they die is the shocking thing as their bodies are rebooting after dead. The longer it takes for their body to reboot , the more skilled they are at becoming the much-needed assassin. For Wren , she died 5 years ago when she was 12yrs old. For Wren , it took her body 178 minutes to reboot. No other body has reached her level and by all means she should be stripped of all human identity.  A long time ago, she taught herself to be devoid of all human contact but when a set of newbies arrive and one of them a 22 minute named Callum. Wren starts to question what is right and what is wrong ? Especially when she discovers via her roommate an Under-60 , that the guards have been posioning them. What will happen when Wren discovers that their is a rebellion happening among the Reboots . Will she dob it into the authorities or will she embrace it and along with her new friends - swing sides ?
Reboot is a new venture away from the straight romance and has something for everyone including dystopian, science fiction , romance and the odd case of the Zombie curse.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Private Berlin - James Patterson and Mark Sullivan

Are you a fan of James Patterson's Writings ?
Love and been following his Private series ?
Review: Private Berlin - Book #6 Private Series - James Patterson and Mark Sullivan - January 2013
James Patterson transports us to the world of Berlin with his new installment of the Private Office Series . Jack Morgan is overtaking the world with his Private Investigation businesses and this time we take a trip to his Berlin offices. One of his employees Chris has been found murdered in an old slaughterhouse along with another female. What is discovered though is much more worst than they ever could imagine as the team uncover a mass grave of bones , skeletons, skulls underneath the floor at the Slaughterhouse and some of the bones date back to thirty years ago. Thirty years ago, six children were taken into an orphanage and given new identities so that they would never be discovered - Chris included. Now though, someone is tracking down those six children and killing them one by one. Can Mattie - one of the Private Berlin employees and Chris's ex-fiancee discover why they are being hunted and help capture the killer before all six are killed ?  What is the dark secret , that all are wanting to keep hidden ? What happened those nights thirty years ago at the Slaughterhouse that has made someone want to kill to keep the secrets hidden and to finish the job?
Another fast-paced and awesome installment in the Private Series and we read as Jack Morgan makes an appearance. What I love about the Private series is that no matter where in the world the organisation takes us whether it be LA , London, Oz or Berlin - Jack Morgan and other characters are mentioned throughout the series, not just dedicated to the one book per characters.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review: Parallel - Lauren Miller

Do you love reading time-travelling books of sorts ?
Wanting to read a novel that will keep you thinking ?
Check out Lauren Miller's new novel ......
Review: Parallel - Lauren Miller - May 2013
One of my favourite things about book reviewing is getting the chance to read and review books before they are available to the public :). Have you ever read a book that you thought was really weird and odd , confusing at times -well most of the time but in saying that you couldn't put it down and you just had to continue reading it with the hope that it would either change or later on make sense ?
For me that book was Parallel by Lauren Miller. Unsure what to expect, the novel started out like a normal story with the main character Abby in L.A filming a movie and hanging out with her newfound friends for her 18th Birthday. Feeling tired, she headed to bed and from that night she soon found herself bouncing around in different scenarios and parallel universes When Abby wakes up, she discovers that she has gone back in time to the start of her last years Semester and an earthquake has occurred causing her to be late to school and instead of being able to pick Drama which is what has lead her to this very moment, she is to pick Astronomy. Then the story flips to her at Yale , then back to High School and vice versa. What is happening to Abby and will she ever be able to return back to her normal life ? The only life she remembers clearly ?
Readers, if you are like me you will in spots find yourself confused and wondering what the heck is going on and how could that happen , but persevere if you feel like giving up as it is a story you may very well enjoy.


Review: Missing by Shelly Shepard Gray

Do you love reading Amish Fiction ? Love a bit of a mystery twist ?
Have you read the backlist of titles by Shelley Shepard Gray aka Shelley Gray ?
Get ready for Book #1 in a brand new series....
Review: Missing - Book #1 The Secrets of Critterden County - Shelley Shepard Gray - March 2012
What started out as a day of rebelling turned out to be a day that Abby Anderson will never forget and a day that started the ball rolling in a decision that would change her life for good.  Whilst out with friends Abby spotted something in a well , a body which turns out to be the body of a boy from the Amish community whom disappeared a while back. The body of Perry Borntrager. Everyone thought that Perry had gone off into the Englisch world to live , no one thought he was dead more so murdered. Now the local Sheriff Moses with the help of an old friend whom he went through the Police Academy with Lucas must get to the bottom to discover what went on in those last days leading up to Perry's death and what he was like as a person. Missing will soon reveal a bundle of secrets, some unrelated to the case that people have been trying to keep hidden for years even decades .
Will secrets be revealed and faith tested in Missing ? Who had it out for Perry and who is keeping hidden the darkest secret of all ?
An awesome first book to a series that I look forward to reading more if only to discover who killed Perry and why.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Review: Uncommon Criminals - Ally Carter

Shhhh.... Never trust a thief or can you ?
Find out in Book #2 of The Heist Society by Ally Carter.
Review: Uncommon Criminals - Book #2 Heist Society - Ally Carter - June 2011
So Ally Carter famous for her Gallagher Girl series has jumped to the other side of trouble from Spies to Mastermind Thiefs or as Kat Bishop , the main character of the Heist Society series likes to point out she is not a thief, merely a bringer back of stolen goods.
At the end of Heist Society, we read as Kat was deciding whether or not to return to boarding school and escape her criminal family once and for all , or fall back into her old habits as her first heist was when she was three years old.
In Uncommon Criminals, we learn she took the family route and has been flying solo on a few missions and it seems that she has caught the heist bug. Especially when she is approached to steal Cleopatra's Emerald, an emerald that is said to be cursed and everyone who has ever tried to steal it has ended up with bad luck.
Can Kat with the help of her cousin Gabby and best friend Hale pull off the Heist ? Or will they need to bring in the best as we meet Kat and Gabby's Uncle Charlie.
What will happen though when Kat discovers that she has been conned and that her stealing of the Cleopatra's Emerald is in fact part of a game that has been forty years in the making and that the Queen has just been searching for a pawn great enough to do the job for her without getting caught.
Can Kat with the help of friends and family rectify the mistake before it's too late or will the Emerald be gone forever ?
Find out in Book #2 of The Heist Society Series and stay tuned for Books #2.5 and #3.

Review: The Guilty - Sean Slater

In the mood for a murder mystery?
Have you been enjoying the Jacob Striker series by Sean Slater?
Ready for Book #3 ?
Review : The Guilty - Book #3 Detective Jacob Striker Series - Sean Slater - March 2013
Are you a fan of murder novels ? Love the fast-paced action packed ones rather than the slow murder mysteries that divulge too deep into the forensics side of things ? For me, when it comes to my murder mysteries I need them to be gripping otherwise it's like BOORRING. I need to be kept entertained throughout the whole novel.
Sean Slater is one of those authors that though his books may be chunky, he has managed to pull of a fast-paced and gripping serial killer tale. All of his book are based around the main detective called Jacob Striker and his police homicide team.
In The Guilty, they are sent to a scene of an abandoned building and a bomb site . Interrupted the killer has escaped along with the victim , has the victim been killed or has the killer got something else in mind for her ? Soon not one, but two people have been killed in a bombing incident , are the two cases different or is somebody trying to send a message to the police ? What will happen when it is discovered that the killer is hunting down ex and current police officers of a unit that existed fifteen years ago ? What has triggered this attack and why now ? Who has been holding onto a grudge for this long and why ?
The Guilty is a novel that will have you gripped as we delve deeper into the reason of the case and read as Striker and his partner both at work and in bed Felicia unearth a police conspiracy that has laid dormant for all these years ?
The Guilty by Sean Slater , if you love mystery novels and want to be held captive to the work of crime is the book for you and while you are at it. Check out his previous two novels The Survivor and Snakes & Ladders.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams

Looking for a new book to get stuck into ?
Did you love Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and From Ashes by Molly McAdams?
Get ready for another New Adult to add to your ever-growing reading list:
Review: Taking Chances - Book #1 Taking Chances - Molly McAdams - October 2012
Wow , what is it that makes Molly McAdams books so addictive ? As like From Ashes, that was a book I could not out down , I just had to keep reading it even though certain characters frustrated the heck out of me, Taking Chances was better in the way that only slightly did a few characters annoy me and if not for the OMG twist in the book that I so did not ever in my life see coming, it would have been the one I thought she should have landed with.
Taking Chances tells the story of Harper , an 18yr old who is just starting college. All her life she has been home-schooled on a Marines base and now for the first time in her life , she is free to be her.  Once she arrives at her dorm, she immediately clicks with Bree - her roommate and we are transported to Bree's house where we meet her family and friends.  It is also where Harper will meet the two guys that her heart will ache for - Chase and Brandon. Right throughout the novel , it is almost a competition and a race to see who will win her heart. When things start to become clear, just to shake it up Molly McAdams brings in Carter - her best friend from the Marine Base who is also in love with her.
When life-changing decisions occur , who will Harper rely and lean on ? Will her brief college and family interaction she have prepare her for the future she is about to experience ?
Taking Chances for those who have read Beautiful Disaster will find in parts, a similar storyline - the only difference is that Taking Chances will definitely take you on a rollercoaster of raw emotions and intense spots.
After the experience I have had with From Ashes and now Taking Chances, I am adding Molly McAdams to my all-time favourite authors list.


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